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  1. The 2 litre ix35s and equivalent Kia Sportages seem to be popular towcars and the larger engine brings AWD as well. Might be worth looking at a Ssangyong Korando as all diesel models 2wd,4wd, manual and auto have 2000kg towing limits. Very similar in size and shape to the contemporary ix35s and Sportages,but a bit cheaper to buy.
  2. Just been today, 120.7 again.
  3. AFAIK, the only dealer in Leicestershire is Ryedale in Shepshed. They sell new Bailey and Swift. We've a Pursuit 540/5 with fixed bunks and side dinette and corner washroom, which gives us a lot of options. There's usually only two of us and the two dogs who have the bottom bunk. Top bunk is used for storage, awning etc,if we decide not to put it up. If we leave the front bed set up, we've got the dinette to sit at. If grandchildren are with us we can change things round to accommodate them. The Pegasus Ancona had a similar layout for a time, but Bailey changed to end washroom layouts for later models which we aren't so keen on.
  4. If you wait till they've just got a few left to get rid of, they'll often sell them for much less. Worth looking out for and stockpiling a few.
  5. Had a bit of a look round myself last year and came to a similar conclusion,that for us at least, the Sorento would make more sense than the Kodiaq.
  6. Surely when one gets to the end of a PCP deal, theres the option to purchase the vehicle for a pre arranged price. So if you've been happy with it, just take out a loan for a couple of years and own the car. There's a school of thought, though that many people don't want a vehicle that's outside the warranty period though, because of fears of failures of modern technology. The powered roofs of convertibles and modern infotainment screens were cited as examples. Daughters Peugeot PCP runs out at the end of the year. I'll be interested to see what road she goes down.
  7. I'd guess Motability would account for around 10% of new car"sales". Theres about 60 houses on our road and at least 3 have them, changing every 3 years. Looking at the new cars our family has acquired in recent times, one daughter has a Peugeot on a PCP, oldest son has an Audi company car which is leased, another son has just had a Citroën on an employee salary sacrifice type scheme. Oldest daughter had a VW on a PCP before she moved to Dubai.
  8. Just been and got ours out of the shed full of things that"might come in handy one day"and had a play with it. Took about ten pulls to get it started. Have found in the past to persevere and not be tempted to not use the choke even when it's hot. Once it's started the choke can be put off immediately but it needs to run for a short while before a load can be put on. Must admit to being a bit disappointed but it has done what we bought it for.Don't think it'll get in the Best Generator Awards!
  9. Costco fuel prices are inclusive of VAT. Be very expensive if they weren't!
  10. Didn't realise Costco had so few outlets. Leicester one has only recently started selling fuel. Wife uses it because she passes it on the way to pick grandson up from school. Think I fell lucky because I'd gone to Wickes which has recently moved next door and noticed the low price and needed fuel anyway.
  11. Costco Leicester,yesterdayafternoon.
  12. Bought diesel today for 120.8 per litre. Price seems to fluctuate on a daily basis. Last time I was there it was 126.8,yet wife had been the day before and paid 120.8.Anybody else fill up there?
  13. We bought them at the end of a long day. Looking on tbe bright side, if we put a bit of weight on they should cope!
  14. At the February NEC show, we went looking for a couple of folding chairs to keep in the caravan to replace ones we have which are getting past their best. Spotted the Titans, two for 80 pounds,thought they were just the job. It was the last day of the show just before closing time, they'd only got the one on display and none to take away so we ordered two to be sent to us when they had some more in stock. A few weeks later they arrived and we were surprised just how big and heavy they were when folded up in their bags. We then realised they had a weight limit of 180kg,hence the size. Wife and myself don't weigh anything like that between us and I joked we only needed to buy one. They are very comfy to use, but they're too big to go under the front seats where the other ones used to live. Also a bit too big to throw in the car for trips to the beach etc. Ok if we've got the awning set up and we can leave them out. Oldest sons current partner who is, shall we say, a bonny lass and was very pregnant at the time, sat in one over the Easter holiday pronounced them just the job and asked us to get one for her. Wife picked one up from Go Outdoors which with the C&CC discount was about £55.Not sure what the future holds for them though. Last bank holiday wife bought another smaller chair to replace the worst one of the original pair. .
  15. According to Honest John, the autobox was still 6 speed, but improved when the 2.2s were introduced. Regarding the ride, to me it is the worst feature. It's not as good as our Kangoo MPV,but no worse than some other vehicles I've been in. Fitting Cross climates did make an improvement. Also therere are a few different wheel/tyre combinations which could have some bearing on it. As to economy, there does seem to be a big difference in the official mpg figures for the auto and manual models. We can see trip computer mpg readings in the mid 50s on our manual, though I estimate it's about 15% optimistic. As I say, we've been really pleased with ours, it's done exactly what we bought it for. Though we could now use something with more boot space and a couple of extra occasional seats. Toying with getting either a late Rexton W or a Turismo ELX automatic,but keeping the Korando, at least till the warranty runs out.
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