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  1. A New Look for UK’s Leading Caravan Manufacturer 12 months ago, Coachman Caravans embarked on an exciting project to return to the roots of the company whilst simultaneously pushing forward into a new era of caravanning. Choosing to rebrand Coachman Caravans entirely. Elliot Hibbs, Managing Director at Coachman Caravans, says, “We have merged the past, present and future to form a new stronger brand identity. This new logo represents the same great quality and exceptional standards as the caravanning industry expects from Coachman but with a refined, clean and more inviting look.” Elliot has paid tribute to his late father and previous Coachman Caravans’ Owner Jim Hibbs, by incorporating parts of the original Coachman logo. The combination of a new temperate colour scheme and the history of the company unifies the company’s drive to moving forward and strive for even higher quality, whilst also maintaining the original values of exceptional service and superior products, which the brand has become synonymous for. Additionally, you’ll now see Coachman’s strapline across all material; The Road to Freedom. This was originally used by the company in 1994 when under ownership of the late Jim Hibbs and is still a firm aim of the company today. This strapline not only represents all that the company stands for in offering families the opportunity to go on holiday when they want where they want in comfort, but also says what we all wish for as the nation hopes to safely move out of lockdown following the Coronavirus pandemic. Coachman worked in partnership with Kal Group, the UK’s leading leisure marketing agency to create the new brand. Kal Group boldly chose to move away from the ice blue colour and instead introduce a sumptuous, carmine red tone, which is more representational of the brands warming welcome to both new and existing customers alike. Martyn Seiles, Creative Director at Kal Group, says, “We wanted to embrace the spirit of Coachman, so part of the research process involved looking into the brands history to reinterpret its heritage. Our drive was to emulate what Coachman represents within the industry and to its customers; an approachable and dynamic brand with heart, whilst also capturing the essence of the founding Coachman logo from 1986. “It has been a privilege to help fuse the company’s history and the future together within this new logo. This change is more than a badge on a premium caravan, it represents a proud father son story, which honours the achievements of past whilst taking the company forward into the future,” concluded Martyn. Elliot further commented, “I am excited to finally be able to unveil the new Coachman logo to all our customers. I feel now is the time to move into the next era of the Coachman brand, we have created a new icon that will stand the test of time, like the products we produce. “I would like to reassure customers, whilst we have rebranded, this change for a truer representation of our company’s existing ethics and core beliefs of high quality products and exceptional aftercare service, all of which are continuing to improve as we push for even higher quality services,” concluded Elliot. The rebranding of Coachman wasrolled out onto the website in August and then across all other material throughout 2020, with 2021 season products being the first to see the new badge adorned on them. Find out more about Coachman Caravans here
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