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  1. Stopping is all to do with the coefficient of friction between the road surface and the tyre, not the vehicle, no friction no stopping simples, this applies to 1,2 3 or more wheels and drive Towing with a big engine and a heavy car is thirsty work, you pick what you want and what you can afford and your green credentials
  2. That's nigh on perfect with nose weights the limit is what you aim for, generally as the nose weight is lowered so the handling can become unsatisfactory
  3. Depends on the year prior to 2010 anything not screwed down and after market bits like movers and and spare wheel carriers, after 2010 there are allowances for gas bottles and other items https://www. google. co. uk/search?q=items+incleded+in+miro&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&ei=DZ7NV_5s7u_wB_uYgYgC
  4. All depends on the price of the bits, though when buying replacement boxes there is very little difference in the cost. I believe there is more setting up on the auto box when repairing and the need for a clean room, however with modern 6 speed boxes the tools needed to dismantle and reassemble also may not come cheap.
  5. I can assure you the Kenwood built in media system is very good, it's only failing is that it is not connected to the steering and so in tunnels will need to regain satellites before lane selection and positioning can be regained. As the Kenwood uses Garmin programs and Navtech maps, those with a bit of PC savvy can upgrade the maps using a cheap Garmin Satnav with anytime updates and transferring files.
  6. I believe that is a construction legal requirement, the towing equipment loading must not be less than 4% or 25KG if less than 4% of the trailer or gross tow weight of the towing vehicle. one would have problems with empty trailers to achieve this in some cases and ballast would need to be carried if it was the legal minimum.
  7. I would think that 2Kg was neither here nor there
  8. I think we must consider most NZ main roads are at least equivalent of our A roads and could be better we are not discussing central African states. The OP asked specific questions, best to answer his questions and not consider guessing his use or knowledge. The Hankook tyres he suggests will be perfectly adequate if the MTPLM is 1300Kg, it may well be that the load plate has disappeared but a check underneath on the axle beam will give the maximum axle loading plate, if that is under 1500Kg. I would suggest it is under 1500Kg MTPLM, Swift in their handbooks are always on MTPLM/ axle loading a minimum 5kg below max axle loading often more, in standard form. so if a 1500Kg axle then the MTPLM would be 1495Kg at its greatest probably nearer 1450Kg, less for lower lower axle loading plates. There was an advert for a 1998 version and MTPLM was quoted at 1320Kg
  9. The blocks are the same, then the differences come in, turbo's are different, one FL owner thought he could buy a Citroen head gasket, not so wouldn't even fit, camshaft belt life is also different plus the JLR mapping, there's eggs and eggs they may look the same but Is the AWD on the 3. 0l only as in the old X type? lots a conditions on AWD in the advertising blurb
  10. The 2000 year handbook gives the specification as you say is that the handbook you have? There is a possibility that as it was an export model there may well be differences, the serial number of the 'van will give it's manufacture year. The CT caravan data gives the 1999 490SE as MTPLM as 1300Kg I suspect that the wheel size was also reduced. I think you may find 130kph uncomfortable though 100/110kph is a reasonable speed depending on your tow car and how you load it, all depends on the maximum nose weight your car will take the 'van maximum is 100Kg
  11. the 2. 2 XF has the same engine as the 2. 2 LR SD and Ewok SD 190Bhp
  12. Despite weight shedding LR and RR main customer base is in the towing fraternity in this country with the larger SUV's and possibly in some overseas markets, they will always make a car designed to tow not a car that can tow, it's in the genes just like unreliability is also perceived
  13. Dartman 1


    78 load rating is 425Kg so MTPLM should be no greater than 1700Kg so seems a touch light taking into account the 10% the next nearest one would be 81 load rating.
  14. They don't want to spend money, the Bath/ Bailey tests were carried out with a clapped out Mondeo Mk1 probably not the best test of a combination
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