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  1. What’s the second cable for? Its certainly not suitable for a motor mover. Don’t forget an inline fuse.
  2. Mine is a 2015 2.2 Diesel Auto, with SLS, towing 1700kg. In July saw a chap on site with a new Sorrento. He had had a 2015 Sorento same as mine previously, and confirmed it was a tremendous towcar, but in his opinion the new model was even better. His was a 2.2 diesel, only available in the level 3 model. That is the only diesel, all the others are hybrid. The hybrids have a 1500 kg towing limit and the diesel 2500kg. (Already made similar comment on your other thread with same title asking about towing mirrors)
  3. The Isabella website should tell you the width between the rear uprights at roof height. Its usually shown in the brochure statistics. With that and the 340 width at floor level, you should be able to measure the van to see if it will fit as you want it.
  4. If OP doesn’t know about the Alde expansion tank in the wardrobe, it sounds like he had a very inferior handover from his Dealer.
  5. The New Sorento comes in a diesel version, but only in the ‘3’, which used to be the KX3. Saw someone on site with one in July, first I had seen towing. Chap had a 2015 Sorento previously, which he said was a tremendous towcar (as do I about my 2015 one), but he said the new one was even better.
  6. The main problem I see with dogs peeing on grass areas, particularly around pitches, is that the next occupants may have young children who play on that grass. The dog owners who really get me annoyed though are those that just open the caravan or motorhome door in the morning and let them out to do their business, sometimes on a lead sometimes not, whilst they remain in the van in their pyjamas or nightdress. If they can’t be bothered to get up and dressed and take the dog out properly, then in my view they shouldn’t have a dog at all.
  7. 2 Apologies for not responding to this request before. The replacement I bought was on ebay, advertised by Kenmore Caravans as a Latch mechanism for Coachman Caravans. However, I had to return it as it didn’t fit properly. I’m glad to say though that I think my problem is solved, and I have had no more issues with the original latch. The replacement helped identify the problem before I returned it. The latch has a facility for a lock spindle much like the ones on our bathrooms at home, but not used by Coachman. I hadn't identified it as such on the original but the replacement one clearly labelled it as a lock facilty. That caused me to look closely at my original and I found that the unused lock facility seemed to have been in a part engaged state (best way I can think of describing it). The square hole for the lock facility is smaller than the one for the handle latch and I used a screwdriver to return it to the fully open position. Since then I have had no further issues.
  8. We had the same problem with a Dometic toilet flush on a 2015 Lunar. bought new in September 2014. After nearly 2 years of complaining to Dealer and Dometic, Dometic finally accepted that the pump was inadequate and sent an engineer to fit a replacement. That worked ok, but ironically it was changed just a few months before we changed the van for a 2017 Lunar with a Thetford toilet. I swore I would never have a van with a Dometic toilet ever again. Our 2021 Coachman has a Thetford, but they too previously used Dometic, which was one of the reasons why we had never looked at them previously.
  9. Didn’t realise such a thing existed. When I had a box under the front seats, I ran an HDMI cable up to the tv point and installed an HDMI socket next to it. Currently, our box sits under the tv so HDMI cable runs direct box to tv.
  10. Plenty on ebay. Search for caravan wardrobe door lock rod version.
  11. Toilet is Thetford for 2021. Far better product than the Dometic, which we had in a previous Lunar and said never again. Shame about the mattress though. Supposed to be a ‘new superior quality foam’. Its not memory foam and , for us, its the worst caravan bed experience in over 40 years, although I accept others may find it ok.
  12. You may need to check with your current insurer. I prefer a Nemesis Ultra (same as the Wraith) and used it on my previous Lunar with no insurance issues. However when we recently changed to a 2021 Coachman, my Insurer said the wheel lock had to be one that uses the AL-KO chassis mount (AL-KO, Bulldog Max and the like). If I wanted to use the Nemesis, then I would have to store the van at an approved storage site, and as I keep it at home, that wasn’t an option. This was because of the Insured values. Other insurers would provide cover with the Nemesis, but the premiums were much higher.
