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  1. How about having a booking system where you're allocated a time slot for your ablutions?Now that would be fun!
  2. Tap will be held in from behind with a stud passin through a crescent shaped plate with a nut cllamping it to the corner plate. If you can't gain access from behind, the cornerwill have to be removed. A 10 or 11mm deep socket or box spanner is handy to undo the tap nut. Best of luck. Sometimes these things aren't designed for easy removal. Could be the corner piece is pushed onto clips. Might be worth trying prising/pulling it.
  3. Unless there's a solid wall or board at both ends!
  4. Whats happened to the Tranny campervan, Andy? Thought that was the answer to every question!
  5. What would pose the greatest risk, using a site toilet (for a sit down), or a shower cubicle?An academic question because we mostly use our own facilities and we're stuck in Lockdown Leicester!
  6. One of my sons has one of the first Adams(2013).He's had it from new and Vauxhall still honour the lifetime /100000 mile warranty. It seems a very well finished little car with even the most basic models having a good spec. His partner has a Touareg they use for towing with, so between them the two cars tick most boxes. I'm well pleased with my Zafira and another son has an Astra automatic he's happy with. Fellow a few doors away has just had his umpteenth new Astra, changing them every three years. Similar story with the much maligned French cars. Daughter has a 208 Peugeot. Had it on a three year Peugeot PCP. Ended up buying it at the end because she was happy with it. Another son has a 2015 Citroën Cactus he does a long commute in with no issues. His partner had a new C3 last year on a salary sacrifice scheme she's pleased with. My Renault Kangoo was a great car until the engine suffered a head gasket failure at 9 years and 125k miles. At least it died happy having been running perfectly to the last. The Renault Master we ran for 13 years and 100k miles had some issues over the years with the fuel system, but was running well when we sold it for a good price.
  7. The corrosion is mainly on suspension components, cross members, subframes etc. These parts are usually bought in from outside suppliers and just have a thin coating of black paint. The main body of the car is usually very well sealed, painted and rust proofed by the manufacturer,prior to all the other bits being bolted on.
  8. Don't know if you read my post in one of the coronavirus threads, but theres a place in Leicester tucked away between two terraced houses that reconditions lever arm dampers. Think about the last car to use them was the Morris Ital, though the final models used telescopics.
  9. Probably a portmanteau word. Lucas/car. Have heard it used, but not for a very long time. Remember bullet connectors?
  10. When we started caravanning 25 years ago, Fronteras were very much a caravanners favourite. Another one was the Nissan Terrano/Ford Maverick.
  11. As the thread starter, I'm quite surprised how many still do it themselves. I always get our cars serviced by the dealer if they're still under warranty, but tend to do it myself once thats over. By then of course they're having an annual Mot as well. When I took the Zafira for its first test, it was pointed out that all the brake pads were well worn. I changed them myself just prior to the lockdown along with new discs all round. Something I've found with spin off oil filters, though the Zafira has the paper element type, is to loosen them with the engine cold. They seem to be easier to undo then, just nip them up again prior to warming it up.
  12. Must admit I can't see much pleasure in that sort of regime. We use our own facilities but like to go to local shops, pubs, cafes etc. Wife disagrees and is just desperate to get away in the van. Mind you, we're in Leicester, so all a bit academic!
  13. Wonder if he (or she) dressed up like that to go to the pub in the evening!
  14. Great little cars, my dad had one of the first Austin Se7ens as they were called. Not a great commercial success though. Putting the gears in the sump never caught on, nor did rubber suspension, sideways radiators, heavy subframes, external hinges and seams, sliding windows etc. First truly" modern" front wheel drive car was the Autobianchi A110 of the mid sixties which used an end on transmission with unequal length drive shafts and conventional suspension. That set the pattern for the Fiat 128 and 127 models. Another early adopter was the Simca 1100.
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