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  1. Hi gumdrop, They are not designed as an automatic extinguisher for engine compartments. There are other specially designed extinguishers for that specific situation. Firetrace being one of the companies that manufacture them. Our Throwable Extinguisher is designed for manual use when a fire occurs. We have made it simple, as there are no seals to break, pins to remove and the user doesn't need to stay around to operate it. Yours in all your fire safety needs, Blazetech Fire.
  2. Hi shipbroker, Thanks for your feedback. As with all extinguishers, these are first aid devices. They are for fighting initial fires, not a full-on, established building blaze. Yours in all your fire safety needs, Blazetech Fire.
  3. Hi gumdrop, Yes, you're correct. So many people forget to have their "traditional" extinguishers maintained each year. These new products have a 5year, no-maintenance shelf life. At the end of their life, they can be disposed of in normal waste, unlike "conventional" extinguishers, which are classed as hazardous waste. Yours in all your fire safety needs, Blazetech Fire.
  4. Hi folks, Thank you for your interest in our products and your responses. Both the Sachet and the Throwable extinguishers come with holders to enable them to be attached to a suitable surface. The Kitchen Sachet comes with a magnetic strip to attach it to the front of a fridge, so that it is immediately on hand should a cooking oil fire occur. These Sachets will extinguish a cooking oil fire in a pan of up to 30cm in diameter; however they can even deal with very small oil fires, such as a frying pan or wok and can stop a small incident becoming a major hazard. The innovati
  5. Blazetech Fire

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  6. Blazetech Fire Protection are proud to be the sole UK distributor for the Soteria range of innovative fire-fighting equipment. These products are new in the UK, so this is your opportunity to become one of the first owners of these great new safety products. Keep your caravan, motorhome, house, shed & family safe with the Soteria range of simple to use fire extinguishers from Blazetech Fire Protection. These revolutionary extinguishing devices include a Throwable Fire Extinguisher; which reduces the process of fighting initial class A & B fires to just one easy step. Our
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