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  1. unfortunately Prima Leisure are not responding to any e-mails like Mr Plod says Prima Leisure charge top prices, they do hold people to ransom
  2. Thats something i never thought of, I must admit on my unicorn cadiz there's not much room between door and window, thanks for that advice.
  3. at this moment everything is pointing towards the Bradcot thanks for all the comments
  4. hi can anyone tell me if it is easy to replace the igniter switch number (438) on the diagram I can see two screws underneath the front panel (401) are there any more screws to take out. Do I have to take the fridge out? is this an easy job? or should I leave it to the pros. I feel I should be able to do this myself to save money. Thanks Mick
  5. thanks Lockin, I have managed to order the part above, It took some doing put i got there eventually,
  6. Hi I’m looking for an air awning, and torn between the Kampa air pro 390 awning and the Bradcot 390 air awning, can I ask members for their opinions (pros and cons) on either of these two awnings, which is best value for money?
  7. hi can anyone tell me where i can get a push and twist ignite button fora dometic fridge. I have sent loads of e-mails to prima leisure but they are not replying, On their website they have one igniter button but its not the push and twist type. thanks mick
  8. was it easy to do james? mine is a different type to the one shown in the photo
  9. hi matelove, just want to pick your brain, my dometic fridge on a 2014 cadiz has a little problem, which is the interior light is dull for long periods then all of a sudden it goes very bright. Is this a fault with the light? or is the fridge not cooling when the light is dull? Is there any other reason you can think of why the fridge light may be dull? thanks mick 

  10. I feel you are held to ransom from Prima Leisure on these parts. I have an intermittent fault on mine but am not paying £50 for a light that probably cost £5 to make.
  11. thanks bubble great advice. the catch was quite stiff but i did manage. thanks again mick
  12. my plug is under the cooker open the bottom storage door and you will see two three pin plugs
  13. thanks reg i have messaged Whale to see what they say. Looking at your comment, i suspect it had a faulty regulator that allowed the water to come through at its max pressure rather than drop it down to the 1.5 bar that you mention
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