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  1. Here is a picture of the pump in my 2015 U 3 Cadiz. The Dial as Mr Plodd said turns anti clockwise from 5 to 1 and is left on position 2 for normal operation.
  2. I didn't realise my previous post was for AL-KO torsion bar axles. For IRS axles as fitted by Bailey please click on the link below. http://www.fraserbrowneng.co.uk/index.php?c=irs-axle-repair
  3. Hi Alan, Welcome to the Forum. Click on the link below. https://www.fraserbrowneng.co.uk/index.php?c=AL-KO-axle-repair
  4. On my 2015 U3 Cadiz the four 25amp fuses are.. the always live feed fuse and return fuse (pins 9 & 13 on the 13 pin plug) and the fridge feed fuse and return fuse (Pins 10 &11 on the 13 pin plug). The fuses don't have anything to do with the van road lights.
  5. As Jezzerb has already said and looking at posts from other forums it seems the 40 deg setting is next to useless as once the water has reached 40deg it then cools to below 30deg until the thermostat kicks in again. It appears that at the 40deg setting you would only get enough hot water for 1 shower before it runs tepid. A lot of users of the Truma Combi 4E just ignore the 40deg setting and use the 60deg setting. If it is a faulty temperature sensor, it will set you back around £50 for a replacement plus the cost of labour to fit it.
  6. Welcome to caravantalk and glad you found the problem. Thanks for updating your post as a lot of people never post an update to the help they receive on this forum.
  7. I only loop in and out so that that a piggy back spade connector can be used, which cuts out the need for extra joints in the wiring. There's no problem doing it the way you want to though.
  8. Hi Kts, Welcome to the Forum. Your circuit is OK and will work. I have attached a PDF of a slight mod to your circuit. The only difference is the solenoid switch is now fed from the other switch instead of in parallel with it. Solenoid.PDF
  9. I've copied this info from the Mini Heki installation and operating manual. Hope it helps mini heki.pdf
  10. I had the same problem on my U3 Cadiz. I managed to take a picture with my phone looking straight down the gap at the back of the drawers (when all the slats were pulled out) It turned out that objects in one of the drawers had bounced out and had fallen down the gap and was obstructing the slats!
  11. Hi Cavalier I have copied the following, from the Caravantalk guidelines webpage, which may help. REPLYING TO A TOPIC Either use the "Reply to this topic" box at he head of the thread or scroll to the last post and click in the "Reply to this topic" box. Type your response in the text box. You can drag small images etc., into the attach file box, or click on "choose files" to browse your computer for a file. By placing the cursor in the text box and then clicking on the plus symbol of an attached file, that file will be inserted into the post at the cursor locati
  12. I installed a Maxxair Maxxfan in my 2015 U3 Cadiz nearly 3 years ago and its been great. I replaced the Mini Heiki with it and managed to adapt the Maxxair to re-use the Heiki blinds.(see photo below). To get the wiring from the fan to the side of the van I used the heated 8mm copper tube method that G-a-r-y used in an earlier post. I found that the copper tube came out through the bonded insulation into the hollow space between roof and sidewall. By removing the solar charger panel at the back of the cupboard above the tall fridge I had access to the 12 volt socket wiring . I tied th
  13. On 31/12/2019, sarmieke said: Hi Terry thanks for your reply I will have another look but don't recall another wire like that next to the battery fuse could it be at back of the consumer unit. Happy New Year! to all Forum readers. Not sure why Baileys would put the fuse in a different place on an identical 2015 van, but there again Baileys work in mysterious ways. I have copied and pasted from this forum the comments from matelodave matelodave posted September 7, 2018 (edited) The fuse for the solar controller is taped into the wiring loom
  14. I also have a 2015 S3 Cadiz and have a 15amp fuse next to the 30amp Battery fuse (see attached photo). The 15amp fuse is between the Truma solar charger and the battery. There is also an in-line connector between the 15amp fuse and the solar charger. This can easily become disconnected. If the connector is fully plugged in and the fuse is OK, you should be able to measure the battery volts at the Solar charger output to battery with a multimeter. If there is an open circuit between the Solar charger and the battery there will be the full PV panel volts on the Truma Solar input terminals an
  15. Hi Happy Daze, Here's the 2015 Bailey YouTube video which takes you through the steps to take setting up your caravan. Good luck with your caravan and I hope you find the video helpful.
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