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  1. OK, mine is different and I cant confirm until back in the caravan on Tues. One of us has a newer system - I wonder which one of us?
  2. Where is the "main" switch?
  3. If our gas bottle locker leaked, which it doesnt, I would do exactly what you have done. I love the well designed hinging system that lifts the door high and out of the way.
  4. With our Lunar, the Sargent control system uses about 0.7 amps with everything else turned off! But with the master switch off the fridge is also off ie. no lights on. We have solar panels to keep the battery topped up as without these the alarm will over a few weeks drain the battery.
  5. Now I have a 120 x 120 fan in my hot little hand I see that I could easily fit a pair. I'll fit the single fan next week and see what difference it makes. If you are still following Mr Plod, did you fit one fan or a pair?
  6. Clicking sounds as if the fridge is set to gas and it is trying to ignite. Does it work on mains and/or gas?
  7. Keep an eye on your available payload if you change/upgrade to a 4 wheel mover! We have a single axle mover on our TA and it has to be behind the rear axle to help compensate for the built in excessive noseweight. Using it was tricky to begin with but after some practice it is now really easy. We used to park the caravan behind the house, up a fairly steep drive and around some curves and then a 90 deg turn at the top. Always use both wheels driving when going up hill then come down hill driving just one wheel in order to maneuver.
  8. Lets all report back when we have our fans up and running and see what difference they have made to the fridge temperature!
  9. Just ordered a fan from Amazon.es, 7€. Will fit it when back at the caravan next week.
  10. I disagree, I wouldnt buy a caravan without a big and easy access front locker - its my shed!
  11. I had a look at this and I was amazed by the amount of heat around the top of the fridge, thats outside with the top vent removed. I can sure see how a fan will help and its always good to have a couple of jobs up your sleeve! No factory fitted fans or wiring! The freezer is around 15deg but the fridge only about 10deg.
  12. Good post. Its not a problem I've encountered but I do like your fix!
  13. Some caravans come from the manufacturer with an unloaded noseweight either very high or very low. You need to organise your loading to achieve the correct noseweight. For example our caravan has an inbuilt high noseweight and it needs some very careful loading to get it DOWN to the correct amount.
  14. Hi, Dont wish to confuse you, but have you checked weights? Gross train weight, gross vehicle weight, "kerb weight", etc? Any questions on any of these, please keep asking questions!
  15. You are doing very well! Many people dont bother to measure the nose weight - you are aware of what you are doing. Dont move the gas bottle it has to be securely fastened! The replies above tell you what you need to know.
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