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  1. It's a long while ago. I only removed it the first time it leaked in 2015. I would guess 5 clamps though. The inner cover strip is very flimsy as it's cut away to clear the clamps. Be careful if you attempt to remove it,support it along its length. The 2014 Pursuit was the first model with that roofline, followed by the 2015 Unicorn 3 and the 2016 Pegasus. Though the Orion used a much more rounded rear.
  2. We had our last caravan outing towards the end of November. Had a weekend in Windsor just before Christmas though. Hopefully first outing of 2020 will be next weekend, to a CL we rejoined the Caravan Club almost a year ago to use.
  3. A regular poster, Shipbroker, sadly no longer with us, towed regularly with a 2011 KX1. Don't think he mentioned any issues with it, though he missed his Rexton. I would guess that in addition to SLS, the KX3 and above models would have different wheel/tyre combinations, probably larger diameter with wider, lower profile tyres.
  4. IIRC the clamps fit into recesses machined into each side of the roof. So adding a couple of extra clamps might not be practical. Ours is a 2014 model which leaked after just over a year. Since it was repaired about three years ago(a temporary repair was done by myself) it's been fine. Think another problem was using a silicone seal on the joint. The modification involved a non setting mastic strip.
  5. As I said, I looked long and hard at the Turismo about 18 months ago. If you want six plus good sized seats plus reasonable luggage space, it's that or a van based vehicle, ie I 800,Caravelle etc. Towing limit is, I believe, about 2700kg.Had a go in a Rexton W more recently and must say it felt nicer to drive. Have always found Ssangyong dealers to be very helpful yet very laid back and happy to let you make your own mind up. Last year one of my sons hired a Mercedes Vito or V Class MPV for a family trip to Italy. That could be another possibility, a bit more car like than the VW. No doubt similarly expensive though.
  6. Mercedes GL Class? Big, seven seats, 4wd,seem to be round about the same prices used as Discoveries.
  7. Have you looked at the Ssangyong Turismo? Even a brand new one in top 4x4 ELX spec would be well in budget. Had a go in one a while back. It's a bit of a funnyosity and the interior layout wouldn't have worked for us but might be ok for some.
  8. Probably best not to leave them running when you're not around as well. What about the electricity supply? Have you got an outside socket you could run an extension lead from? If using an extension lead, probably best not to run both appliances at the same time as the 13amp plug could become overloaded.
  9. I had my 2010 Renault Kangoo MPV until last summer and 125000 miles when the engine expired. Electrical problems were a number plate light fitting, an airbag light issue, the drivers door lock and the lights for the heater/aircon control panel. Daughter has a 2016 Peugeot 208 from new with no issues. Son has a 2015 Citroën Cactus, does a very high weekly mileage without problems so far and has a 2019 C3 as well, which has been OK so far.
  10. Pedant alert. There were some significant differences between the Marina 1.8TC and MGB engines.MGBs used a forged steel crankshaft, for example, whilst the Marina a cheaper cast iron one.
  11. The Intellilink infotainment touch screen on my Vauxhall randomly brings up a message warning that using it whilst driving is a distraction that could cause an accident. You then have to touch the screen to acknowledge the message and return it to whatever it was showing before. Hmmm..
  12. Perhaps there should be a recall of Imps!
  13. Wasn't the 1301 a conventional, for the time, Rwd saloon withan extended boot? Seem to remember seeing them in a city centre Rootes showroom after the Chrysler takeover. As for Mazdas, best car I owned, taking everything, ie usage, price paid etc. into account was a 1985 323 hatchback. Bought in 1999 for 550 pounds from an elderly gentleman giving up driving with 40k on the clock. Kept it for two years and almost another40k. Apart from consumables, only repairs were two rear brake cylinders and two driveshaft gaiters. Only let me down once when I put diesel instead of petrol in. Sold it to some friends for 500 pounds who kept it for many years, only giving up on it when declining health meant they needed power steering and automatic.
  14. Not much point in having a caravan and something to tow it with for six days a year. We use ours a lot more than that but I refuse to work out how much each night actually costs, taking all expenses into account, because it'd upset me. Regarding paying mortgage off, when we finished ours, we bought a new caravan, with part of it on finance, the rest of coming from sale of our old one, because the repayments worked out the same. Anyway hang on in here, because not having a caravan never stopped anyone from coming on Caravan Talk!
  15. Probably a bit more to it than that, the Alpine disappeared shortly afterwards as well. Also they had to pay a royalty on every Tiger made to Carroll Shelby. In addition, Jensen probably needed the production capacity for the Interceptor/FF which was to be made in much greater numbers than its GRP bodied predecessors. Think Jensen also made the early P1800 Volvos as well. All interesting stuff, the history of the Rootes organisation is as fascinating in its own way as that of BMC/Leyland.
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