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  1. Just updating this once again! This time the ignition was sparking but the spark was grounding to the wrong place! See this video of the fault. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LZoY5WKUd9KQKvSu7 My Dometic fridge (as per title above) doesn't have a thermocouple as such. It uses a fully electronic equivalent to report the presence of spark and flame to the control unit and actuate the gas valve. The new part comes with the burner for around £65.
  2. Brilliant to see! I once rebuilt the entire roof of a Piper 1400 with my wife and it turned out perfect. But it calls for long hours and much patience. It's often a scary business if you haven't tackled such a thing before. I remember all the falling black rotted wood of the dismantling phase and especially the day when the whole roof was off. Both of us were standing inside the van and looking up only to see blue sky, and thinking 'Oh ****' What have we done?!! I have some old pics of the work somewhere, I should dig them out for a laugh! As an aside, we owned a Hurricane
  3. Started my apprenticeship in the motor trade too in 1972 and retired 3 years ago. :-) I tow with a 16 year old T5 Transporter I've had since new. It's the 174hp turbo diesel manual version already mentioned and has 120,000 miles on it now. I tow a Lunar Delta 520 and it can cruise at just about any speed you like. It never does more than 25 mpg and never less than 22 mpg. It is very stable indeed and being a van has the benefit of being able to be loaded up with electric bikes and any other fun things you might want. It has A/C and cruise control which makes a huge difference on very
  4. It's still worth a quick look once you do get it out. I had the same problem with a combi-oven (everything worked inc light and turntable but no heat from microwave or oven) it had 3 cheap micro-switches on the door catches which all had to agree that the door was fully closed for safety and one had melted. Don't forget to read up very well about how to discharge the capacitors before touching anything of course!
  5. My fridge ignition was not always lighting as it should. With the lower panel off I could see that the spark was sometimes jumping across out of the side of the porcelain insulator instead of the tip (which is out of sight). I'm thinking it needs replacing but it all looks pretty rusty down there! I'm fine with taking the fridge out (done it a few times before to fit new connectors to the control unit!) but I just wondered if anyone has any tips? Also, it did also go out during a perfectly still night and then not auto-relight light. In the morning no amount of fiddling wo
  6. Of course I am talking to insurers! However I can find out valuable information from experienced forum members (the more sensible ones at least!) which the insurers won't necessarily remember tell me when they are selling me a product. My other reason for posting was to remind people how easy it is to mistake a heart attack for something else with possibly deadly results. I must end here, my blood pressure is in danger of rising! Thanks all for your tips.
  7. They were all brilliant and explained everything. I did get some pretty bad pain which is fairly unusual. I had morphine but it was still a bit of an ordeal. But an hour afterwards and I was fine. I noticed the freezing cold too, she said it was for 'this' machine which I think was the xray scanner. So much tech in there, no wonder they call it a lab! Just in case anyone else does the daft thing I did and ignores chest pain and takes paracetamol thinking it's bad indigestion, it is vital that if you get any sort of chest pain dial 999 and let them decide because you can ser
  8. Yes that was all. Just interested in others experiences. Interesting to read Super Red's post. I already have that Nationwide account so it will be interesting to see what their reaction is. I was told by all the various specialists that I could drive after 48 hours. I feel absolutely fine. I wouldn't even know that anything had happened to me (two days after the procedure) if it wasn't for a very slightly swollen wrist! I have just been for a nice gentle 20 min stroll out onto a headland nearby. What a fantastic thing angioplasty is and I am truly grateful for the marvellou
  9. Thanks. I knew about the motor insurance side. I have a normal car license. You do have to notify DVLC if you have a pacemaker fitted rather than just stents though. It's all new territory to me and quite a shock. I thought I was invincible!
  10. Three weeks ago (despite being a 62 year old, fit, slimish non-smoker with no family history of heart problems) what I thought was indigestion turned out to be a heart attack! Two stents later and I'm fine again but I'm thinking about what will hapen to travel insurance cost? Does an existing condition mean they will quadruple my insurance? Or worse?