  13. There are other threads about the Dometic series 10 under-counter fridges ( as opposed to the tall ones with separate freezers). The Instructions say that food should only be put into a pre-cooled freezer in a frozen state and that it should not be expected to freeze things from scratch. Frozen food placed in the freezer compartment in our Dometic series 10 used to start to defrost after the first day away. There appeared to be two reasons for this. Firstly the freezer compartment could be ‘widdled’ from side to side and clearly was not forming an air tight seal. Secondly, every time the freezer compartment was opened, it pulled away from the back panel leaving a gap up to 1/2 inch. These two factors caused the cold air in the freezer to leak into the fridge and the warmer air from the fridge to leak into the freezer, causing the defrosting, and also probably causing the rear fins to ice up excessively by overworking. I tried pushing strips of kitchen towel into the gaps at the sides of the compartment (from within the freezer) and also pushing the freezer compartment backwards to close the gap at the back every time the freezer compartment was opened. Hey-presto, no more defrosting food. Apparently Dometic are aware of these two issues and have some tape to effect the side and back seals. I am currently awaiting a pack from Dometic containing the tape and instructions on where to apply it. The problem could be prevented if the freezer compartment was fixed instead of being removable. Does anyone actually remove the freezer compartment or is this just anorther useless gimick?
  14. Kids playing around their own van may not be a bad thing if they were behaving themselves. Kids playing around my van would NOT be a good thing, behaving or not!
  15. I presume that you will have considered the weight issues around all the solar panels and batteries and other things you are installing. Caravans are notorious for having a low loading margin, and I certainly wouldn’t have any spare weight capacity when we go off for. 2 week trip or longer.
  16. I’ve never had a van in which the rigid water pipes were ‘cemented’. They have always been push fit. Having said that, I’ve never had one come off either.
  17. The red keys are usually pretty standard. Normally they press in and then turn.
  18. Different awning manufacturers quote sizes in different ways. For example, Isabella quote on the actual ground to ground measurement through the awning rail, in cms. On the Isabella website it shows the 2008 Avondale Dart 380/2 as needing an 800cm size awning. However, it is always advisable to check the measurement of your own van by measuring ground to ground through the awning rail. If your current awning fits OK, you could measure that.
  19. HWith nosewight, it is warranty issues relating to the caravan chassis, car and towbar limits that would be of more concern to me.
  20. With less than a month left on your warranty, you can’t really afford to wait and see.
  21. Well, may finally be getting somewhere Rang Dometic to point out that items defrost in my Dometic series 10 freezer box. Told the guy there were two issues I had identified. One was that the removable freezer box can be rocked from side to side and was obviously not sealing properly and the other was that every time the freezer is opened it slides forward leaving a gap at the back up to half an inch wide. Both these issues were allowing warmer air into freezer causing defrosting and colder air into fridge causing lower temperature than really necessary. He surprised me by acknowledging that these are issues they are aware of and that they have some tape available to seal the gaps and prevent forward movement. He promised to send me a pack with instructions on how and where to place it Not received it yet but hopefully after bank holiday all will be well. He couldn't explain why some units have these issues and others don't. I can't understand why Dometic need to have a removable freezer box. A fully moulded in unit would solve all these issues.
  22. My son was told that the old window had to be broken to get it out and that the bonding process for the new one is different to what it used to be.
  23. Like many forumites, whenever we get a new van, I always have a list of ‘improvements’ to be made. These generally include extra socket(s), shelves and/or dividers in cupboards, TMV for shower, electric heated towel rail (if room available) and more. With the new Coachman we felt the windows in the rear bedroom were a little bare with just a pelmet above each one. With some matching material, we feel the false curtains just to dress the window are a vast improvement and have the added bonus of keeping out the strip of daylight down the edges of the blind that come with daybreak.
  24. Some approved Workshops have “approval” from Coachman to access their computer records, submit service details, make warranty claims and undertake warranty work. However, those with approval are few and far between and I have asked Coachman for details of any workshops in my area without success. The warranty provisions which require an annual service to be done say that it can be carried out at an Authorised Dealer or at an Approved Workshop (AWS scheme). So if an Approved Workshop find any issues requiring a warranty claim, if they don’t have direct access to Coachman, it would need to be referred to a Dealer. Whether the Dealer would just move any claim forward through Coachman, or whether they would want to examine it first (possibly with a charge) would depend on the Dealer themselves. Must admit, I’ve usually taken the view that whilst under warranty, probably easier (but more expensive) sticking with the Dealer. At the moment, mine has said that I should book in about 4-5 months in advance of service date.
  25. Sounds a reasonable conclusion to come to. Do you know anyone with the same pump setup who might let you try their pump on your van to make sure before you buy a new one?
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