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  1. CMC sites don't bother whether you have booked an awning or a non-awning pitch, as long as you go on the type of pitch you have booked, and as long as you don't put up an awning on a non-awning pitch. We always book an awning pitch even when we have no intention of putting up an awning, unless we know that non awning pitches are better placed than awning pitches eg lochside pitches at Bunree.
  2. Thanks for that, a real mixed bag in there. Looks like the pressure washer will come out again.
  3. We put a cushion in front of it when we go to bed.
  4. This product is advertised regularly in the press and is supposed to clean paving (amongst other things), removing algae and dirt just by spraying it on and leaving it. Anyone used it and can advise whether or not it does what it says?
  5. The concern about living permanently is probably more an insurance issue than a warranty issue. Mine certainly says the caravan is not to be used that way.
  6. My previous post about checking covenants was from personal experience. I knew there was a covenant in our deeds, so I rang the Planning Office and they sent a Building Inspector out to advise regarding the position we wanted to store our van, which would be outside the building line. He said the Covenant was not a planning one so the Local Council had no interest and wouldn’t take any action if a neighbour approached them to object. He also advised that the Builder would have no interest, partly because the estate had been completed for some time, but more particularly because he was no longer in business. I asked his advice, and he said what he would do (he was also a caravaner!) is consult those neighbours who would physically see the van from their properties, and if none objected, just do it. Thats what I did and have had no issues for over 35 years, even with several new neighbours arriving over the years. However, I remain aware that any neighbour could object in the future but I’ll cross that bridge if ever it arises.
  7. First thing anyone should do before keeping a caravan or motorhome at home is check for covenants in their house deeds which prohibit it, or restrict it to being behind the building line. Some covenants are planning related, which put in place by the Local Council, and where these exist, the Councils usually enforce them. Most covenants are Builders covenants, which they put in place on new building sites so that prospective buyers later in the development are not put off by caravans in view. Usually, when sites are completed, Builders would not then have any interest in wasting money taking people to Court over it, but a neighbour could do so if they felt strongly enough about it and had the resources to do so. In these cases, a word with those neighbours affected would be advisable, although just because they have no objection today doesn't mean that they, or a subsequent new owner, wouldn't object in the future.
  8. Caravan manufacturers only receive deliveries from suppliers on a rolling basis geared to their production schedules. Although the window may be the same across all models, they are not going to give you one from stock when all they have is enough to meet their schedules. One will either have to be ordered specifically for you or an extra one placed on their next scheduled order.
  9. I have read all the documents which are available on line and it does include electricals like fridge, oven, cooker, heating, microwave and charger. My thought is that £389 wouldn't be missed and wouldn't generate much left in the Bank ( or in premium bonds). A damp repair on the other hand could easily cost well in excess of the premium cost. We had damp at 1 year old and the estimate for that was over double the cost! Fortunately all ok since.
  10. Our 2017 Clubman is just over 3 years old (collected 24/9/16) and had its 3rd service with no dampness reported. So no more Lunar warranty. We have looked seriously at changing it and have looked carefully at Bailey and Coachman offerings but can't find anything that suits. We are happy with our current van even though we have generally always changed at between 2 and 3 yearsand are prepared to keep it another 2 years if necessary. I have contacted MG&B regarding insurance cover and they have offered a 2 year policy covering water ingress and mechanical or electrical breakdown for £389 up front payment or £22.95 month (I prefer the one off payment). My thinking is that £389 could well be worth the peace of mind and it would cover more than just water ingress that Lunar would have provided had they still been in existence. Whilst the choice is clearly a personal thing, I would be interested to hear views from others, whether in the same Lunar pickle or not.
  11. Theres plenty of worktop there, so just curious as to why you need a bracket? If you are going to fit a bracket there, you will need one with a folding arm, and you will also need to be careful because the flue for the fire will be inside that boxing.
  12. It should be standard CMC site rules - pick your own pitch on arrival of the type you have booked.
  13. It's supposed to be 12 months in advance. The issue with Bristol is more likely to be that the lease is on a rolling basis. Have you looked at the site details on line to see what it says about the current lease. PS just checked - it's on a 6 month rolling lease so presumably can only be booked up to 6 months ahead.
  14. It might be helpful to others if you could share the content of the Which letter.
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