  11. I've towed with a van since the mid-eighties. Petrol and diesel Mitubishi L300's then on to a VW T4 and lastly a T5 174 bhp I've had since new in 2003. It's not sign written but it is just a panel van so it looks like a van. I am retired now but I did occasionally get some comments but obviously I avoided any sites that wouldn't accept commercial vehicles. As long as you get one with enough power (and my T5 does have!) they make a great tow vehicle. However I was quite shocked one day a couple of years ago to see on TV someone's van (Vivaro I think) and caravan being tailored
  12. Ah yes, I remember those cheese-headed screws on my early 70's Yamahas!
  13. I've never tightening a bolt to free it but a smart tap on the top with a screwdriver (or allen socket) engaged definitely works. I used to use that with brake drum screws all the time. I had a big old phillips screwdriver with a metal handle for the purpose. It sort of briefly 'shocked' the thread. Edit- I forgot to say the best releasing fluid by some way is 'Plus Gas'.
  14. I don't think that bolt will be that tight, make sure to try an allen socket if you didn't rather than an allen key which are useless for bolts. Don't drill unless you are desperate. If all else fails, strike a sharp centre punch mark off-centre on the bolt head and then, using the punch at an angle, try and punch the bolt around. You will need a new bolt as said above. Mine has no linking bar between the two actuators but even if yours does you will only be moving the mover by a few mm to adjust the gap so you can do one at a time. Re the continuing noise, the moto
  15. Don't know if you got it fixed but make sure about which model it is. I bought the wrong rollers for mine and had to send them back. Mine is a model 3 and the rollers won't come off unless you take the gearbox cover off (easy) and remove the locking screw in the centre of the gear. The rollers come with the bearings. I replaced both the outer end caps because some of the bolts were corroded in and broke off. Mine was making horrible crackling noises because the bearings had collapsed. This caused slipping also because of the changing gap. I also swapped mine from the old sa
  16. So true! The site I used to go to mostly had terrible mobile and internet signals but you soon got to know the sweet pitches.
  17. I used work away and live in my caravan and know how to reverse but I wouldn't be without my motormover to get onto my awkward drive. You do need to bear in mind the diminished loading capacity with the extra weight of a mover. One other little tip if you don't want to have a mover is to use a hands-free mobile in the tow vehicle, this way you can get clear, calm (and quiet!) instructions and there is little chance of running anyone over. I have a long reverse down a very narrow lane which I do manually before engaging the mover to get onto the drive which I physically couldn'
  18. Finally got round to looking at the switch. If you pop off the rubber button there are two screws underneath which release the switch unit. The microswitch consists of two small bits of spring steel. On mine they looked to be in pretty condition under a magnifying glass so I just sprayed the whole thing with electrical contact cleaner and it's perfect now. I did notice afterwards that you can now buy just the switch unit https://www.caravanteam.com/acatalog/Electronic-Flush-Switch-Thetford-C200-23792.html But at least I've saved myself £23!
  19. My daughter's is an '05 imported in 2015 but it still needs no EU type approval for the tow bar.
  20. I think grey imports are different, and there certainly is no type approved towbar available for a Mazda Bongo.
  21. My daughter has a Bongo and I fitted a tow bar to it for her but not for towing a 'van. She wants it for a bike rack and possibly a small trailer at some point. Hers is a an '05 which is more or less the latest year you can have because they stopped importing them after the factory in Japan burned down! Also, all of the later ones are a 2. 0 petrol which doesn't have anything like the power of the 2. 5 V6 diesel but doesn't have the complication or the overheating problems either. When I was looking into towbars for it I read some horror stories of poor quality tow b
  22. Kudos to Thetford who answered promptly today despite my vague attempt at their email address. They say that the only model they supplied a drain tube for was the C250 not the C200. I am also going to have look at the flush button switch in a few weeks time to see if I can fix it. I have had some luck in the past with de-soldering/re-soldering micro switches on various things like electric motorhome steps so it's fingers crossed.
  23. Thanks Kiaboy. Unfortunately the email address no longer works but I've used info@thetford. EU which was accepted so I've asked if they can pass it on. I could try a dealer but I can't them being very interested. Any thanks everyone.
  24. Thanks everyone. One last question, what does the new drain pipe attach to?
  25. The other thing with making sure it's fully drained is that I once had mine leak onto the caravan floor by stupidly towing with it about 25% full. The top section shown below is sealed by mastic but apparently not that well. I re-sealed it and some years later it leaked again when I was was in rush to leave a site. I thought I would get away with it but nope, more small puddles on the floor! By the way does anyone know if I can replace/repair the micro switch for the flush or do I have to replace the whole part shown?
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