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  1. yes, i dont want to be moving every 28 days. Thankyou will have a look!
  2. Hi pat, im really new to it all, but yes I have, or I thought I had and couldnt find anywhere. Its essential to have a good toilet and shower block really, and of course one that accepts all year rounders. just wondered if anyone could recommend one before i started ringing roun thats all. thanks for your reply though!
  3. Hi guys. I am looking at living in my tourer for a little bit due to relationship issues. I am aware of all the legalities and stuff, but just wondered if anyone can reccommend me a nice all year round site, with good toilet / shower facilities. I would consider things such as farms etc. I work in Wolverhampton and my preference would be telford, but would consider anywhere nearby. I will be taking my dogs with me so needs to accept dogs. thanks andy
  4. hey guys. im looking to buy a massive tourer, at least 620 really. I want it to live in for a bit with my two german shepherds. Daft I know. Ive naturally been looking at hobbys, as theyre huge. My budget is 11k really. Would like a fixed bed. any other vans to recommend that are large on space and spec? I know people are up and down with the hobbies
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