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  1. Hopefully we won't need one, but thinking ahead, I don't want the job to stop because of lack of elecricity and want to be able to pick one up at short notice. Must say I was a bit surprised how big they are.
  2. Anybody got any experience of these?We won't be usingit for caravanning as such, but as a temporary power source for working on a static caravan installation powering power tools etc. Had a look at one and it's bigger than I thought and a little weighty at 26kg.Seems to get good reviews apart from the size and weight,but it is a 2kw output.I think an inverter suitcase type would be more suitable thanthe cheaper open frame type. The saga of the static van and my cousins fire is on the static forum and hopefully if mains power is reinstated ASAP it won't be needed, but they're in stock so I can pick one up at short notice if needed. The regular price is about 470 pounds but they've a couple of returned ones with 6 months warranty for 350 which is probably what I'd go for as hopefully it won't be needed for long and if I don't feel a need to keep it, I'll sell it on.
  3. Not so long ago there were high hopes of better things from Elddis under German ownership. What's happened?
  4. My experience is the opposite. What's the point of having batteries for the light if the toilet is connected to the caravan 12 volt system for the flush anyway? A genuine question, not trying to be clever.
  5. Think he's got the original Tucson 2004 to 2010 model.
  6. Think only the Thetford toilets with manual flush have the batteries for the full cassette light.
  7. Wouldn't it be nice to think the agency workers on zero hours contracts and minimum wage would give the more upmarket models extra careful squirts of sealant and a few extra screws!
  8. Got pulled over in 2001 in Norfolk at a roadside checkpoint where they were stopping a lot of caravans. While we were waiting our turn the man in charge said he didn't think we'd have any problems and seeing as we had young children and it was getting late, we could go. I told him we were in no hurry and would be interested to see how much the caravan weighed. It was only a few months old. He seemed a bit surprised and I heard him say under his breath to his colleague that we've got a right one here! They ran the wheels over some weighing thingies and adding two weights together came to 25kg less than the maximum weight on the side of the van. He said we could put a sack of potatoes in if we wanted and off we went. I sometimes think we were stopped because we were pulling a German caravan with a commercial type vehicle.
  9. About two years ago we aquired an oldish rescue dog to go with our existing equally old dog. Just after we had him we'd arranged a caravan trip. We weren't sure of his continence as he'd come from a puppy farm and never lived indoors so we took the carpets up inthe van. As it happened he was fine but we never put the carpets back again. What worries me is damaging the lino.Whereas damaged loose carpets could be easily replaced, the lino is laid early in the production of the van and would be very difficult to replace neatly.
  10. Most caravans of that era used a Truma Ultrastore. There should be a small square switch box somewhere not far from the unit(dont think the cable that came with it was very long). On this box will be the words Truma Ultrastore and a round knob with temperature settings on it. We used to put ours to about 70.Around the knob is a ring with an off position and a flame on setting. If the ring is turned to on there should be a clicking sound from the heater as it trys to ignite. When it fires up a green light should appear on the knob. If it can't ignite within a few seconds ie because there's no gas supply a red light appears. As has been said, if the 12 volt supply is too low the red light will again appear. If it's failed to ignite one has to turn the ring to off an then on again to give it another go. Hope this helps, it's a bit hazy because it's a while since we had this system. They did seem to put the control in some strange places. On our van it was on a front seat box where it tended to get knocked by feet etc. This is how it was on our 2001 and 2006 vans so yours should be similar
  11. Easy win for the Jeep. The others didn't knock any cones over at all!
  12. Perhaps an enterprising site could offer a valet service for filling aquarolls and emptying toilet cassettes and waste containers!
  13. He's probably having a lovely spring weekend away in it with his family!
  14. Said I might be wrong! Yes I now realise there were some earlier models with twin bunks. If Iwas the OP who hasn't been back anyway, I'd get someone who knows about caravans to give it a good check over. It doesn't sound as if the dealer is very bothered and will probably be difficult to get any justice from regardless of the buyers rights. Regardless of its history it is still a 15 year old van. It. must have had some good points, price, layout, size, perceived condition etc. to have made him part with his money. As MP and LE have said, it could well be fine,and he could have a good buy.The 200 pounds recompense the dealer has offered might well cover the cost of a checkover. Some on this forum speak very well of Senators.
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