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  1. I would prefer to replace the seal.
  2. Preston Caravans at Kirkham and Campbells Caravans in Lostock Hall both closed until further notice.
  3. If they were able to do anything in the time available, it would probably be trying to get vans off the premises that were already on site, ie getting owners to collect them, whether or not the work had been completed. You may find as the weeks go on and time gets nearer to your booked date, they may contact you, or alternatively they may put a general note on their website.
  4. If you need a co-pilot who has also never flown a plane (and never been in RAF or any other service) let me know. Its only been a few days and already OH is driving me mad! With the list of jobs I’ve already got, I wont see active service in the caravan for a few years.
  5. I was told the shoes had collapsed and the drums were scored.
  6. I have (had) a total of 10 site bookings up to July for CMC sites. I have not formally cancelled any of these bookings but I am now starting to to receive cancellations actioned by the Club, but they are going about it in a strange way. Instead of saying that due to the closure of sites due to the Covid-19 virus the Club is cancelling my booking, they are sending emails saying ‘thank you for cancelling your booking’ and ‘this ensures your pitch is available to another Member’. Not what I would have expected at all from CMC.
  7. When my van needed new brake shoes and hubs, my Dealer tried to charge me for them until I pointed out the van was less than 3 years old under and they came under Alko’s self warranty. The cost they quoted was around £450, which included the shoes and fitting.
  8. My son is gutted. His 2016 Swift went into his Dealers on Saturday for the repair. They rang him today to say they are closing tomorrow due to coronavirus and he has until 7.00pm to collect his van. It will be booked in again when they reopen. He is now worried about the Dealership or Swift going bust in the meantime. Just seen that Swift are closing down and laying staff off, initially for 5 weeks. I suppose there will be many others with the bulkhead problem affected.
  9. I presume you will have talked to the Dealer about what to do. I can’t see that they would be too happy about keeping the caravan for too long without being paid for it, and I personally wouldn't be happy paying for it without seeing it and taking it home. I would be going for it quickly before lockdown comes.
  10. Just had an email from Morris Leisure to advise they are closing all their sites until further notice. Not sure why I have received it because I do not have a booking with them. Email says they will roll forward deposits for 12 months or will refund payments made, less a £10 administration fee.
  11. Careful now or you will be tempting people to go in their droves! Certainty!
  12. She’ll soon be begging visitors to go to Scotland to help the economy!
  13. My warranty policy is direct with an Insurer not through a Dealer or part of a dealer blanket policy.
  14. I dont think the government will be consulted about who to put into intensive care and who to leave to see what happens. That decision will be down to the medics.
  15. Reports this morning suggest that the time might come when the over 60’s are denied critical care because there won’t be enough facilities to cater for all who need them. Whether it comes to that or not, its a sobering thought that brings the social distancing advice home, at least to us. As well as not going out in the van for the duration of all this, we might start to heed our D-I-L wrath at us going out shopping and just give them a shopping list. Cant rely on deliveries from Supermarkets. Sainsburys not accepting new registrations for home delivery and
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