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  1. Hi Happy Daze, Here's the 2015 Bailey YouTube video which takes you through the steps to take setting up your caravan. Good luck with your caravan and I hope you find the video helpful.
  2. Have you used your motor mover with the 240v EHU cable (Electric Hook Up) still plugged in to the caravan? If you have, then due to the load the Motor Mover puts on the Caravan battery the battery volts would drop, more current would flow from the battery charger to the Van battery which may have caused the fuse to get hot before it failed. Also I would suggest getting the Battery Charger checked out as it may also have been damaged by the overload.
  3. I have removed the speaker grill by bending a small pin into a hook. By inserting the hook into one of the holes near the edge of the grill and pulling gently on the pin, the grill removes easily. I have done this several times without bending the grill.
  4. On my U3 Cadiz, you can remove the spade connectors, but you have to as sureflow says, be very gentle when you tease the connectors out one at a time. The two front spot lights wiring can also be accessed by removing the JVC speaker which exposes a hole large enough to get your hand in. I had to do this because the spade became disconnected before the connector was out of the hole.
  5. Hi Shaun, I've copied this text directly from the ALDE 3010 boiler service manual Section 4:0 FAULT MESSAGES IN THE PANEL SERIAL Caused by: Communication fault between boiler and panel. Probable reasons for the fault: • Break in the cable for data communication between heater and panel. • Ignition spark goes to earth and interrupts communication. • Some other electrical apparatus is interrupting communication. Always switch off the 240volt and 12volt supplies to the boiler and control panel before starting any checks on the cables. I suggest you start by checking if the cable between Control panel and boiler is plugged in properly at both ends, if that isn't the problem then if possible check the continuity of the cable cores. I have no technical knowledge of the above system so can't be of any further help
  6. Hi Gary This is how my Bailey U3 Cadiz 13 pin plug is wired. There are no red/black and blue/black wires only red/brown and blue/brown.
  7. Hi Crispywales I don't know if the Unicorn S4 drawers fix to the runners the same as a S3, but on my 2015 Bailey Unicorn 3 Cadiz the front drawers can be removed by pressing in the two white plastic side pieces, underneath the drawer, with your fingers while lifting the drawer upwards. It can be a bit tricky at first but gets easier with practice. Once I had removed both drawers I used my mobile phone to take a picture of the space at the back where the slats dropped in to see what was going on. The picture below was taken from underneath.
  8. To stop our front seat cushions from losing their shape on our 2015 U3 Cadiz, we just swap them over at regular intervals. Obviously it wont work if the front seats are of different lengths.
  9. Try this link below. https://shop.caravanclub.co.uk/product/1040273/dometic-rm8550-veg-crisper-transparent-
  10. Hi moorlander, I had the large center window replaced on my Jan 2015 U3 Cadiz under warranty by the dealer Lady Baileys with no questions asked. This was done at the caravan service last December. All LB wanted was a photo of the internal blemish in the window so they could show it to Baileys. Print this page and show it your dealer. Ask the dealer why Baileys refused.
  11. Hi Vanning Man, Please see attached drawing which shows the approximate locations of the 5 vents and 1 drain on my 2015 U3 Cadiz.
  12. Hi, Try this link https://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/Product. aspx?PartNumber=1340053
  13. Hi Paul_B, The Bailey owners manual (January 2015) is wrong. I've underlined the correct text in the extract from page 22 of the manual on the Truma web site. Web link to the manual below. http://www. truma. com/downloadcenter/solar_dual_batterycharger_sdc1020_installation_operating_de_gb_fr_it. pdf Display Cause / rectification LED flashes in longer intervals Check connections from the device to the battery and solar module, ensure that they are connected to the right terminals. Test the fuse, solar module and the battery. LED flashes Battery is fully charged. LED shines. The battery is being charged. LED flashes in short intervals The battery is not being charged. If necessary, replace faulty battery. LED does not shine Battery not connected or over-voltage
  14. Had our 1st service at our dealer yesterday for £220.
  15. Hi Derek, I have found this link below which may be what you are looking for. http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/66331-electric-control-panel-removal/
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