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  1. Surely 22inch wouldn’t be original equipment wheels and tyres.
  2. Could be wrong but sounds as if the OP wants a short term plot for a static caravan to live in while they finish a house renovation.
  3. Would hope the caravan battery isn't connected to the chassis!
  4. Went past Salop Leisure on the A5 last week and they seemed to have loads of caravans and motorhomes all over the place.
  5. Sounds just the same as on a 2006 Avondale we owned from new for 8 years. Never did get it quite right! Seem to remember the nearside one was the most troublesome.
  6. WhiteHouse Beach CMC site in Kessingland Suffolk has pitches about as close to the sea as you can get without getting wet. Not used it myself but noticed it when we were down there last summer. Why not use Google maps to get a few ideas. I know it's an aerial view, but words like clifftop or beach etc. give clues as to the lie of the land.
  7. Would think that sealing the outer wall would trap the leaking water inside and make matters worse. The water must be coming from above and running down inside the wall and out through the joint.
  8. Apparently the government is going to make it all clear by issuing every household with an instruction manual full of seventies style line drawings entitled The Joy of Six!
  9. Son has a 2014 Astra 1.6 petrol auto. What sort of gearbox would that have? He's very happy with it regardless.
  10. Must admit, like Gary when I'm away in the van is the only time I truly relax and switch off. Life gets back to the simple things. We're quite happy off grid with just a tap and CDP. I often think contentment is a full gas bottle, full aquaroll, fully charged battery and an empty toilet cassette!Don't really bother about the van much if were not using it. Often little jobs get done while we're away in it. We're away ay the moment and have just given it a big clean on the outside. Had to buy a folding ladder so I could get onto the roof to start at the top and work down. Wife is almost obsessive about keeping the inside pristine and the outside was letting things down.
  11. I remember seeing a smiley face Transit car transporter with a Transit van on it, towing a trailer with another Transit on that. The towing vehicle bore the name of a local Ford dealer. Bearing in mind the two engine options were a 75 bhp NA diesel or a rare 100bhp turbo diesel, it was making good progress. A Vauxhall Senator towing a Bailey Senator?
  12. Are there any others, a Mustang towing a Mustang?
  13. A few weeks ago we went to check on a local site we'd tentatively booked for the next weekend, to make sure it'd be suitable and pay a deposit if it was. The CDP involved lifting a cover. Next to it was a tap with a small drain under it. The site owner was showing us where everything was and noticed someone had just attempted to empty their cassette or porta potty down the drain with predictable results. She was not amused! Does make you wonder..
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