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  1. i could not understand why the top two high level lights did not work. But as soon as the auto electrician wired the live in to the thirteen pin car socket, i have now got four brake lights working, and all the other electrics are ok. VERY STRANGE. i read somewhere that on the ford kuga, the module in the rear of the car cannot cope with four brake light, hence the top two are a lower wattage or voltage than the bottom brake lights (im not sure as i know nothing about car electrics or how they work)
  2. hi, i recently posted a blog about rear light cluster on a Bailey Pegasus 524. ( wanting to know what the rear top two lights were for?) I have since found out, that i have factory fitted tow bar and electrics on my Ford Kuga and Ford do not put a live wire in to the 13 pin plug. I had a live wire put in to the plug at a cost of £80 and hey presto, the rear two top lights work when i press the brake pedal. maybe just another bit of useless info?
  3. dobo

    Towbar electrics

    where did you get the bulbs from?
  4. can anyone tell me how to remove the lights?
  5. thanks steven, should i have four brake lights ? two on the bottom work
  6. thanks dacs the bottom brake lights work, if they are high level brake lights the bulbs are not working, or not wired up.
  7. can anyone tell me what the two top red lights at the rear of the caravan are for? (not the side marker lights) on 2012 Bailey Pegasus 524. I have looked in owners and cant find any reference. I have side and brake lights on plus indicators, and reversing light.
  8. thanks gordon good pdf im not an electrician but its good reading, got lost towards the end but really informative
  9. alywyn / stevan im totally confused now! will the auto electrician put the live in pin 9 or 10? and will he need to put a relay in? in reality the auto electrician should know this, will he? which one charges the battery?
  10. In a previous Blog I mentioned that I had a factory fitted tow bar and electrics fitted to my Ford Kuga, however I now accept that Ford does no put a permanent live in the socket. I have now booked it in to get a live wire put in the socket but on the socket picture I notice that there is a separate wire for the fridge Can anyone please tell me if this needs connecting as well or will the one live do the fridge/battery charger and ATC light.
  11. please post the result when you hear from alko, lost of people have same problem. me included. thanks
  12. dobo

    ian did you ever find that door part for me ? thanks mick

    my address is

    150billingham rd


    co durham

    ts20 2uf


  13. hi, i am wanting to change the brake shoes on my Bailey Pegasus 524 (2010) caravan. can anyone tell me if they are Alko brake drums on this model, or where can i find out what type of brake shoes i need. i have looked on ebay. These seem to be the ones https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-AlKo-Brake-Shoe-Set-160-x-37-1213888-MP1796B/162368112931 but any info would be appreciated
  14. a friend of mine offered this suggestion: connect the caravan up but leave the stabiliser handle up and drive a couple of hundred yards, if there is no moaning or groaning it has to do with the friction pads. if it starts when you push the lever down then its got to be related to the friction pads
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