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  1. For the coachman 860 Isabella show the A-measurement of 1062 and recommend a size of 1050 for their awnings. I didn't want a full size awning for ours and was hoping to use the 260 and 400 Kampa awnings we had at the time however each of these fouled either the fridge vents or one of the windows. In the end I purchased a Kampa Club Air 450 which sits to the left of the door and clears the rear window and underbed locker. Other options were between kitchen window and the fridge vents 220 - 240 and between fridge vents and bedroom window 300 - 330
  2. I'm trying one out at the moment, I've used the Garmin number plate holder on the rear of the caravan attached with some very strong double sided number plate tape (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383503800908) There is no sign of the holder moving and I can take the camera off when it is in storage. The range has recently been improved to 13m with the latest software update. Our first trip out will be this week, so will see how it goes.
  3. I have a 2018 Touareg and that arrived fully wired up on the 13 pin. I too was scepticle and took a tester when I collected the car.
  4. Received a call on Tuesday, Wandahome (Knottingley) are opening fully on the 1st June, arranged to drop present caravan in on the 7th and collecting the new awning at the same time with collection of our new Coachman on the 10th.
  5. I will be making that journey once we have collected our caravan to have the levelling system refitted after removal from our current one. I am not anticipating any issues as the 'van will be near empty, plus any issues raised if stopped by the police can be clarified in a quick phone call with SAP as well as the email conversation on my phone. If it was all setup to use for an overnight stop, that would start alarm bells ringing and I'm sure would raise a few more questions.
  6. I'm almost in the same position, our new van was supposed to arrive from Coachman on the 26th March. I have not heard from them since prior to lockdown, just picking up messages with regards closure and reopening through the website and Facebook (although I came away from Facebook years ago). I have emailed them but just received an out of office reply so far. I am only about 19 miles away from them so have called by on my way to work, but no one is on site apart from the builders (for the new workshop) and security.
  7. Our local dealer Wandahome (Knottingley) along with many others have advertised they will be looking to reopen on 1st June (on their website and Facebook), but just wondered will this still be the case after the PM's briefing tonight? Do caravan dealers fall within the car dealership circle or will it be the 15th June as per all other retailers.
  8. I'm still awaiting delivery of our new 'van, hoping to hear something next week when the dealer reopens. So will hopefully collect a week or so after that. If you are in no rush I will let you know.
  9. Bit confused with this one; Mr A (Yourself), owns Caravan A, Lock A (new), and Lock B (used from Mr B). Mr B, owns caravan B (never associated with Mr A) and Lock B (which was sold to Mr A) Mr C, owned Caravan A previously and sold it to Mr A. Mr A now wants to register Lock B, but it is still registered to Mr B and Caravan B. And that is where the issue arises, is that correct? The ownership of Caravan A has never been questioned. AFAIK Alko do not register ownership of the caravan, just the lock to the individual and to which car
  10. I haven't heard from my dealer since the week before lockdown when they wanted to confirm how I was paying and drop off and collection dates. I am hopeful the new van is built and just sat at the Coachman factory as it was due to be delivered to the dealer at Knottingley on the 26th March. I'm not in a rush for it (but will be relieved and excited) and obviously in the current situation there are so many more important things that need to be addressed but a simple email advising me of the situation and any updates would of been appreciated, rather than a small notice on the website and facebo
  11. I have one already to go onto the new van when the current situation improves and we can collect it. I had previously used a Huawei Mifi setup with a suction aerial with mild success, the aerial was a lot more directional than I had hoped for and the signal would drop out normally at the best part of what ever we were watching. I did search for reviews but as it is a new product they were very sparse, however once I realised what the router was Teletonika RUT240, I couldn't find a bad mention anywhere and comparing the specs my mind was made up. I have purchased a separate power l
  12. I don't know if this will help, but it looks as if the unit comes out complete with the frame. https://youtu.be/DSLgBH7c0j4
  13. Some good and bad news, dependant on how soon you want it. I will have two 35 lozenges for sale with the plastic backs (2015 Elddis) when Coachman and the dealers are able to reopen. Our new 'van is built but sat at Hull (Coachman factory) at present, so hopefully once the lockdown restrictions are lifted it will only be a week or so before we can collect it. If you need them sooner try searching facebook of all places I managed to get two lozenges for the Coachman for £50.
  14. Thanks for that, I am just undecided whether to go for the standard or XL mirror at this stage, ordering the mirror later will cost nearly £65 and being a yorkshire lad...
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