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  1. caravaning in france

  2. thanks to Ingleby David, orange and jonno4316 for your posts, it looks like when I have service il get engineer to look into it for me
  3. Hi everyone out there iam hoping someone can help. My dometic rmd 8551 freezer compartment in my barcelona u2 seems to ice up quite quickly on the fins at the rear and was wondering is the normal, i dont have the fridge on full so cant understand why this happens. Does anyone else suffer with this or have suffered and since found a solution i would appreciate any help thanks in advance Martin
  4. just to let you all know, BCA came out to caravan and swopped the unit, while speaking to the very helpful Tony from BCA I learnt that there was around a six week period that an inferior part was used in these charger units causing them to malfunction. Iam a happy caravaner again and looking forward to the new season, well-done Bailey and well-done BCA and more importantly thank you the caravan community
  5. a quick update on the charger unit, I have spoken to bailey who in turn got BCA to contact me who are responsible for the chargers, they have hinted that the second charger may have been faulty and are sending one of there engineers to fit a new one and to check the circuit board. I will let you know the outcome
  6. thanks for the posts guys and bmwbrooks that is a great link and I will probably call in there on the way to the caravan as I pass it and get some more advice from them to
  7. good morning all, I have my U2 Barcelona on a seasonal pitch and upon arrival at the weekend discovered I had no power. further inspection led me to the problem that was a flat battery hence no power to the control panel (this does seem a bad design, that with no power coming from the battery you cant manage to get any heating, water or electrics).fortunately a neighbour loaned me his battery and hey presto I had power, more digging around provided me with the answer to the flat battery, the battery charger had burnt out. question to you all out there is has anyone had problems with there charger unit and the reason I ask is this is our second unit inside 3 months. any info will be much appreciated. I will be contacting bailey to ask the same question and will post my findings thanks in advance Martin
  8. thanks Lozsing I think its one luxury too far unless my good lady wants to buy me for Christmas
  9. good morning all I am not certain whether this topic has already been discussed as I haven't had chance yet to search threw the database, if it has my apologies. What iam wanting to know is what I need to get it so I can send a message to turn it on via sms I have downloaded the app for the phone but this is as far as I have got so if anyone can help me out I would be extremely grateful thanks to you all Martin
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