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  1. Hows the poor little thing going to feel when the insurance has paid out and its owner says "Come on Snowy, we're going out in the new caravan"!
  2. It looks to be a recent van,probably did have ATC. Looks to be a Landcruiser towcar.
  3. One of my sons current girlfriend had a 2009 petrol manual CRV. Think the towing limit was 1500kg.They changed to a Touareg when they needed to tow a trailer with two horses. She always spoke well of it though, and was able to sell it for a good price.
  4. It's 9 or more passenger seats, so 10 seats including the driver.
  5. Well we fitted the new seals, put everything back together but no sign of firing. Rapid pressurisation of cooling system though, so looks like head gasket. Still couldn't see why at least one cylinder wouldn't fire though. Removed a pipe and sprayed easy start straight into manifold but still no sign of firing. Decided to call time for now. Have got it off the road. Will probably use the old Fiesta we keep as a family spare car till I can sort something out. Ironically I aquired that as a non runner with an engine problem and got it going again. Thanks for all the good advice. Feel very sad because it's been such a good car over the 8 1/2 years and120k miles we've had it.
  6. Ain't looking good. Put the glow plugs in and cleared fault code. Engine spins over but no sign of even attempting to fire same as before. Admittedly theres some air pipes not fitted that we removed to access the leak and the cooling system is open as I'm waiting for the seals, but I was hoping for it to fire up and then to switch it off quickly. I appreciate the heat hasn't done it any favours, but surely not all the cylinders can have failed completely. Hopefully the seals will come tomorrow and I'll stick it all back together and refill it. If I could at least get it running, however badly, it'd make getting rid of it a lot easier.
  7. On Saturday we were returning from our annual family camping and caravan get together in mid Wales. I was towing the van with the Korando on the M6 when I got a call from Mrs Dobloseven who was following about 30 mins behind in the Renault Kangoo with the dogs to say she'd broken down on the M54 and was waiting for the RAC. Apparently the car had lost power and smelt very hot with steam or smoke from under the bonnet and temperature light plus engine management lights on. Eventually RAC man arrived, diagnosed possible head gasket failure and elected to tow car home on a two wheel dolly that folded out of the back of his van. With the car at home we could see it had lost a lot of water and the engine would spin over vigorously but not even attempt to fire. Oil leve was OK though oil very black. I'm very wary of spending much money on it as it's 9 years old with 120k plus miles. However it's stuck outside on the road completely immobile. Oldest son came round yesterday and we used an Aldi faullt code finder which gave us a glow plug module error.Son has another gadget which uses a phone app and got the same result. Removed cover and with a multimeter found there was power getting to the plugs, but all four had failed. They came out easily enough but can't see why the engine wouldn't attempt to fire with them having failed Son disagrees and thinks the engine will know not to try to start if they're faulty. Too late to get any anyway, so we tried to find where the water was going. Eventually tracked it to a leaking seal on a plastic housing for, I think, the EGR cooler. Bit tricky to access, but doable. Been and bought some glow plugs and ordered the seals. With some coolant the whole lot came to just under 50 quid, so here's hoping......... While I was in the local Renault dealer ordering the seal I saw a Dacia Logan in the showroom, so a possible planB if things don't work out.
  8. Think all of the cars(all diesel) we've owned for many years have had plastic inlet manifolds. We've a 1999 petrol Fiesta with the ohv Endura engine, kept as a spare car which has one as well.
  9. Surely having gas and electric points in the same hatch wouldn't be a good idea.
  10. The receiver is a bolt on part available from Prima leisure for 156 pounds. Obviously the dealer or Bailey are responsible, but it needn't be a big problem to solve. Strange no one noticed the omission though.
  11. Thats the system we use, works well for us.
  12. We'd only had the Korando a few months and were away with the caravan when I noticed a completely flat rear tyre. Further examination revealed what looked like a screw from a towing mirror sticking out the tyre. Don't think sealant would have worked. Fitted spacesaver spare, towed caravan home next day, about 25 miles, got almost new tyre repaired, 12 pounds,and refitted. Car has room for a full sized spare, but would mean losing the handy storage tray under the boot floor. Did notice a bit of tyre noise from the spacesaver, but some say thats a design feature to remind you it's fitted. No mention in handbook about not towing, but usual 50 mile/mph proviso. Can understand the speed limit, but what would happen after, say 55 miles?
  13. That'd look good towing an Airstream!
  14. That'd look good towing an Airstream!
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