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  1. Was there a flurry of motorhome registrations prior to September 1st to beat the tax?Same as happened with cars in the first quarter of 2017.Record sales then the market falls flat.
  2. Brother in law had one of the first Toyota Priuses. The engine would occasionally start when it was left alone, presumably to keep the battery topped up.
  3. When I went for the tyres in February(not quite sure how this thread has restarted) the manager of the local tyre place insisted that the SUV tyres were the ones for the Korando as a taller vehicle will lean more on corners and the sidewalls will be stiffer. Despite the ply and load ratings being the same on both. Must say after about 9k miles I'm still very happy. Haven't tried them in winter conditions or on very wet/muddy fields yet but am optimistic about them. They seem to be wearing ok, and have certainly improved the ride quality. No noticable effect on mpg either. The Korando is a 65reg 2 litre AWD with 215/65x16 tyres. When the tyres on my recently bought Zafira Tourer need replacing, I shall certainly consider some for that as well.
  4. Not sure what's going on here. That's my post from early this year!
  5. The BIG difference would be that Jaguar has always changed owners as a going concern and don't think there has ever been any question of warranties on vehicles made under previous owners not being honoured. It's current owners are INDIAN by the way. Apologies for using some of your CAPITAL letters!
  6. Fellow round the corner from us has three Lanchesters. A pristine 30s LA10, a 50s LD10 he's working on, and a larger model possibly a Roadrider under a cover awaiting his ministrations. He took the LA10 to Holland last year on an owners club outing.
  7. There's a maroon 2 door Corsair festering in a front garden quite close to us. It's been there as long as I can remember. As Lutz says, very rare even when new. Think only the earliest cars were available as 2 doors, so always wondered where Crayford got them from. Believe Hugh Fearnley Whatshisname off the telly had or has a convertible one.
  8. He bought the Volvo a few weeks ago. It's had a problem already that the seller has hopefully put right for him. I can sort of see why he likes it. It's a 1.6 diesel, so should be pretty economical and is the SE Lux model with a very nice leather interior and electric sunroof etc.
  9. Surely the Alhambra can't help either.
  10. Think the lad is paying about 1200 for his Volvo insurance. It's only a 1.6 eco diesel. We do live in a high risk area though. Free road tax though which sweetens things a little bit. Insurance for young drivers seems a strange world.When one of my other sons was about the same age, his insurance renewal was about 1200 pounds for TPFT on an ancient 1.4 Golf. He bought a new 12000 pound 1.4 Vauxhall on five years interest free with 200 pounds deposit and a years free insurance. He checked to see how much it would be if he had to pay and came up with 700pounds fully comp. He also considered a new Seat Ibiza which would have cost even less to insure.
  11. Blimey, thats young to be caravanning!
  12. Youngest son has just turned 21.For the past 2 years he's been driving a 54reg Micra he was given by his cousin. He's doing a degree apprenticeship at a well known aero engine maker, so has some disposable income but has a 50mile commute every day. I suggested buying a new or nearly new car on a PCP or HP but he didn't fancy that. Most of his friends and colleagues have Fabias, Fiestas, Golfs etc. He fancied something a bit different and focused on a Volvo C30.It wouldn't be my choice of a car but he seems to like it. Made me think back to when I was that age and the object of my desire was a yellow Austin 1300GT.I was very taken with the reclining seats, vinyl roof, rev counter etc, things which were by no means universal in 1974.Car was not really much cop and was soon replaced by a Hillman Avenger which was much better. What was everbody else driving when they were 21?
  13. Apparently VAG would like to add the Alfa Romeo brand to their portfolio.
  14. Either last year or the year before VW and Fiat Chrysler were apparently having talks about a possible merger. Don't think anything came of it.
  15. I would think that if the spare wheel and carrier are listed as a standard fitting they would be included in the MIRO. Some entry level vans have the spare listed as an extra, or part of an option pack that's usually compulsory anyway. In that case the weight woud have to be deducted from the user payload.
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