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  1. Spoke to a customer who had been around Beddgelert last week with his motorhome. Asked him what Wales was like. He said it was quiet.
  2. You solved every problem that came along, gained some knowledge along the way, made a new friend, made some memories, what a lovely story with a happy ending.Daftest thing I've done was when we had a trailer tent. I'd rigged up some fluorescent strip lights that clipped to the poles and plugged into the towing socket on the back of whatever car we had at the time. One morning I forgot to unplug them before driving off for the day. Dragged them for quite a way before I realised. Surprisingly little damage done. Children then thought it was great fun to shout "Dad, the lights!" after we'd driven a few yards and laugh as I slammed the brakes on. Silly thing caravanning was leaving an empty gas bottle outside a petrol station shop, paying for a refill, picking up the empty one again and putting it in the van and driving off on holiday.
  3. Around 2006,a very tall member of a caravan club we belonged to at the time, bought new, what I thought was a good idea. It was a dealer special based on the Lunar Lexon, with what was essentially the then popular double dinette layout, but instead of seats and bunks etc.there was a double mattress with bedside shelves. going across the van, making it a 4 berth fixed bed layout. There was a side washroom with separate shower and good sized seats at the front, all on a single axle, probably around 1500kg max. The rear bedroom was a bit claustrophobic but, certainly plenty of length.Would be well below 10k today.
  4. Make sure it's registered with CRiS and got a full service history!
  5. Although I always put my Milenco mirrors on, even for short local trips,I never think to notice if anyone else is using them!
  6. All good stuff! Well it's arrived, we're told but away in the van till tomorrow. I've ordered some gas hose and have a regulator and full gas bottle, so might try it over weekend. Thanks for the responses and if anyone has any helpful tips... It's replacing a Carri chef laptop grill we've had for about 15 years and is getting very scruffy, but don't seem able to get another.
  7. Dobloseven


    Think realistically that's all they can do on a roadside check.The caravan MTPLM can be exceeded a bit allowing for the noseweight, but so long as the towcars weights aren't over, no worries Nice and quick, would probably catch quite a few out though. Not us Caravan Talk folk though, I'm sure!
  8. Dobloseven


    What weight figure did they check the caravan axle load(s) against?
  9. Very heavy steering, though! Try turning the wheel without the engine running.
  10. Dobloseven


    I've been on CT for 7 years and would genuinely be interested to hear other,hopefully more recent experiences of roadside weight checks. I've related my solitary experience several times, the last a few weeks ago in the "DVSA checks this weekend" thread. The guys were looking for other faults as well, and had taken one elderly van off the road with a rotten A frame. Like the OP, we'd a virtually new van with an older but well maintained, capable towing vehicle and were told to go on our way and I actually had to ask to be weighed!
  11. Either way, it shows that not everything is selling and some discounts are out there. They were about ready to shut so didn't really have a good look,hadn't got the barbecue I was interested in either.
  12. Anybody got one of these? Decided to buy a barbecue grille type thing and apart from the quality, seems to tick all the boxes. It's got an open grille, a flat plate, a ridged plate and a cover. It all takes apart for travelling and fits in a bag. Well aware it's not as well made as a Cadac, but none I could see quite fitted the bill. It probably won't get used much in the caravan, just when we have family camping get togethers and in the garden at home occasionally. 146 quids from Amazon. Should be here by weekend.
  13. Dobloseven


    Well it was 20 years ago in Norfolk! Anybody got any more recent experience?Another point is that the OPs chances of being stopped and weighed properly whilst towing a brand new top of the range caravan with what is generally considered to be a very capable, very heavy towcar, are extremely remote.
  14. Dobloseven


    Think I'm about the only one on here who's ever been stopped and weighed. The caravan axle weighed 25kg below the maximum weight on the caravan sticker by the door. The nice man told me I could put a sack of potatoes in to make the weight up if I wanted! So in the real world, it might well help.
  15. Dobloseven


    Another point to ponder, in the extremely unlikely event the OP was ever stopped in a roadside check, the axle weights of the caravan would be weighed individually and so long as they didn't add up to more than 1990kg, or 2000kg if up plated and the axle limits of the towing vehicle weren't exceeded, then he'd be cheerily waved on his way. Buccaneer owners say they have difficulty getting the nose weight below 125kg which is well within the Discovery's capability, so realistically that amount could be added to the caravan payload.
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