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  1. I could I would love to do something like that. least your van would get plenty of use too
  2. i thought all caravans were like this.
  3. yes it did. i tried to get another similar relay but couldn't get one local so changed it for smart one. think shis the way to go. i might have to give screw a tweek to lower point it cuts in at. as it seems to cut in when I switch the vehicle lights on. but that may be down to smart alternator,not sure yet tho
  4. well its update time now have fridge running and charge. problem was a four pin relay. have now changed this for smart control relay.
  5. thats a good thought will try that before I start ripping car to bits. but I'm not hopefull
  6. sadly ive got to go work to day. well at least ive worked out its got some kind of relay on it. just getting the time to rip it apart. all fuses seem ok tho. i just had a vision that 1 wire would got to control relay and split out to 2 pins but it seems this is not the case
  7. morrisons supermarket do one. about 2 feet tall and rotates. we got one for our van and 3 speeds
  8. just had a look at that. looks just like mine,but there are 5 fuses. what I cant work out yet is why you need all these fuses?do they go to control relay then tow bar. all my lights work ok but no charge to van when running and no fridge suppy too. if my lights are all working as they are why does it need 5 live wires ?
  9. it might end up coming to that. but I don't give that easy. im still investigating . pretty sure its the car not the van as old car was perfect . will let you know how I get on
  10. and surprise caravan battery not charging . also noticed all 12v lights and things work with car plugged in too
  11. yes no power at 9 and no power on 10 or 11 with engine running. have found a small bank of 5 mini fuses bolted to positive post on battery?think this is to do with it all some how
  12. well just been and had a play no charge to caravan battery and 12v lights stay on when connected to car? me thinks some wires missing some were
  13. I will try this later and let you know. im guessing there should be a live from car battery going to a certain pin and relay in between?
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