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  1. For peace of mind I'd always have a spare. I wouldnt care if it was a 'space saver' its a 'get out of trouble wheel'. I've used the space saver while towing - just drive extra carefully and repair the proper tyre asap. I've also used the caravan spare after ripping a tyre on a kerb - no amount of sealer would have repaired that. (It wasnt bad driving - just a very narrow very steep hill with a sharp bend. Anyone who has been to El Berro in Spain will sympathise!)
  2. We have had both and I would now always go for an auto-engage.
  3. bubble2015


    I just enjoy driving the car both towing and solo. Car says 40+ mpg solo and 25 to 30 mpg towing (depends on hills, headwinds and speed).
  4. We have had that system in two Lunars since 2015 and it has never caused a problem. You just work out what temperature suits you.
  5. I add 50% to the satnav time and that normally allows time for a short coffee stop.
  6. We came back to caravaning after 15 years out and bought a Lunar Clubman TI in 2015. We enjoyed the lifestyle and the caravan very much but living in Spain needed aircon - which the low payload precluded. So we changed to a TA Delta with a 300kg payload. We loved the TI layout and that suited the location of the underbunk aircon and duct runs (concealed in wardrobes and behind overhead lockers). We also had longer front seats/beds for sitting with feet up either looking inwards for TV or outwards for the view, the tall fridge. and an onboard water tank. Also, of course the benefit (as far as I am concerned) of the twin axles. We have no plans to change this almost 4 yr old caravan - I've made many, many modifications and I dont really want to start all over again!
  7. Mine has just been delivered - to Spain. Excellent service.
  8. I wonder if they could have knocked the drain tube during the service - while oiling/greasing the corner steadies? (If of course they did that!) Our fluid level always sits at or just below the min. mark. In almost 4 years, I've twice topped up the fluid by about half a mugful so it was between the min and max marks. Each time the system has vented the extra liquid within 24 hrs, leaving it sitting at the min mark. Give Alde a call and see what they suggest? ?
  9. Interesting article. It implies that the "weight" of the caravan shouldn't be more than 85% of the "weight" of the car. It make much more sense to me to consider the % of the total weights ie MTPLM and GVW, than the MTPLM and the "kerbweight"! I think posts on this subject are unanimous in agreeing that all the heavy 'stuff' is carried in the car - so we all want the car to be as heavy as possible and the caravan as light as possible. Calculated in this way our ratio is 82% and not 101%.
  10. Personally, I like your simplistic approach, but please can you provide some numbers. What is "significantly lighter" - 10%?, 25%?, 50%?. Also, an idea of how many caravans turning over you have seen - 5 or 50 or 500? I know you say the numbers are not large enough to make absolute claims, but some idea of the figures would really help to give a "feel" for the statistics.
  11. Thanks matelodave, I find the 75 - 100% thing a fascinating subject. To me it all seems to be based on "not very much". We've towed 1,000s of miles with our CRV "kerbweight"1775kg, towing our caravan with MTPLM 1800kg (and it does weigh around 1800kg from various weighbridges). We put the caravan spare wheel in the car - so the car is now 1792kg and the caravan 1783kg - so now we are less than the dreaded 100%. Hey Ho, thread drift. Who tows with a Ford Kuga?
  12. to the forum and happy caravaning.
  13. I would also like to hear from anyone who tows with a 180ps Kuga. Looking at the spec it would tow our 1800kg caravan although the "kerbweight" is slightly less than our CRV, the engine is more powerful. Any thoughts?
  14. You will have enough to do with getting organised with your new caravan. Leave the awning at home and take a couple of bottles of wine so you can celebrate when you gave set up the caravan. Enjoy!
  15. I've done a lot of searching to find the update to our 2014 CRV and I'm fairly sure I found the answer. I just havent psyched myself up to spend the 199€. Ours may be different to yours but try calling Europe BV, +31 40 744 12 42 (Holland)with all the info from your existing satnav. Please post if you have any luck!
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