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  1. I have fitted a sog on 5 of my motor homes a great bit of kit wouldnt be without one better than using chemicals. [The sog does not run for 5 mins after shutting the valve, it turns on when the valve is opened and of when the valve is closed.] Peter.
  2. Go and complain to your local council housing officer they should sort out some of your problems. Peter.
  3. I had the bailey cartagena I hated the bed, no room to squeeze past the end of the bed, ended up selling it. Peter.
  4. We stayed in Benidorm on camping La Torreta for a month last Oct. There is a couple who live on the site all year round and they come back to the UK every fortnight fetching and delivering stuff for people. He fetched 2 caravans from the uk when we were there for people on site. Cant remember his name but he seemed a genuine bloke. Peter.
  5. Well I had a 2015 2. 0 rexton auto for 2 years and pulled a twin axle bailey cartagena. The rexton pulled it with no problems, and plenty of power. I only sold it because I have gone back to a motorhome but the car was very reliable. Peter.
  6. Try these https://www. caravanbreakers. net/index. php/9 or these http://nationalcaravanbreakers. co. uk/ Peter.
  7. I think that because you have asked this question on a caravan forum that the caravan will come out on top. Ask on a motor home forum and the answers will be different. Peter.
  8. We had a caravan for years and then changed to a motor home, we have had 4 motor homes over a10 yr period. In 2015 the wife persuaded me to go back to a caravan, so we bought a Bailey Cartagena twin axle, and Ssangyong tow car. After motor homing for 10yrs it took some getting used to, but I was not convinced that we had done the right thing. It was nice to have a car to get about in but we tend to spend most of our time in Spain where buses are cheap, and we have electric bikes to get about on. Also I wont miss having to fit 2 alko locks and hitch lock in the pouring rain. It was a shock how much they charge you for caravan insurance compared to the motor home. The car was dearer to run than the m/home. So we decided that we would sell both vehicles, and last Saturday we went back to a motor home, and we have over a ton payload so plenty of room for the wine. and we also bought a small diesel car. [I can tax both vehicles cheaper than the Ssangyong was]. Peter.
  9. Camping La Torreta store caravans, and will put them on a pitch for you if you phone them with a date when you are arriving. Also camping Raco next door store caravans and motorhomes. Peter.
  10. Just insured my motorhome with Caravan Guard, 9 months EU cover and 9 months Breakdown cover. Peter.
  11. Sold my Bailey Cartagena on gumtree just before Christmas. It sold in 5 days, the buyer came with me to my bank and transfered the funds straight into my account. Peter.
  12. Llandow Touring Caravan Park. Peter.
  13. When we had the motorhome we used to leave the uk on the 28th of Dec and drive down to Spain for new years eve. The weather was cold but the roads are good, just make sure you have plenty of water and food with you. Peter.
  14. I dont use any chemicals in either of the tanks I have fitted a sog system Peter.
  15. I bought a cello 24" tv dvd 2wks ago and have just come back from 8 days away, I must say it is a very good buy, TV and delivery £169. 99. Peter.
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