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  1. Hi If you need a replacement window try sfm caravan parts in halifax they are very good
  2. Hi we had a bailey pageant vendee same problem as you however I found out that on the roof where the plastic front of the van joins the roof on the edge of the metal joining strip there was a small crack this allowed water in which ran down the inner wooden frame battens and travelled along the wallboard base and around the window I only discovered this after I renewed the window frame rubber seal. I filled my crack with body filler and put loads of sikafix non setting sealant it never leaked again I also ended up putting up a new wallboard as well. hope this helps
  3. Hi All Just thought I would recommend a caravan breaker I used the other day they sell parts for Bailey and other makes all models including today's models They are based in Halifax and are SFM Caravan Parts they are very friendly and professional fast delivery service to. This may be of use to others searching for parts.
  4. Hi Steve Just a thought if you have only broken the hinge pins then these can be bought at Prima Leisure or Thetford the pins simply push out .
  5. Hi Steve I did the same thing last year depending on what you have broken you either have to buy a new frame which fits on the caravan locker opening this has the pins for the hinge on it or you will need a new door with the hinge eyes on it. you can order the complete door and frame from Prima Leisure (Bailey Parts) for about £60.00 if you buy the door and frame you wont need the insert (the painted panel in the door} you can if you are careful can get your old insert out it simply unclips remove the insert frame but you need to gently lever the insert away from the frame this is made of polystyrene so go careful the insert is held in by sealant but once you get a start it comes away easily then clip your insert into the new door (put sealent round the edges of the insert before putting into door) you also have to transfer the locks over from your old door onto the new one. If you are worried about the insert Prima sell a new one for £25.00 hope this helps it sounds complicated but I found it easy it took me 45 minutes. I think Prima sell the door and frame together but if you just need the frame I dident use mine I only needed the door so if you want the frame let me know my van is the Vigo but the door is the same as yours
  6. Try ajusting the pressure switch it is normally under the seat near the boiler it has a thumb wheel on the top of the switch normally when they bang or knock they need ajusting .
  7. Hi I might be wrong but I was under the impression that appliances were warranted for the first three years might be worth checking.
  8. Hi Have you got a Vigo only mine is in storage so can't go out and look I'm pretty sure that there is only carpet on the floor I don't remember seeing a threshold strip but what you are saying would make sense.
  9. Hi Have you got a Vigo only mine is in storage so can't go out and look I'm pretty sure that there is only carpet on the floor I don't remember seeing a threshold strip but what you are saying would make sense.
  10. Thanks Geoff I will try that.
  11. smallcombe farm Rattery about 15 minutes from paignton peter and angela are good hosts this site is a cl site for caravan club members. about £12.00 a night.
  12. Hi Thanks for the information there are some of these fixings which I have already checked some were not tight but the floor still creaks.
  13. on our vigo 3 between the bathroom wall and the fixed bed the floor seems to creek when walked on I tried to alter the corner steadies but it made no difference its strange but when the steadies are not down it doesent seem to creek does anybody else have this problem if so how did you fix it its not a big problem just an annoyance.
  14. I have had many vans over the years and never had this problem so I was dubvious when the dealer told me about the O rings but he said it's common now a days I worked out that since new we had only used the caravan five times so the O rings shouldn't have gone so soon but to avoid getting caught out again I bought a few O rings to carry as spares. I was prepared to buy a new pump which the dealer could have sold me but instead he resolved the problem free of charge .
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