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  1. Hi guys we just had to put our caravan in outside storage after 5yrs and has always been plugged into mains and always had a fully charged battery,we have a 100w solar panel fitted on roof so was hoping this was going to keep battery charged but went there last week to find battery flat ,I turned all electrics off now should I have left the charger on or has solar panel got its own charger,but what ever have now got to get another battery as this wont charge.
  2. Loads of questions but which ones does one ask first,now we have a van ordered we know the weights etc and have the car to pull it no problem.
  3. Thank you Wispman. i know our first thing to sort out is the tow bar on the disco as it only has one black 7pin plug 🔌.don't want to use an adapter much rather have a 13 pin fitted.
  4. Hi. good people. we are as said new to caravaning. we have the tow car a land rover disco and have ordered a new Elddis affinity 554 from Sussex caravan centre. wont get it till end march but that's no problem as we wont have to worry about storage but so looking forward to it. .but the more I read the forums on here the more I realize how much we got to learn. still all you lovely people out there will soon put us right. thanks in advance. .pete.
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