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  1. One of the best things we have done caravan wise, wished we had bought them years ago, no more wondering how much gas is in the bottle, how long will it last, just go fill up before we set off. We are very lucky our local Morrisons (Barnsley) have gas, and a few fairly local garages will allow filling. Just had 6 nights away off grid, less than £6.00 to refill bottle. Mark
  2. BP garage at side of A1 near the angel of the north made my eyes water on Thursday, 151.3 for regular diesel, didn't need any thankfully. Mark
  3. Hi Chris, I would say about 30 to 40 mins to put up and take down, generally sort the poles out and get the canvas started in the awning rail, while the missus is sorting out inside, she then gives me a hand to pull it fully on and get the 3 main poles in, and then leaves me to do the rest, Michelle puts curtains up while I am pegging down, generally take it down on my own, just a helping hand to fold up. I don't mind putting up for a longish weekend in summer, but we never use it in winter, as its a big thing to dry if we have to take it down wet (suppose that could apply this summer too) Mark
  4. Hi Gary, we generally put the front lock on, jack up under strengthened part of mover crossbar directly under chassis, just enough to spin the back wheel to put the lock on. Mark
  5. Had our capri coal on for a few days, a big difference from the magnum we normally take. Mark
  6. We just put the second lock on with the trolley jack when putting locks on in storage. Use lock and level on site though. Mark
  7. We have a Honda suitcase generator I1.0, its very rare we go anywhere with ehu, its very good, extremely quiet, but I am always wary of upsetting anyone with it, saying that, nobody has ever complained to us about it. As Geoff says a solar panel is great, especially in summer, winter time not always so great. We have been on sites with people with noisy generators, but so long as they are not running all the time or at daft o'clock, no bother to us. Mark
  8. My vito went in for service at merc dealer, they rang and told me back pads were worn out and needed changing immediately, we can do them while we have it in, funny having had some new tyres a few weeks earlier, new the pads were ok, it did 19000 miles before I changed them myself. Mark
  9. Had some interesting damp readings on our 2017 lasers second service, ranging from 8 to18%, thought this was a bit strange as its stored inside, apart from when were away, due to work commitments it hadn't been out for months, we disputed the readings, upon them being rechecked they were non above 10%. Would have found it strange if the readings had been zero. Mark
  10. We bought our first caravan off of Ron, a 17 year old 1986 swift challenger, oh how things have changed. Mark
  11. We tow our caravan with 2 different vehicles on a regular basis, work van and car, drilled the first number plate and inserted a couple of rivet nuts, stuck this plate to van, drilled second plate to match, first one, second plate screwed to first with two short screws, works a treat. We have used the ty-raps as Rodders 53 suggests, works perfect for the odd occasion. Mark
  12. Never used one of these machines or the other methods that seem to be being used, whilst away over Easter, motorhome next door to us, guy toddled off to empty cassette, comes back and pours 2 litres of coke into it, puts cap on and proceeds to shake cassette violently, me and the wife couldn't believe what we were seeing, especially when he pressed the vent button and spray of coke and whatever, sprayed out vertically upward. A quick google revealed this seems common in the motorhome community, along with some other very strange toilet practices. Mark
  13. Montessa, thanks for the link, just had a good read, it doesn't sound good, in fact almost as bad as the brakes !!! Mark
  14. Had shoes changed 2 weeks ago on our laser, sorry to report they are worse than ever now!!! Mark
  15. mark68

    Toilet Tabs

    We went on a rally a couple of years ago had to use green, bought a bottle of elsan green, use it in the flush and holding tanks, we were a bit sceptical, but use it all the time now, find it very good. Never used the washing tablets though. Mark
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