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  1. mark68

    Changes to Highway Code

    Not on a Merc or BMW it doesn't, interested if any vehicle actually does this. Mark
  2. mark68

    Changes to Highway Code

    But what about vehicles with eco stop/start, which is activated by the foot brake when stationary. I don't mind the vehicle doing this itself, but would not be faffing about turning the engine off by the key, see signs all over at junctions requesting you to turn your engine off when stationary. Mark
  3. mark68

    Movers, Spare Wheels and Jacking Points

    Had the exact same issue when we had a mover fitted to our 620 laser, but no one told us this, to say I was non too impressed to find the wheel and bracket in the caravan on the floor, is an understatement. It turned out that there is a bracket, that bolts to the original holes, and moves the carrier back, needless to say, said bracket was installed free of charge. As for jacking, we use a trolley jack at home, under mover cross beam, directly under chassis, our mover cross beam is strengthened at that point, on the road if we had a puncture, intend to use lock and level. Mark
  4. mark68

    Ford Transit Custom

    We too tow our laser with a 3ltr v6 vito 122, 224 bhp, 440nm torque, immense vehicle, sadly MB decided not to put the v6 in the new Vito, so will be sticking with this for a while. Mark
  5. Same here love our 620, 2017 laser, wife was fancying having a look, perhaps even swopping, but not bothered now. Mark
  6. mark68

    Filling a Safefill

    Yes, congratulations, as above, had ours about 18months now, have found it great as we are normally off grid, got a couple of places to fill up reasonably local, how ever Morrisons would be even better, did you have any problem, or were Morrisons staff well briefed on Safefill. Cheers Mark
  7. mark68

    Start stop when towing

    Our Merc Vito's start stop is quite good, doesn't stop until vehicle completely stationary, only stops if brake pedal is pressed hard, so can be controlled by the driver, even then it does not always stop, as said above probably down to current draw, temperature etc, when we bought it, I was convinced it would be turned off, however the only time I have turned it off has been in the hot weather, to keep the engine and air con running. Mark
  8. mark68

    Sutton Bank Again

    Was this not last year? Mark
  9. mark68

    Single Vs Twin axle?

    Nice one lowedb, as the OP, has this thread help you decide whether you are going to have a twin axle, if you change your van? Mark
  10. mark68

    Single Vs Twin axle?

    Had been thinking the other way, we have a twin axle Laser, parents have a single axle Cabrera, Laser is only around 600mm longer than the Cabrera, obviously completely different layouts, but I have been wondering if the extra axle is really worth it for the additional length. Must admit find the twin very stable, when towing, hopefully not targeted more in thefts, ours is tucked well away out of site behind locked gates and doors for storage, definitely more difficult to manoeuvre when not coupled to vehicle, but seems to reverse easier than a single axle, we have an awd mover, works a treat, but still has a larger turning circle. Mark
  11. mark68

    Mercedes V class 220d Sport - Long

    We tow our laser with a 2016 Vito 116 sport, auto, long, tows a dream even with it loaded at just over 3000kg with work gear, and 1900kg of caravan behind. Sometimes find the engine a little noisy, and sometimes feel the gear changes, but at almost 5000kg, does very well. Ours has 76k on the clock, does almost 30k between services 55k on brake pads, had a few niggly problems with it but nothing major, comfortable to drive, auto, cruise, ILS led lights are immense, auto wipers, auto park. Going back to the engine noise and gearchange we have probably been spoilt as we have a older shape V6 vito which is so, so, smooth, obviously the v class differs so much to the vito refinement wise, I would imagine these areas would have been refined too. Mark
  12. mark68

    Towing with a van

    Not sure what your van weighs, but we tow our Laser 620 with a 2. 1, 160 bhp merc vito, caravan weighs just less than 1900kg, pulls it superbly, very stable. Have also used a 110 bhp vito pulling a Pageant champagne, again with no problem, personally not had any problems being commercial, but that is probably down to the sites we use. Mark
  13. mark68

    Very noisy Dometic Fridge when on gas

    Please do get it checked, my parents had a van catch fire a few years ago, through a fridge not igniting correctly, cannot remember exactly what the cause was, but they were lucky enough to have been awake, spot the fire and between them save the van without really endangering themselves. Van was only a couple of years old and recently serviced. Mark
  14. mark68

    MOT Requirement, New Law

    Got a 1969 2A, owned it 25 years, last 10 MOT's with very few advisories, following completely rebuilding it, after some dozy git ran into it and wrote it off. I shall not be registering it as a vehicle with historic interest, and therefore will be going for a yearly mot. I know every nut and bolt on it, but to have someone else give it a once over cannot be a bad thing. Mark