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  1. You will have enough to do with getting organised with your new caravan. Leave the awning at home and take a couple of bottles of wine so you can celebrate when you gave set up the caravan. Enjoy!
  2. I've done a lot of searching to find the update to our 2014 CRV and I'm fairly sure I found the answer. I just havent psyched myself up to spend the 199€. Ours may be different to yours but try calling Europe BV, +31 40 744 12 42 (Holland)with all the info from your existing satnav. Please post if you have any luck!
  3. I thought I'd post this just for info. We have a Truma mover, replaced under warranty 2 years ago. We have just had a problem with the handset - now fixed. The handset appeared to stop communicating with the control box, this had happened for 2 or 3 seconds over the last couple of months but each time started working again. This time it was more serious as the handset wouldnt beep or the light flash. The obvious answer was to change the batteries but that didnt make much difference. Sometimes the handset would beep a few times, sometimes only once or twice and sometimes not at all. On the basis that it couldnt be anything other than the handset and on removing and replacing the batteries a few times, I noticed that the springs in the handset either end of the batteries looked very compressed and hardly extended when I removed the batteries. So having pulled out the springs by 1 or 2mm everything is now working. So, if you have a problem and think its down to the batteries also check the springs.
  4. We look for pitches of 80 to 100 sq m. and there are many to be found. Campingjavea even has fully serviced pitches at ACSI prices. However, we would NOT use coastal sites in the peak period when even with a big pitch everything feels tightly packed.
  5. Camping Ole just outside Oliva - where we are now. Campingjavea.es, very near to where we live. Both upmarket sites and you will probably need to book for a 2 month stay.
  6. I've always carried a spare pump since one failed on me about 30yrs ago. Never had to use it!
  7. Live in Spain - I never have ice on the windscreen!
  8. There is a very good site in Javea, Costa Blanca, believe it or not called CampingJavea.es. About 200 yds/metres before the entrance is a secure storage site, believe it or not called Thesecurestorage.com, their number is 0034 965 797 138. Try giving them a call for prices etc and ask them if they would move your caravan onto the site and how much! If you have any luck let me know, I might get commission!!!
  9. When we returned to caravaning after many years away, we bought a Lunar Clubman SI. We really liked the layout and the decor. After 10 months we upgraded to a Delta TI, because - 1. the Delta had a sensible 300kg payload 2. we liked the tall fridge 3. the front beds/seats were long enough to sit on with feet up or lie on 4. there was some extra space 5. with previous caravans I had always felt happier towing a TA The caravan is now 4 years old and we have no serious plans to change it, largely because we have made so many alterations that I would hate to start all over again!
  10. I found photonic universe to be very helpful with advice, but when their panels failed after 15 months (just out of warranty) I replaced them with 2 x 100w XINPUGUANG panels from Amazon. They are, after 6 months, still working fine.
  11. Hi George&Ade "Kerb weight" is quoted as 1775kg, so we tow at 100%ish. I'm very comfortable with the tow, we dont go fast, 50mph-ish and being retired we tend to take as long as poss to arrive anywhere!! We normally change cars after about 4 years but its so good we plan to keep it for another 4 years. Then we will have a problem as the series V CRV is indeed a bit on the light side!
  12. My wife has serious back problems and really appreciates the suspension in our 2014, series 4, CRV. I thought our rig - 1800kg TA - with noseweight of 100kg, looked rather down at the join/tow hitch so I fitted Grayston spring assistors. They made all the difference to how it looked and I believe reduced any pitching. I'm also careful with tyre pressures, they go up as recommended when towing and down if we are not towing for more than a couple of days. You can feel the ride is a little harsher if the tyres remain at towing pressures. Its a brilliant tow car and I wouldn't be without the intelligent 4WD.
  13. We recently had a bad leak from the large rooflight on our 2016 Lunar, during monsoon weather in Spain. Yes there are puddles on the roof and the immediate fix was to tip the caravan. Subsequently, I removed the rooflight and resealed it. It was a simple job - the hardest thing being to clean off the old sealer.
  14. Just keep reading and I hope you don't get too confused. Keep asking questions, none of them are silly!
  15. Hold the edge strip in place with a bit of 1" x 1" timber (propped against something) and wipe off any glue that come out - Immediately.
  16. bubble2015

    Gas Locker

    There are many, many terry clips/spring clips screwed onto the back wall and ceiling of our gas locker. They hold - aquaroll to caravan water pipe & pump aquaroll filler pipe electric drill for corner steadies manual winder for corner steadies aquaroll handle spirit level adaptor plug for ehu telescopic broom handle winder for sun canopy centre rafter for sun canopy pole for sun canopy end panel pole for front window canopy Many thanks to Lunar for such a sensible full width gas locker with vertical lifting door.
  17. No problems on our 2016 Lunar with the round screw cover stickers, some have been off once or twice to remove screws and still stuck back on. About 1 metre of corner joint tape curled along one edge in the bathroom. I stuck it back on with evostick and it has stayed in place.
  18. Is Greased Lightening OK for an annual polish or just for a quick clean between annual cleans?
  19. Yes, there was definitely a learning curve as I added more and more ducting and outlets. Once it was ducted to the front of the caravan with 4 outlets below the overhead lockers - thats when it became brilliant!a Yes, if you can achieve that configuration it will be a big help! If it is seriously hot you will need the windows closed, the blinds down and the curtains drawn!
  20. I used a cool my camper for one season, then decided to go for proper aircon. The cool my camper does produce cooler air but it was a big faff to set up or remove. You cannot separate the outside and inside units which are connected by a fairly short tube. So you start by lifting both units inside the caravan onto a convenient table next to a window; then open the window and hang the outer unit on the window sill; then finally position the inner unit. I seem to remember there wasnt enough connecting tube to position the inner unit to blow down the caravan and that it would only blow across the caravan. We now have an underbunk aircon unit with 8 vents around the caravan. Its brilliant! We have used it as serious aircon in temperatures in the high 30s, or to just blow air around a stuffy caravan.
  21. If the OP is still reading, and you asked a very important question, you will have realised that it is important to check the noseweight with either a noseweight gauge or bathroom scales and a piece of wood.
  22. It would be so much quicker and cheaper just to adjust it but I'm sure the dealer won't do that!!
  23. We have a Cello 22230F, bought last July. The picture quality is excellent. The sound isn't brilliant but we always listen via a Bose mini. I'd certainly recommend them.
  24. Negative waves man! If I had to tow the caravan for 10hrs in the dark I wouldnt go!
  25. Good question. There are various posts on the forum about how easy it is to keep your fridge cold on the 24 hrs-ish Portsmouth to Sander crossing. So, as 1st post above, maybe we dont need power to the fridge? And as said previously, solar panels will keep the battery charged. ATC needs 15 amps when it activates so thats easily powered by the caravan battery and presumably it uses next to nothing when on standby. Hmmm.
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