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  1. Hi and welcome. Keep posting here if you have problems in other parts of the forum.
  2. I had exactly the same problem with a new Truma mover. I spoke to them and they sent me, foc, 2 grit covered rollers. There are posts on the forum about how to re-grit, or grit from new, rollers.
  3. I'd buy it - with 30% discount and an engineer's report. Our 2016 Delta is an excellent caravan.
  4. I'm surprised it wasnt more. But I guess you have removed maybe 20kg?, and added about 60kg? So you should be about 40kg above the quoted MRO, so about 1125kg. Thats the theory, in practise you are within say 50kg of the calculated weight so you are doing well. It would be interesting to take the caravan over the weighbridge when loaded and see how close you are to the MTPLM.
  5. Very, very happy with our 2014 CRV 2.2 diesel (sorry cant help with petrol info). Ours had to be manual to tow our 1800kg Delta. The manual towing limit is 2000kg, auto is 1500kg.
  6. We have marker boards on the caravan. There has been much discussion on the forum about how to fix them temporarily. I dont ever want to remove them as they make the rear of the caravan so much easier to see. Plus, in the least reduced visibility I turn on the headlights and rear lights - I want to be as easy to see as possible!
  7. Has never bothered us, we have a LHD car and a LHS door caravan. A word with the warden (in the UK) has always sorted a potential problem. On the continent the drivers side or the door side of the caravan has never made the slightest difference.
  8. Do you have a water filter outside next to the water filler connection? That could be dirty. Most people take them out and throw them away!
  9. See if you can find a Mobile Engineer from - https://www.mobilecaravanengineers.co.uk/
  10. Next year in August (unfortunately) we will be travelling as above, spending 2 to 3 weeks en route. Any suggestions for Municipal sites or National Park sites. We are both retired, no kids with us. We wont be going near the coast and like rural/scenic locations. Thanks
  11. If we are leaving Spain I overload with wine for both of us and gin for her. Re food we carry a ridiculous amount of "just in case". Thats "just in case" OH decides to make one of these or one of those. We probably take 10kg of "just in case", and bring back 9kg of it, because when we arrive anywhere we like to buy local food. Praise be for the good payload.
  12. Another vote for a double dinette with centre kitchen and bathroom. The kids have their own end for playing and sleeping and you have your own end for the evenings. Try to get as big a payload as possible because whatever you get it wont be enough.
  13. Ah well, maybe some day I'll borrow someone's Range Rover and see if I feel the difference. Trouble is I'd like a smaller car, not a bigger one, for everyday use.
  14. I just look at it - seem to get it right most of the time! But a good idea and I'll contemplate marking it when we are away in a couple of weeks.
  15. Hi, if you are having problems start by phoning Sargent, they are very helpful. Sorry but I cant remember a reset button when I had my problems - it was all some time ago. Good luck.
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