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  1. ive been looking at 12mm chrome self adhesive trim ive ordered some as a sample to see what its like !
  2. In 2017 the unicorn series 4 was introduced so your seal is completely different hence it looking good !
  3. Thank you all for your help much appreciated 😊
  4. Does anyone have a solution for replacing the plastic trim that goes ontop of the front and rear bumper the original ones are atrocious they go black and warp doesn’t matter how much cleaning is done replacements from Bailey are about £5 each but don’t last longer than a season before turning black again I was thinking of trying to source some plastic chrome trim it may last longer has any one done anything similar ?
  5. Having been on holiday in the south west I visited a dealer and about ten Bailey Pegasus /unicorns had this same problem and two on our camp site so it’s clearly a common problem with these decals the dealer suggested a vinyl wrap to replace the decals as new ones will go the same way
  6. We went to clean our Vigo yesterday and noticed water in the front top marker light so went up the ladder to unscrew the lense and no screws all that holds it in place is clear silicone it won’t stay in place without being resealed another disappointment !
  7. I am currently using a Kia Sorento 2009 170bhp automatic it tows the caravan perfectly but the road tax is £600 a year and the mpg is not great just wondering if anyone can suggest a good car for towing the unicorn for less running costs ?
  8. I have tried some black vinyl/trim restorer it sort of masks the scratches but they still show i think the only way is to either paint spray them or replace them but at £82.99 each plus postage dont know why they are so expensive !
  9. We went down to our caravan and discovered that the roof decals have been damaged they appear to have like lots of scratches like a spiders web on each one not sure if the sun has done this but was wondering if anyone else have had a similar problem they are £82.99 each so I dont want to waste money and it happens again ! Does anyone have any suggestions also is it ok to stick new decals on top of the old ones or remove the old decals first ?
  10. The trouble is the front cover doesn’t go high enough to cover the roof decals completely
  11. I have just been down to our caravan and the roof decals above front left and right window have like crazy paving scratches all over them it looks like a spiders web don’t no what has caused this but the van is parked in the sun where we store it at £89.00 each I don’t want to buy replacements and it happens again does anyone have any ideas ? I thought about painting them black?
  12. Earlier this year one of our front windows on our vigo got hit by a stone whilst towing and the replacement window was priced at £750 so we bought a front cover for £50.00 rhino brand on ebay its excellent does not mark the front of the van or windows I used to be sceptical about these covers but it's a no brainer just buy one its piece of mind .
  13. Hi Hopefully you have got UV resistant white plastic otherwise you will soon have yellow lettering again hammerite smooth white paint works and doesn't go yellow.
  14. I rang tyrepal and they told me to set my monitor to 75psi and 70 degrees my tyres normally go to 68 to 70 degrees and approx 66 degrees it's a good system but poor set up instructions only downside which they told me on the phone is that some tyres are fitted with sensors that are part of the valve and when the batteries go a tyrefitter has to remove the valve in order to replace the battery they also do a sensor that screws onto the valve so these batteries can be changed easily unfortunately I have the fixed ones !
  15. Hi I painted my letters A and E with hammerite white smooth that was a year ago and they are still white no yellowing and they match the rest of the lettering I used a fine model paint brush I gave them two coats and I did front and back lettering.
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