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  1. Again a SA mover on a TA caravan. When our caravan was stored at the back of the house, it was a 30 minute journey by mover, around two 90 deg corners and up a slope in one part 1 :10. After some practise it was easy! Maneuvering it into narrow continental pitches is easy by comparison.
  2. "Smaller sites" and "near the coast" don't really work together on the Costa Brava or Costa Blanca. In March, I'd head as far South as possible as it will be cold overnight but probably sunny and warm-ish during the day. There are a couple of sites I would recommend but they are both big although they have hedges to separate pitches. Camping Olé near Oliva, is on the coast separated from the sea only by sand dunes, although you can pitch on top of the dunes, lovely views but much less private. There are miles of undeveloped beaches but lots of apartment developments just back from the sea. Camping Javea, in Javea is not much more than a 5 minute walk from the sea and has easy access (walking) to shops, bars and restaurants. Javea has some lovely scenery and is popular with tourists.
  3. Sounds as if you are in the north or high up in central Spain. I'd be happy to help if you end up anywhere near Javea on the Costa Blanca.
  4. Yes, I agree with John, it seems strange to need power to work an overflow valve. I'm now going to search for the overflow to our on-board (but under-slung) tank next time I'm at the caravan!
  5. And I thought it was only Lunar owners!
  6. Just wondering if anyone has a view on the solar panel/s being turned on when driving? Accepting that the car won't put much back into the battery (because its running the fridge), leaving the panels on will recharge the battery. If you use a mover to leave site and again on arrival (some continental sites need lots of mover time) then the battery should be nicely topped up.
  7. . Mine arrived mid December.
  8. Well done with all your research! A nose weight gauge or bathroom scales and a piece of wood the correct length would be useful to check the nose weight. Also, when you feel brave enough take a trip over a weighbridge. Its always interesting to know the actual figures. (I drive close to our weight limits so use a weighbridge from time to time).
  9. I've read many of your informative posts - please don't go too far away.
  10. + Honda CRV 2.2 Mk4, auto or manual depending on the weight you are going to pull.
  11. Good post Les Medes, and a Happy Christmas to everyone from both of us.
  12. For peace of mind I'd always have a spare. I wouldnt care if it was a 'space saver' its a 'get out of trouble wheel'. I've used the space saver while towing - just drive extra carefully and repair the proper tyre asap. I've also used the caravan spare after ripping a tyre on a kerb - no amount of sealer would have repaired that. (It wasnt bad driving - just a very narrow very steep hill with a sharp bend. Anyone who has been to El Berro in Spain will sympathise!)
  13. We have had both and I would now always go for an auto-engage.
  14. bubble2015


    I just enjoy driving the car both towing and solo. Car says 40+ mpg solo and 25 to 30 mpg towing (depends on hills, headwinds and speed).
  15. We have had that system in two Lunars since 2015 and it has never caused a problem. You just work out what temperature suits you.
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