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  1. There is a private site not too far from the Falkirk Wheel, called the Wheel caravan and camping Park. Never actually stayed on it but did look into it when we were supposed to be going to a birthday party nearby. We were going to give it a go for a couple of nights.
  2. I doubt there will be any stock vans becoming available anytime soon. According to Campbells, when Lunar do get up and running, they are intending producing vans as and when orders are placed. Not sure how that will sit against the usual way of producing models in batches.
  3. Is there a specific reason why you want to remove the battery at home? My van is connected to EHU all the time at home and the battery stays in-situ with the van charger turned on all the time. Never had a problem with that over the last 30 plus years.
  4. My Clubman needed new brake shoes and drums on its 3rd service last September due to the linings on the shoes disintegrating. The service was done about 2 weeks before the 3rd anniversary, and Alko approved the warranty claim the same day but said there would be a delay on providing the required items, apparently because of the sheer numbers of vans of all makes with brake problems. Campbells used new shoes and drums from stock ahead of the replacements from Alko. All sorted quickly within days, probably because there was no need to go through Lunar. A neighbour also has a Clubman of the same year and he had the same issues.
  5. Some photoshop expertise in that factory photo - the big Lunar Automotive sign in there doesn’t exist! There are still ‘to let’ signs all over the building.
  6. From the brochure, it would seem that ATC is an optional extra on all ranges, Including Clubman, Delta and. Alaria. If that is the case, its a fairly drastic retrograde step in my view.
  7. Most, if not all, Lunar Dealers will also at least one other brand. Also , many Lunar Dealers have unsold 2019 Lunar models they are trying to offload.
  8. The new Lunar Company has been conspicuous by its silence since they took over. Apparently the move to new premises on Strand Road has been delayed. This is because the premises have been empty for so long that they didn’t meet current health and safety requirements and some building works have had to be carried out. They finally received the keys to the new premises at the end of last week and are starting to move in this week. Demonstrators are expected on Dealers forecourts towards the end of February, and apparently orders placed at the January show are expected to be delivered in May. So orders placed after demonstrators are seen will presumably only be delivered towards the end of the 2020 season and just before 2021 models are due! I hope none of this will cause the new Company more cash flow problems.
  9. Thanks for the info. I will pop into Campbells when they are back from the show and see if they have brought any brochures back with them.
  10. What did you think, compared to your 2019 model?
  11. Ours is left in the microwave with a piece of polystyrene jammed in between the plate and the roof of the microwave. As far as I remember, the polystyrene was jammed in that way when the van was new.
  12. Just called in Campbells and asked what current position is with Lunar automotive as there is no sign of any activity at the premises they are supposed to be moving to and the old Lunar website now seems to have disappeared, and one of the staff said that there were 2020 model Lunar vans at the Manchester show, and that Campbells sales team there had sold a few new models. Can anyone who has been to the show confirm the presence of 2020 Lunar vans?
  13. Perhaps the Sorrento had its drivers seat on maximum height adjustment? If it was, it would lower down quite a bit.
  14. Thought it used to be a CMC site before C&CC took it over when the lease got too expensive for CMC, or the local council wouldn’t give CMC a long enough lease.
  15. I would have thought the Kia Sorento would have slightly bigger seats than the Sportage, so may be OK for OP and his wife. I would certainly recommend the Sorento, its a superb towcar. Don’t forget that any 7 seat MPV/SUV will have precious little boot space when the rear seat is in use, so that would mean more being carried in the van with possible weight issues.
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