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  1. We've recently rejoined the cc. Find the magazine very similar to the CCC one. When we first joined in 2001,I preferred the cc one. At the time the CCC mag was a very flimsy, comic like affair.
  2. Son said there was a big response on his road with many leaning out their windows clapping. A lady putting her bin out thought they were applauding her!
  3. Regarding ventilators, Rolls Royce (aero engines) are also on the case . Perhaps the caravan industry should get involved as well!
  4. The last funeral was a 73year old who died a painful death after a long struggle with MS. This was just before all this kicked off. His wife died a year previously to the day, again after a lot of suffering .They'd led extremely full lives, had a large family and lots of friends. Their daughter says she's glad they went when they did so they could have a good send off.
  5. Can't see a huge problem with funerals. The UK funeral industry handles 10,000 deaths a week anyway. Many of the extra deaths are those who were in the departure lounge already so to speak. Been to a few funerals recently, two this year,mainly at a small private crematorium. Pattern seems to be people arriving about 30 mins early, standing around outside smoking and chatting, service lasts 30 mins at the most. Then everybody stands around outside for at least another 30 mins deciding who's going with who in whose car to the wake. All of these practices are not permissible under the present regime so pretty sure a few more could be slotted in without too many problems.
  6. Went past our locsl Halfords today, and doors were open. Could be just for click and collect. I suppose they offer a cycle repair service and fit bulbs and wipers etc to cars as well.
  7. Is anybody actually producing caravans at the moment?
  8. We'd like a bed at least 5 feet wide, 6 1/2 feet long without rounded or cut off corners, that doesn't have to be made up at night. With a decent sized bedside table each side with power points and room for books, drinks, phones etc. I'd like to go back to a twin axle again purely because I think they look better balanced. Been really happy with our Pursuit though. In the real world we liked one of the Coachman Acadias we saw at the last show. There's some dealer specials that add a few extra bits as well. To tow it with, we'd definitely want an SUV with 4wd.A Kia Sorento would be a good choice, but I'd look at a Rexton as well. I'm perhaps in a minority of one, but I think the current Shogun Sport looks great, so would look closely at that as well.
  9. Thinking about it, we were planning to go away last weekend. Only about 25 miles away. By the time site fees, diesel, probably changing a gas bottle, meals out plus a bit of shopping, we'd have probably spent at least150 quid. We haven't got the money we saved because we don't live within our means anyway, but it makes one think.
  10. Surely if that was the case, infected vehicles would have to be scrapped and houses where people have isolated,destroyed as well!
  11. Dobloseven

    Asda fuel.

    My faithful Hayter mower starts second pull every spring without fail on the previous years petrol. Has done since I bought it secondhand twenty years ago. Appreciate what you're saying though, but it doesn't seem to affect it.
  12. When I saw the thread title, I thought Coachman had announced a new island bed layout!
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