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  1. hi, can anyone help? I have the bailey unicorn cadiz and around the front top skylight there are some laminated trim, this seems to be peeling away a little, can anyone tell me the best glue or adhesive to stick this back to the ceiling. I am keen on using Gorilla glue, but would Gorilla wood glue do the job? or can I use the ordinary gorilla glue with water? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. thanks i appreciated that i was on the wrong pump i think i have the one without the dial on
  3. hi dturr, i have recently changed the pump, myself but didnt know there was any settings, just out of curiosity how do you turn it down to setting two.i have included photos of the pump i changed, i assume this id the pump we are talking about. thanks mick thanks for the advice, i have topped it up and still bubbling, by an inline pump i assume its this pump.
  4. hi when i switch the heating on in the van i'm getting a bubbling from the header tank, Is this right? or does it need bleeding? any help would be appreciated like where are the bleed screws etc and is it easy job? i have a Unicorn 2014 Cadiz thanks mick
  5. Hi can anyone tell me if I buy a new mover control will it work on my caravan ( do I need to retune anything)
  6. Hi can anyone tell me if I should or should not put some vasaline along the inside of the awning rail so making it easy for the awning to slide thru? thanks mick
  7. unfortunately Prima Leisure are not responding to any e-mails like Mr Plod says Prima Leisure charge top prices, they do hold people to ransom
  8. Thats something i never thought of, I must admit on my unicorn cadiz there's not much room between door and window, thanks for that advice.
  9. at this moment everything is pointing towards the Bradcot thanks for all the comments
  10. hi can anyone tell me if it is easy to replace the igniter switch number (438) on the diagram I can see two screws underneath the front panel (401) are there any more screws to take out. Do I have to take the fridge out? is this an easy job? or should I leave it to the pros. I feel I should be able to do this myself to save money. Thanks Mick
  11. thanks Lockin, I have managed to order the part above, It took some doing put i got there eventually,
  12. Hi I’m looking for an air awning, and torn between the Kampa air pro 390 awning and the Bradcot 390 air awning, can I ask members for their opinions (pros and cons) on either of these two awnings, which is best value for money?
  13. hi can anyone tell me where i can get a push and twist ignite button fora dometic fridge. I have sent loads of e-mails to prima leisure but they are not replying, On their website they have one igniter button but its not the push and twist type. thanks mick
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