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  1. I fitted one under front bunk in a previous van. The original hot water pipe had a ‘T’ joint under the kitchen sink. I removed the ‘T’ and fitted an elbow joining the pipe from the front to the one up to the sink. A new length of pipe from the front to under the sink was joined by a straight connector to the pipe going to the bathroom. This was connected to the flow on the TRV. The TRV was then fitted with the hot and cold supplies taken by ‘T’ connectors at the front. All worked well, but the water presenting itself in the bathroom at the preset temperature perhaps took a bit longer to get there.
  2. Been using the volume button on my Samsung for a while, but it had to be setup in the menu.
  3. Wasn’t free on CCC Site on Skye last week. £2.99 for half an hour, or £19.99 would have covered our 4 day stay. With no phone signal to bluetooth to, went without for 4 days, except for free wifi in Information Centres and cafes..
  4. Yes, there is no problem with the pitching, but lucky for him there was a grass pitch available because he wouldn’t have fitted on any of the available hard standings. Well it will move a lot quicker.
  5. We have a similar thing with our 2017 Clubman SB. When the pump is running it sounds as though the pump in the Aquaroll is banging against the side of it, although it probably is pulsing on and off rapidly. There is no pulsing in the supply at the taps. I have tried adjusting the pressure switch, but when it gets to the stage where the banging or pulsing stops, the pump keeps running when the tap is turned off, so I just leave the pulsing or banging and forget about it.
  6. This ‘outfit’ arrived on Culloden Moor CMC site this afternoon. NB It is just car and boat on trailer, nothing to do with the motorhome on the pitch next to it.
  7. That could well do it if you are using a domestic type kettle. Need a low wattage kettle in the van - takes a little longer to boil but quicker overall when the EHU doesn’t trip! Still worth having a few spare 12v fuses though, just in case.
  8. Are you referring to 12v or 240v? If the 240v supply is going to trip, it will usually be either the EHU bollard RCD that trips, or one of the MCB’s in the caravan. Either of those should just need resetting ( after investigating why it tripped in the first place). As for 12v fuses, I would think many carry spares covering a range of currents, and I would certainly advise anyone to do so.
  9. Strange how some Insurers can come out better for some people but not others. I have been with Direct Line for around 5 years now and always cheapest. LV and Saga are always a good bit more expensive than Direct Line on our two cars. When I get the Direct Line renewal notifications I always ring them and ask what they can do with premiums, and usually end up with a good 10% further discount. Renewals due in June so shall soon see what happens this year.
  10. That will take up a bit of room in the van!
  11. Do you have an alarm? If so, that is the likely cause. Thats why I, and many others, leave the EHU on all the time, although that can only be done with home storage of course.
  12. You can download manual for Lunar vans generally on Lunar Website, and the Service Book gives tyre pressures. For some reason the website doesn't have the 2012 service book, but the 2011 one says 58psi for the Quasar 462.
  13. Ditch the Alko, get a Nemesis Ultra or Milenco Wraith. Best thing I ever did. No need to align, simple. Need to check Insusance accept first - fortunately mine does.
  14. Was it a private purchase, or from a Dealer? If a Dealer was there any warranty?
  15. Like Gordon, fabric treated as part of a protection package would be my guess. We have only wasted money on that once before, and it took ages for the smell to dissipate. Neither of us were affected in any way though.
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