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  1. Dealers should be able to do it for you, its a 2 minute job with the right tool. The issue is that with a painted awning rail, they cannot guarantee that the paint wouldn’t crack and they will only do it at your own risk of that possibly happening. My Dealer reckoned in their experience about 60% didn’t crack, 40% did. With these odds I left well alone and just fed either awning or canopy from the bottom.
  2. Our previous van (2017 Lunar Clubman) had ‘disintegrated’ brake shoes and scored drums. Dealer tried to charge me £450. However van was on its 3rd service, which I had purposely arranged 2-3 weeks prior to the anniversary just in case any issues arose. When I pointed this out, they contacted AL-KO and replacements were made under their 3 year warranty. AL-KO are one of those suppliers who deal with their own warranty issues without the need for the manufacturer to get involved. Hard to see wear and tear of brake shoes on a caravan given the low mileages involved. Cars wit
  3. We got a new van on 20 April and I had a plate upgrade which increased the payload from 156kg to 194kg. In addition, I always remove the spare wheel and carrier and put the spare under the bed and the carrier in the garage until the next trade in. That gave a total payload of around 201 kg. I did weigh every last thing that went into the van, and I had to remove the 2 aquarolls and wastemaster from van to car. The awning didn’t figure in all this because that always travels in the car. Even that left us close to the limit when the extras for a 4 week or longer break were conside
  4. Not so sure my 2021 Coachman VIP has provision for 2 full gas bottles as there is only provision for one gas bottle at the regulator.
  5. If you are considering towing at over 100%, check your insurances to make sure that would be allowed. Some state that the MTPLM of the caravan must not exceed the kerbweight of the towing vehicle. I have had that in policies before.
  6. If by ‘still available’ you mean to purchase retail, then you are probably right. Bulldog Max also uses the AL-KO chassis mount, but only now available second hand. Neither need the same precision as the AL-KO though in that the receiver doesn’t have to be precisely in the centre of the gap between the spokes.
  7. With 6 units on its already exceeding the maximum the law allows for a CL!
  8. Just got our first Coachman (2021 VIP 545) and we are happy with it after first trip last week. Much better built than the previous Lunar Clubman, but it is 200kg heavier than the Lunar was with same internal body length but 5” longer on shipping length. You will probably find a similar weight difference to your Swift. Noseweight is more manageable. I struggled to get the Lunar down to 100kg, but the Coachman I had to put a few extra things towards the front to bring the moseweight up to 75-80 kgs. Towed really well on first trip, but as we had Tyron bands fitted I will be getti
  9. The only wheel locks my current insurers will accept for the new van is any one that utilises the AL-KO chassis mount. With the value insured, they will not provide cover if the Nemesis Ultra or Wraith are used. I prefer the Nemesis Ultra because there is no ‘lining up’ required, but for the rest of the year at least, it will have to be the AL-KO lock.
  10. Its a shame Coachman have changed the spec of the mattress in the VIP 545 (and presumably other models) for 2021. We spoke to the owners of a 2019 model whilst away and their mattress was a memory foam one. For 2021 it is “a new high quality foam”, but its definitely not memory foam.
  11. To some extent the construction of the mattress is immaterial - its uncomfortable for us choose what it is. I sent a message to Coachman, but no response from them. For the last few nights, we have used the single duvets that we had in the Lunar Clubman doubled up on top of the mattress and that has helped, so a topper of some kind seems the likely way forward.
  12. Well, after waiting 6 months since placing the order, the new van has arrived and we are out on our first trip with 3 nights completed so far. Whilst we are delighted with the van so far, we are both finding that the mattress on the fixed rear island bed is the worst we have experienced in 40 years of caravanning, including the days before fixed beds when the day seats had to be made into the bed. The Coachman brochure describes the mattress as being high quality foam construction (doesn't seem to be memory foam). Can’t understand why the front seats are sprung but the fixed bed
  13. Wasn’t there an EU proposal to require registration of all trailers over a certain weight (might have been 750 kilos) in all EU country’s a year or so back? There was uproar in UK and lobbying of Parliament as I recall, mainly because of the ‘road tax’ that would result from a national compulsory registration scheme.
  14. Starting off with a new Coachman probably gives good front locker discipline. We’ve just gone from a Lunar with full width front locker to a Coachman with the two side front lockers, and its been a job to fit in the things I felt are needed, but also a good exercise to get rid of unnecessary items that there was no space for.
  15. Its been a long time since we actually used the slats to make up a double at the front. When we did do so though I quickly abandoned the slats and instead carried about 4 pieces of ply to use instead of the slats.
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