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  1. It would be so much quicker and cheaper just to adjust it but I'm sure the dealer won't do that!!
  2. We have a Cello 22230F, bought last July. The picture quality is excellent. The sound isn't brilliant but we always listen via a Bose mini. I'd certainly recommend them.
  3. Negative waves man! If I had to tow the caravan for 10hrs in the dark I wouldnt go!
  4. Good question. There are various posts on the forum about how easy it is to keep your fridge cold on the 24 hrs-ish Portsmouth to Sander crossing. So, as 1st post above, maybe we dont need power to the fridge? And as said previously, solar panels will keep the battery charged. ATC needs 15 amps when it activates so thats easily powered by the caravan battery and presumably it uses next to nothing when on standby. Hmmm.
  5. We've used Camping Zaragoza a few times and wanted a change so we stopped at Camping Saviñan Park. Its a very good, shaded, terraced site and our 8m caravan went in with no problems. The only downside is that it adds at least 45 mins to the route. So, if you are in a hurry use Zaragoza. We wouldnt choose to stay in a MH park, we'd rather see trees and grass/gravel than tarmac!
  6. Thats not a problem, there is a big battery in the caravan! (Charged by solar panels if not connected to the car or on ehu).
  7. Our grill pan sits on an upturned oven tray which raises it about 20mm. Absolutely no problem with the toast.
  8. Well done davidh, you asked some good questions.
  9. My rear view camera connects itself wirelessly - why not the lights as well? And yes, I'd like a device to confirm the caravan lights were working - one job less for OH before we set off.
  10. The switches on the bottom row are the mains/240v switches. Of the centre and left switches on the row of three, one will work the mains sockets and the other - probably the battery charger? (Or its possible they both work mains sockets.)
  11. I havent had the same problem but have had 2 Lunars with stiff blinds. Some were replaced under warranty but then others became stiff. There is/was a very simple fix on the forum (which I now cant find)! It was to slacken the strings where they are retained by the little collar. If a anyone has a similar problem, I'll put up some more info. I recently removed and resealed the long rooflight and at the same time slackened the strings in that as well.
  12. Use it often for brushing the steps.
  13. It was Sargent that couldnt explain why a 3 yr old fuse board should fail. They said they are tested to approx double the max rated fuse.
  14. I had a similar problem with a burnt out fuse board. Sargent were very helpful in sending me a replacement board which I fitted. There appears no real answer as to why it happened/happens possibly a 1 in a 1,000 manufacturing defect. You will need to replace the fuse board. Then I would pull each fuse to see what circuit each fuse protects and check the current of each fuse to ensure nothing is overloaded.
  15. This site is big, well organised and has all amenities. "Camping Resort & Bungalow Park Mas Patoxas" Also it is not too far from the fascinating Greek and Roman archaeological site at Empurias which you should not miss if you are in the area. You will probably have an overnight stop at Zaragoza - its convenient and OK for one or two nights.
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