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  1. Isabella sell it, but I think it is in 5m lengths and two diameters. Any Isabella awning stockist should have it or be able to get it. Alternatively, perhaps buying a metre of skirt and remove the beading might do it, but some come with the beading moulded on so be careful if you go down that route.
  2. Liked the look of the 2020 Bailey Unicorn Black edition. Didn’t get past head through the door -wood finish too dark for our liking.
  3. On many sites, the only time I see Wardens after booking in is when they drive (speed) around on tractors, unless they do newspapers to order.
  4. Current Sorento KX3 auto with SLS undoubtably the best tow car I have ever had. Changed to it from Honda CRV which I was not at all happy with towing 1500kg. New model Sorento due early 2020, so will be watching with great interest.
  5. See other topics on this issue which have been running for a while. One under Chassis Discussions with over 70 posts; one under Bailey Caravans with over 20 posts. Common problem due to bad batch of brake shoe linings when Alko changed Supplier.
  6. Alko had no excuses to make with brake shoes on my van. When the Dealer removed the drums, the linings totally fell apart and the drums were badly scored. Alko contacted Thursday, new shoes and drums fitted Monday.
  7. The Magnum blue would definitely need a 220 Annex.
  8. We experienced a similar thing on the Gower about 10 years ago. Heavy rain overnight and we were on grass and could only leave the van with wellies on. As people left hardstandings, Warden was going round putting bollards on them. When I asked if we could move out of the paddling pool to a hardstanding, the answer was no, they were being kept for motorhomes. When we left, I did a pretty good job of messing up the grass as much as possible!,
  9. Never been “forced” onto a pitch we didn’t want to go on. Many Holiday Site Assistants have said “have you been before is there anywhere in particular you would like to go”. Always if we have been taken to a pitch and asked if we could have a different one, never been refused.
  10. A lot of sites full this coming weekend according to the CMC Late Availability Finder.
  11. Its hard with such a quick change. We did the same in 2013 changing a 9 month old Swift. We are quite taken with Coachman, either the VIP 545 or 575. Seen the 545, waiting to see the 575. Glad to see the sprung seats, but what do you make of the upholstery? OH thinks it will deteriate quickly, so she wants to look at the options available. If we do make the change, I will take the weight upgrade to 1700kg - shouldn’t be a problem for the Sorento.
  12. Well, warranty claim went in Thursday. Alko have rung Dealer today and confirmed replacement shoes and drums will be sent. Dealers have rung to say van is ready! Apparently they had some in stock and have used them pending replacements from Alko. Very pleased with Dealers response, but just hope they are the new type shoes, not the old type!
  13. In a lot of cases, problem with brake shoes causes scouring of the drums, hence drum replacement. My 2017 Lunar is currently waiting for shoes and drums. I have been told there are so many claims with Alko that it could take a while for them to come through. Looks as though our next trip will have to be cancelled (and possibly the one after that too).
  14. If the standard 340 wide Magnum fouls, perhaps the 400 wide model would suit. Amazing how much extra space it gives, and not really any extra effort erecting it.
  15. Depends on whether you can find an identical overall size stable door, and whether the hinges line up.
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