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  1. Just for info, I had a problem similar to the original post, which I finally traced to a bad connection where the cable connects to the solar panel. It was a manufacturing problem as these joints are sealed. I removed the sealant and tightened the nut on the connection then resealed it.
  2. Just wondering how much these pitches cost and do you have to be a member of a club? I'd tow the caravan the 100m just to keep my hand in! Have a great weekend
  3. Re my earlier post, I wasnt sure if the screws would hold in the panel and I would have used plasterboard fixings - if I could have found something short enough - if they had pulled out. But with the thick screws they have stayed absolutely tight. Maybe you could drill a small 3mm? hole in the wall panel just to be sure its not hollow and assuming its not, then screw in a thick screw to see if it will tighten.
  4. Looks good, we have something similar, just make sure you can reach the locking pin. Ours is fixed to the wall next to the fridge with, I think no 10 screws x 20mm - fixed it some time ago so cant be sure but basically as long as poss and as big a diameter as poss.
  5. I bought a 300w pure sine wave inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket in the caravan, from Amazon. It worked very well for the TV. New caravan and upgraded inverter now.
  6. I did the same in our Delta TI and we are very pleased with the result. I added to/amended the ducting runs 3 times over an 18 month period and we now have 8 outlets. Rather a labour of love!
  7. Back to the op, I would if it was mandatory, otherwise no. It seems to be a moot point if they are to protect the wearer or to protect others. I'm in circumstances like WilldeBeast, my OH is top of the high risk people. I currently wear a mask and gloves whenever I go out. At the supermarket they provide gloves for everyone, so I had to wear their gloves on top of mine!
  8. I carry a bottle jack, but I searched for one as short as possible. I had to use it a few months ago after clipping the kerb on an impossible corner. No probs it fitted. Thinking about it a few hours later, I though how daft I'd been not to just pull the caravan up onto my levelling planks - then I wouldn't have need the jack!
  9. When you have nothing else - that is BRILLIANT.
  10. ARE ANY OF THESE ESSENTIAL? Serious reminder from Locked Down Spain!
  11. Range Rover towing an 8ft wide Lunar Delta TI with a payload of around 400kg (sadly my ideal caravan is not made!) If we keep this thread going maybe the manufacturers will learn something!
  12. Ditto ours, last year. Not having it serviced this year as OH's medical problems prevented much use. But I've recently taken damp readings and there are no problems!
  13. A 3 ft length of scaffold tube and a spring balance will achieve the correct torque but you will need the correct socket & T bar or a spanner that will fit inside the scaffold tube.
  14. That is ridiculous, its a comment from a stroppy Policeman probably the Guardia! There is a rule that only one person can travel in a car unless they are driving someone seriously disabled. But, anyone travelling home (which is permitted by the EU countries) there are no rules about who sits where - or at least nothing in the Spanish press. I suggest you drive for 30 minutes to get clear of the area and then your wife sits in the front - or drives?
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