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  1. Has anyone heard any news yet regarding next year Coachman models?
  2. Just to say,hope you get years of good service out of your new Kampa. Looking at the quality all round of ours it is far superior than the Ventura one we first bought. Must do more homework when buying such things.
  3. Has anyone else got the dreaded alarm/ Tracker problem on new laser models. Problem being alarm goes off for no reason.
  4. Sorry it's taken a while to come back. Took the Ventura back and exchanged it for a Kampa 380. What a difference. Easier to put up and best of all so far does not leak even in a heavy downpour. Much better quality awning. Now happy.
  5. Mark Our last Laser 640/4 2012 had major problems with the pump over run. In the end we agreed for the van to go back to the factory for investigation. They fitted a improved pressure surge damper. This seemed to cure the problem. When I collected the new one in January I made sure this was working correctly. With regard to the alarm/Tracker, this problem was on our last van for 5 years and we put up with it. The dealer and manufacturer did not have a clue what to do. This time round I did not expect the same problem to be there after 5 years. The difference this time around is we won't put up with this.
  6. Hi Darren Picked our 675 up in January and have had the alarm Tracker problem and still have. They have moved the Tracker further away and it still goes off. We are currently waiting to see what Coachman and Sargent are going to do about it. The other problem we have had is the carpet is slightly too big. New one has been ordered. The only other problem we have had is the awning is leaking in by the bucket down the wall of the caravan. We think it's the new rail but doing further tests to make sure. Apart from that everything is fine. One thing to make sure on handover is get them to run the water taps and make sure the pressure switch cuts out after a few seconds of turning the tap off to make sure the pressure switch is working correctly. Had major problems with my last 2012 Laser with this. Hope all goes well and enjoy. Andy
  7. Thanks Glen. As I said I'll have a better look and if need be put the older Isabella awning back up as we know this is ok on our older Laser. If that leaks then it's got to be the awning rail design.
  8. Many thanks to all of you for advice. I've got a few things to try and I will discuss this with the dealer. The amount of water gushing down the wall of the caravan is far too much to accept. This awning was near to a grand. Luckily we have purchased both from the same place so this should make it easier. We are away Easter so I'll try having the caravan slightly off level. In the meantime I'll get up and inspect the rail and get a understanding of what you guys are talking about, the upper and lower lip.
  9. Just to confirm the water is running down the external face of the caravan wall inside the awning. Never had this on our last Laser and Isabella Commador. Will try different awning to see where the problem is. Has the rail been changed for a different design?
  10. Purchase new Ventura pascal 390 awning and 2017 Laser. Caravan was used last week and it was found water running down the wall of the caravan on the inside. Not sure if it's the awning or the awning rail problem. Has anyone experienced this issue before. Need to investigate further to make sure awning rail has been fixed correctly and sealed.
  11. With our 675 we manage to get both aqua rolls and Wastemaster under the bed.
  12. Are we all forgetting something here. We have all paid hard earned money for our leisure vehicle for leisure time for something which I believe is not fit for purpose. I am glad this has been brought to the forum as I was starting to believe that we was doing something wrong. If this was your car would you put up with this badly designed and badly fitted device. Secondly the car manufacturer would of sorted this out and nipped it in the bud. The caravan industry in the U. K treat us all as mugs. I must say that Phantom have been very helpful in trying to sort my problem out and I sense frustration that Coachman have not fitted the Tracker correctly and this has been conflicting with the Sargent alarm. My other concern is that the Tracker needs fitting in a position not to be found by the active thief. Enough said.
  13. Just to say we have had the same problem. We have had to have our Tracker moved on our new 675 as the alarm was going off activating Phantom. We contacted Coachman and sent them a e mail to sort this out. Guess what no reply. Our dealer dealt with the problem and had the caravan back. This was a known fault back in mid January so why are they not sorting the later build caravans. It does seem it's the Tracker conflicting with the PIR or the alarm itself. Our Caravan is due out next week so the system will get a good test as I'm not totally convinced it's sorted.
  14. Well done. Our new Laser 675 has the same problem. Another cost saving exercise. Did you buy additional bolster cushion?
  15. Just to confirm Bernie, the caravan came with a bottle jack and chassis brackets for it to engage. Problem has accured when the mover which we upgraded from the single axle version to the all wheel version where each individual wheel on a twin axle engages. This has caused two issues. The jacking brackets have had to be taken off and the spare wheel carrier has had to be moved further back with the assistance of a extension bracket. Obviously the industry is not talking to one another and I'm left with a problem I will have to sort out by making an adapter for the bottle jack. Again the industry is not showing its maturity.
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