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  1. Had a similar problem last year. Damp was in the outer floor area in front of the os wheel, no damp inside but wood was spongy outside. Area was replaced by dealer and it was suggested that problem was inadequate sealant around the floor/wall/valance. Have done 5k miles since, in all weathers but seems to be ok now.
  2. After following this thread we decided to contact Belfields for replacement of our Madrid seat bases as they were flattening and becoming uncomfortable. The cost was £342 inc delivery for the two sprung seats in original Kensington material and we received them within a couple of weeks. We are away in the van at the moment putting them to the test and they are much improved over the originals for both sitting and sleeping. We can really recommend Belfields for their excellent customer service.
  3. Had a similar problem first time out this year. Tried new pump, bought the whale gizmo to replace the pressure valve, all to no avail. Eventually a mobile c/v engineer found that the microswitch inside the inlet housing had failed.
  4. I had this problem on my Madrid 3. Mentioned it to the dealer at service and was prepared to buy a new unit. However, the dealer said it was a common problem and said the trick was to araldite the spring to the shaft before retentioning the blind. Worked with mine and has been ok for a couple of years now.
  5. Hi Paul we recently had very similar problem on our Madrid on the first trip out after the winter layup. After checking for leaks etc, we called in a mobile caravan engineer who checked everything and found out it was the microswitch inside the whale watermaster connection and, luckily he had a switch in his van and managed to fix the problem. Not sure if the Ultraflow connector has a similar microswitch but if so, could be the problem.
  6. We have used the Grillogas for two years and find it an excellent bit of kit. As Bob says, for cooking breakfast it’s brilliant and easy to clean afterwards. We have a Madrid and it stores easily into the locker under the bunk though the access inside the main door. Although not a true BBQ, with the domed lid, it cooks all meats & fish beautifully. Wouldn’t be without it.
  7. Ours was replaced due to bubbling under warranty. After a couple of months, the new one came away on one side so I bought a short length of the "Velcro" type fixing from Bailey and replace it myself. No problems since.
  8. We had the same problem with our 2015 Unicorn Madrid 3. Very localised damp patch around toilet. Dealer fixed and no recurrence since. They said it was poor workmanship by Bailey during the build. They had had a number of similar cases and all were caused by sloppy application of silicone sealant.
  9. When we first had out Madrid, the fridge wouldn't work properly with the vents on, and it was -6 outside. Only use them as winter covers at home now and take them off when we go away - whatever the weather.
  10. Just had second yearly service on my U3 Madrid and they found a small damp patch on the toilet floor - 40%. We were devastated as we have had damp in two vans before this one. Dealer says it is almost certainly caused by poor workmanship on manufacture by either door frame sealant (lack of) or poor fitting/sealing of toilet cassette casing. Complete toilet assembly and floor covering will be removed to find extent and remedial repairs carried out - unfortunately they are not able to do it until January. Whilst this will all be done on warranty, its still very worrying. They say they have had this problem on many occasions before and have taken this up with Bailey on many but to no avail.
  11. When I picked my modified ones up from the dealer, he had just had a van load of them delivered for all the vans he had sold in the last year !!
  12. There is a long thread about these shelves on this forum. Many U3 owners with the tall fridges have had broken shelves. I have had all 4 replaced (twice - once with original poor quality ones, recently with the new "modified" ones) They will be replaced if you contact your dealer.
  13. Hi Barjeff My first 4 shelves were replaced by Dometic direct. I waited for 12 months or so waiting for the modified ones to come out but two of the replacements broke. Contacted Dometic who advised that claims now had to be through dealer. Went to dealer and they had them within about 10 days - actually they had half a van load delivered for all their customers! Hope this helps Arthur
  14. Having had all my shelves replaced by Dometic last year, I contacted them last week as another had broken. Got an email saying that I had to make a warranty claim through the dealer. Visited Chipping Sodbury Caravans this morning and they made a claim online whilst I was there. Dealer said the "modified" replacements should be through in about a week. Here's hoping. ......
  15. I had the whole door replaced at first service because the lock just fell apart. Dealer could not fit a replacement latch as they couldn't work out how to dismantle the door ! New type,however is much improved. Just had another fridge shelf break (third one) - been told by Dometic that I I now have to go through the dealer to get the "modified" shelves, more delays !
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