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  1. In 2001 on the A148 between Kings Lynn and Fakenham. Friday evening before a Bank Holiday. Waved into a long lay by and told to wait. Fellow came up shortly and said as we had young children and it was getting late, we could go. I said I was in no hurry and would be interested to see how much the van weighed. I heard him say under his breath to one of his colleagues, words to the effect of "We've got a right one here". Both axles of the towing vehicle and the caravan axle were weighed and we were told the caravan was 25kg under the gross weight and that we could add a bag of potatoes if we wan
  2. Quite a pleasant 5 days. Nice walks by the church and river. Went into Ross a few times and had coffee and doughnuts by the river. Also went to Monmouth which seems a bit more upmarket. THS was very nice with plenty of room and lovely view, though grass was quite long. Nearby CS looks ok, but quite small with marked out hard standings.
  3. I've got the same problem with our fridge.First thoughts were the burner.Got a mobile engineer out and he went straight to the selector switch. Fiddled about with the contacts that operate the gas valve. Joined the two wires together to bypass the switch to prove his point, fridge lit perfectly. Left it working and ordered a new switch. Ours is an RMS 8550, around 7 years ,so might be different Switch is about 50 quid.
  4. Was he hoping to get one for a snip?
  5. Don't think he's got one! If I get a bit bored I'll have to see if it works.
  6. We're on a THS over the bank holiday. Son isn't far away and decided he'd join the club so he could camp for a night or two with us. Joined on the 26th and I got a free fleece for recommending him early yesterday morning. Very nice it is too.
  7. All good suggestions, thanks. Yes it is Carthage Farm. Did try to get on the CS with a EHU as we thought we were having problems with the caravan fridge on gas but left it a bit too late and couldn't do all the nights we wanted. The dogs just love the great indoors and don't see the sense in leaving the confines of the caravan.
  8. Having 5 nights on a C&CC THS over the bank holiday. Completely unfamiliar with the area,though we pass through on the way to our son in South Wales. Any tips on things to see and visit?We'll have two dogs with us whose idea of a good time is to not leave the caravan,so nothing too energetic!
  9. Pressure's off a bit now. Engineer turned up, diagnosed problem successfully and got fridge working temporarily pending a new selector switch being ordered. Still quite fancy one though wife thinks it's probably unnecessary.
  10. Thanks for the input. Mobile engineer is definitely coming this afternoon, so hoping he can sort the van fridge but still interested in one anyway. Is it ok running on propane, ie. red bottle?
  11. Got a problem with our Dometic fridge running on gas. Won't go into it too much at the moment as a mobile engineer is supposed to be looking at it this afternoon. If he doesn't have any luck with it(or turn up), I'd like to have a plan B, as we're away for five days to a C&CC THS with no EHU over the bank holiday . Seen a Quest 3 way chest fridge in Go Outdoors for £215 and wondering if it might be a handy thing to have. Could go in the awning running off BBQ point with the awning skirt pulled to one side to give plenty of ventilation, though we've had a caravan with the fridge venting on
  12. Anybody ever weighed a car side to side?The vast majority have a transverse layout with the engine on the far right, along with the steering and braking parts, plus the driver of course on a RHD model. Usually just the transmission and probably battery on the left. Subaru used to make much of the fact in their advertising, that their vehicles were symmetrical.Regarding "up plating", any increase will be down the weight rating of the chassis used. Ours is over 100kg above the stated MTPLM, others might be just a few kgs. Usually entry level caravans fare better than more up market models. The c
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