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  1. The difference is, in that example you had paid in full in advance, so not the same issue as CMC. As already said, their systems do not allow for retrospective payment.
  2. Me too, although mine are in the garage ‘loft’ (rafters).
  3. I dont have an issue with heated windscreen in OH’s car. However as a passenger in any car, I cannot read or look at a map without feeling quite sickly.
  4. Why would you want to, unless there is a problem with one or both of the shockers?
  5. 1.5mm flex is what the manufacturers use, so no need to exceed that. 1.5 mm will carry more ampage than the breakers will take anyway. Depending on the socket/back box system used, in some vans it's hard enough to fit 2x1.5 mm flexes in there never mind a 2.5mm flex.
  6. No problem with that, its the way the manufacturer does it. Make sure you use 1.5mm flex (not grey t&e cable like in the house). Also make sure that whoever does it is competent to do so.
  7. I hope she made sure that the appliances ordered will actually fit in!
  8. So which Insurer are you with?
  9. I have the Nemesis The replacement wheel bolt stays in place and so will the Wraithe bolt. Never seen any guidance about checking the torque specifically, so I check mine at the same time as the standard wheel bolts.
  10. Reduced by £75 if you keep a minimum balance of £2500 in the account.
  11. Weve had Swifts from Stewart Longtons and Lunars from Campbells. Found both of them as good as each other on sales and servicing. A possible issue with Stewart Longtons if you are buying used is that they buy vans cheaply from all over the Country, even damp ones, repair them and put them on the forecourt. We are on our second Lunar (first one 2015, current one 2017), prefer them to Swifts, and our next one will be a Lunar. It would have been a 2019, but OH didnt like the curtains, so waiting to see what 2020 models bring. If we end up keeping the 2017 van even longer, that wont be a problem as we are very happy with it.
  12. If manufacturers who have damp issues in caravans were to be out of existance in 6 months, then without exception, every single one of them would have been long gone.
  13. Perhaps something about ferries to Ireland then. 2016, crossing Stranraer to Belfast. Tightly packed all around. Returned to outfit to find dent in door of caravan, most likely caused by someone with a rucksack or other type of bag. Damage doesn’t just come from doors opening. .
  14. Does your Bank offer anything? I have had breakdown cover through Nationwide. Was thinking of cancelling it, but glad I didn't because Sunday just gone car wouldn’t start at Burrs Country Park CMC site, which turned out to be a flat battery.
  15. Your handbook should tell you whether the car has hill start assist, or failing that your Dealer.
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