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  1. Cant offer you any advice on fitting (brave of you to try it!). However, as I recall, one of the problems causing cracking in panels was that holes for the screws were too small causing stress when the screws were inserted and tightened. Clearly the holes should not be too large either.
  2. Is the battery charger turned on? With the charger on 12v should work even without a battery.
  3. The fridge in the 2021 VIP is the one that can be opened from either side, think its called the Dometic10.
  4. Also, with other makes, the extended period for having a service carried out only applies to that service. Subsequent services have to be carried out on the original timescale, which might mean two services need to be done within a short period. I assume Swift’s terms will be the same.
  5. So if the Swift approved workshop finds a problem covered by warranty, where do you go to have a warranty claim submitted to Swift? Can your approved workshop submit a claim (most cannot) or do you then have to go to the Original supplying Dealer anyway?
  6. By one door shelf, do you mean one shelf above the bottom shelf or just the bottom shelf? We have a VIP on order for March, and I am pretty sure that the fridge door just has the bottom shelf for tall bottles (wine, milk and more wine etc!) and one other shelf above it, rather than two shelves we have had in every fridge in every other van we have ever had. From memory, the reason for that is that the salad tray at the bottom of the fridge sticks out more and the bottom shelf sits over the top of the salad tray when the door is closed, so the bottom door shelf is higher
  7. The car manufacturers noseweight limit should not be exceeded.
  8. Have you made sure that the heating switch behind the offside drop down flap under the front bunk is turned on.
  9. Just proves the point, Direct Line have been lowest for our cars for years now, and have been with Direct Line and LV for home insurance previously, but RIAS have come into play this year. Ironically, neither Direct Line nor LV have been able to get close to our caravan insurance.
  10. Over the years I’ve done many comparisons, and as I said before, they have never managed to come anywhere close. Don’t know why because I haven’t made claims and don’t live in a particularly high risk area with loaded premiums. Just one of those Insurance peculiarities I suppose because I know that many, like yourself, find Saga competitive, but not me.
  11. Saga have never come anywhere close for me on any insurance, be it motor, home or caravan. With most quotes from them the difference has been quite substantial.
  12. Pity CMC don’t follow C&CC with an “electronic” reduced membership fee if you do away with the monthly magazine and site handbook.
  13. Been with Direct Line for a good few years now for my car and my wife’s car. I always get alternative quotes, and also always ring Direct Line when I get their renewal price and ask them if they can improve on it. They always have done, except for the first time last June, probably because I reduced the mileages due to the pandemic and had reached their lowest premium possible. Still stayed with them though because there was little difference in price. Only issue I have ever had with them is when someone ran into my car in Southern Ireland a few years back. Young (so
  14. Have you looked on Coachman website at the online brochures? I have a VIP on order and I seem to recall that the seats are sprung and that the Acadia is the same.
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