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  1. You can buy a plastic housing that goes over the plug and socket. I've carried one for a few years - although I've never used it.
  2. We have a Lunar Delta, brilliant caravan. We exported it to Spain where we live in 2016 and never had expectations of any repairs under warranty. We had it serviced for the first 3 years by a UK qualified engineer to keep up the warranty, but with the demise of Lunar we abandoned any thoughts of warranty and I serviced it myself this year. I'm quite hands on and have carried out various repair/modification jobs. As has been said nearly all parts will be obtainable from the individual manufacturers. The only thing that worries me without Lunar is that I may not be able to o
  3. Looks to me as if it would be fine. Do you get the same-ish readings on all 4 nodes when you use it on the caravan? Also, make sure you get the prongs into some wood and not just on the plastic wood coverings - of the wall panels.
  4. Or have an internet search Google/Amazon for a new bracket that suits your needs.
  5. Write a list of everything you would like to know or check and cross the items off one at a time. SIT DOWN and TAKE YOUR TIME, dont be rushed! The idea of using your phone to video or just record what you are told is excellent. Enjoy!
  6. The one I saw was a conventional domestic electric unit! Fitted in with a shoe horn!
  7. I've seen a domestic air con unit fixed in the gas bottle locker of an average size caravan here in Spain. I dont think it would be difficult to fit one in a static. You just have the outside unit and the inside unit connected by the pipework and the electric cable.
  8. Our daughter was 1yr old. Now she is 46yrs old.
  9. I dont think anyone has mentioned food and drinks. If you are going to one location you could take a minimum of food and shop when you arrive. However, if you are touring with 2 or 3 night stops you will be carrying quite a weight of food. Try weighing - in your kitchen - what you think you might take! You may be surprised. UK caravans do, in general, have a naff payload!
  10. We went back into caravanning after many years out. The caravan was just for the two of us, so we wanted a fixed bed, also it had to be an island bed as one of us wasn't going to climb over the other to get out. We went for a SA as it would be easier to maneuver. We found layouts we liked with Lunar and Bailey. Decided we preferred the interior decor of the Lunar so bought a Clubman SI. I also knew we needed as much payload allowance as possible so we had the upgrade. After 9 months we were really enjoying it but wanted - more interior space, in particular full length l
  11. Ditto re the rear view camera from the fridge supply on our Lunar Delta towed by a Euro 5 Honda. Sounds as if the caravan manufacturer is trying to save a few £s.
  12. Lunar had a problem a few 6/7 (?) years ago with the catches coming undone on the big front windows. They cured this by fitting catches that had a push in button before you could turn the catch. Maybe have a chat with a Lunar (ex) dealer and see if they have any of the new type or get a name for them and have an internet search.
  13. I had a rear tyre blow when I was going fast on a motorway. I heard a thump, then vibration and the steering felt wobbly. Fortunately it was late at night with very little traffic and it was easy to reach the hardshoulder. I felt that the car was under control but I was pleased to stop quickly! We have TPMS on our TA caravan and when I drove over a kerb and destroyed a tyre the alarm sounded so I knew I had a flat. (The reason for going over the kerb is another story!)
  14. Its not a problem in our Delta, but there will be many opinions. Best thing for you to do would be to try it out at a caravan dealers!
  15. and hope you don't get too confused with all the posts!
  16. The fridge needs 12 volt power to work the control panel and then either 240 volt mains OR gas to work the cooling elements. (Unless you are towing when 12 volt is supplied from the car direct to the cooling elements). Do you not have 12 volt or do you not have 240 volt?
  17. I'm fairly sure they are Seitz blinds from Dometic. Have a look at "caravan-parts.org".
  18. It took me some practise to get our noseweight down to 100kg. What do you have in the gas bottle locker? If two gas bottles, then put one in the car. I carry an emergency water supply of 8 litres in our end bathroom so that is 8 kg off the noseweight. I also put our box of tinned food, 8 to 10 kg in the end bathroom - so more off the noseweight. Trouble is that many people will tell you not to load the back end of the caravan as you might get a pendulum effect, ie the caravan swaying. With our back loading, I have never experienced this but I do tend to drive slowly and carefully.
  19. Screws on the inside, sides of the drawers to unscrew the drawer from the runners?
  20. Lots of info to be had here! Are you sure you have got all the air out of the system? To do this you should run the hot water first to ensure the hot tank is full then run the cold until there is no spluttering. Do this from each tap and the shower if it hasnt been used for some time. The pressure switches can need quite a fine adjustment and it is a bit of trial and error. When you turn the taps off and you turn the pressure switch until the pump stops, dont then back it off 180 deg. Try turning it in 1/4 or even 1/8 turns to get the correct balance. Good luck and let us
  21. Our 2015 Clubman had a movement sensor with a green light low down near the front of the caravan. Try setting the alarm and then going inside the caravan and see if the alarm sounds? The key might be for a wheel or hitch lock?
  22. The cat obviously decides where you and you OH are allowed to sit!
  23. I made up a frame the size of the caravan from scrap timber to make sure I could get the caravan around the corners of the drive in a new house. If you could get a measurement of the distance from the road to the underside of the chassis of the caravan at the front and back of the caravan, you could then pack up the frame to ensure there are no dips or ramps that the chassis cant cope with. If you find a problem then as others have suggested you would need to use some planks as packing in the appropriate places. I found that I would need some planks packed off the ground in order to get
  24. Put heavy items in the car. Keep checking the nose weight as you load the caravan and adjust front to back loading accordingly. Then, take time to check it again when everything is loaded and you are ready to leave. As others have said go over a weighbridge, as soon as you can somewhere on your journey. I have a suspicion that Buccaneers don't have a good payload - hope I'm wrong!
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