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  1. I've just "graphited" the barrels of all the locks on the caravan, I can't believe how easily the key now slides in. From the above posts it looks as if I should use graphite not just in the barrels but also on all the moving parts of the lock? What about the door hinges and especially the plastic hinges on the lockers?
  2. In general yes they are easily replaced but they are not cheap.
  3. I think you and Stevan could well be right. But we do quite a bit of flat straight line maneuvering on the narrow access roads on Spanish sites.
  4. I cut and tidied the cables looped as you describe after our mover was fitted by a dealer. It is important to keep the cables the same lengths, so just cut off equal amounts and you should end up with a small loop on one side. The only other suggestion I heard (probably on the forum) was that you might want to allow some extra cable in case you ever moved the mover to another caravan. That didn't stop me, ours are all now neat, tidy and clipped!
  5. Ours was dropping down to 11.7v after 48 hours. It was 5 1/2 yrs old and I recon the lack of use killed it! New battery has fixed the problem.
  6. I found it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=Campart+Travel+TA-0802&ref=nb_sb_noss I can't recommend this type of table highly enough. It is soo good to have a decent size table and its stable and light in weight, also rolls up fairly small. There are various makes of this type of table but I do recommend the above. We've now used it for 2 years.
  7. Well done Broad Lane for making a press release, now no one will worry that they are going broke. In the distant past, I've bought caravans from Broad Lane at Kenilworth and in the last few years used the Alcester shop for bits and pieces. I've always had good service.
  8. Find the MTPLM of your caravan, possibly around 1500kg depending on the exact year and model. The 5-7% gives you - ball park 90kg. Also check the max noseweight for your caravan and the max tow hitch load of your car. You should be at or less than the lowest of these figures. For your info, some caravans have a heavy noseweight before loading and others a light noseweight. (Ours is difficult to get down to the max permitted of 100kg). You are doing well to be checking it - keep up the good work.
  9. Our Honda CRV 2.2 diesel manual series IV and "kerbweight" of 1775kg, tows 1800kg with ease and I keep recommending them. But with two adults, a small dog and quite a bit of caravan "stuff" the car is around the gross vehicle weight of 2200kg. "With 5 people and a boot full to the rafters" you could easily be over the max permitted vehicle weight. Whatever you buy, you should check out the gross vehicle weight and the gross train weight!
  10. Thanks for the input. Battery was 12.7 after 24 hours charge, 12.5 - 2 hrs later and 12.2 the next morning. New battery on order!
  11. We have a Phantom tracker, the same as Durbanites, It will be 5 years old next year and I will be renewing it for another 5 years. It makes no difference to our insurance but it sure does bring Peace of Mind.
  12. Been there done exactly that.
  13. Battery was at 11.7 v, its now on charge. We will start using the car next week and see if the charge keeps up. Otherwise its a new battery! Thanks for your contributions.
  14. Each to their own, but even rigid pipes cant make the water flow up hill. (. . . . . Pumps on the waste water outlet . . . . . ?)
  15. Our 2016 Delta has been checked for damp every year without any problems.
  16. I dont understand that. So long as the entry to the drain is lower than the outlet from the caravan the water will run away!?
  17. We use ours for the empty wine bottles, have to empty it most mornings! 🍷
  18. I carry about 10m of ordinary flexi pipe and just let it lie on the ground. It works like a long U bent. Why do you need pipe supports?
  19. The battery is just over 5 years old so it must be at least 1/2 way through its life and I guess the more likely to suffer some damage We are allowed out of our lockdown (in Spain) on Monday so I'll take the car for a good hour's drive then see how it is a week later. Thanks guys
  20. The battery on our CRV is now struggling and last time it turned the engine over very slowly but did start. After a 10 minute drive it would restart as normal. My question is, does this continual lack of charging damage the battery or will it return to normal with normal usage? Thanks
  21. 5 mins drive, sneaked into the compound to say Hello to it today!
  22. And thanks from me. I thought it was a very well written article, interesting and easy for a layman to read. If people think an article is too long they can always stop reading! If criticism is not constructive it is a waste of time.
  23. Honda CRV 2.2 diesel, series IV with intelligent 4x4 that automatically switches into 4x4 when its needed - its brilliant. (Series V is lighter in weight).
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