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  1. Wonder what the writers of Dads Army would make of it? Perhaps..... Captain Mainwaring: Now listen up men, as front line troops, we are to be vaccinated as a priority. As your commanding officer, I of course shall be first in the queue to set an example. Sergeant Wilson : Do you really think thats an awfully good idea, sir? I mean you went all wobbly when you had your flu jab. Corporal Jones: Permission to speak, sir! I should like to volunteer to be the first to be facsimilated, me first, me first, fall in behind me men..... Private Pike: Mum says I should be fi
  2. Last time we used our 2014 Pursuit, we were putting it away when one of the front side locker doors fell off. A quick look revealed that the plastic hinges had gone brittle and shattered. I managed to fit the door in its hole and lock it. Ours are the flush fitting type which were replaced on later models by the older thick rimmed type. Prima leisure were quoting a long delay for replacement hinges. Wife ordered two sets from Amazon along with some other bits and they arrived very quickly. The Thetford packaging looked a bit faked but they fitted easily enough with no tools needed. I've kept o
  3. Wonder if they'll draft vets in to help with the vaccination proramme? If they can get a needle in a great hairy slavering thing that doesn't want it, a few pensioners who are gagging for it should be a doddle! Apparently there's a vaccination station being readied at our local racecourse.
  4. Do Motability users have to provide their own insurance?
  5. According to various Internet searches a Standard Vanguard Series 2 diesel had a kerbweight of 26cwt.or 1360kg.Despite their seemingly heavy construction, most cars of the fitfties and sixties were very light by modern standards.
  6. Purely out of interest, are there any mileage limits on motability vehicles? Actually driving an ex motability car at the moment.
  7. Aren't they part of a "visibility pack" which also includes a rear view mirror. To me the Kodiaq and XC60 are very different cars and not really competitors. The Skoda is longer, lighter, cheaper and has seven seats in most versions.It's usually compared to the Sorento and Santa fe. Had a look at the local dealer a while back.Quite fancy something a bit bigger than our Korando, with more boot space /seven seats and had heard of good PCP deals. Sat down with a salesman and by the time we'd built an imaginary car, I'd lost the will to live and the price was somewhat higher than I'd anticipated.
  8. Car makers go to great lengths to protect the actual body shells from corrosion, but the bolt on bits underneath, often from outside suppliers, usually just have a thin coat of black paint that soon chips and starts to rust. If the parts have water traps, that will accelerate the process.
  9. The tax and Mot can be checked but can a private individual check insurance on a random vehicle?
  10. How will we tell which people have been vaccinated? We need to be sure those who refuse vaccination go to the back of the queue for medical treatment etc. Certificates etc. are all very well, but open to abuse. Why not put a microchip in those who are vaccinated at the same time as the injection? Then paramedics, triage nurses, doctors receptionists etc. can contactlessly scan everybody and send the unvaccinated to the back. Taking it a bit further, other advantages could be given as an incentive for taking up the vaccine. Priority shopping slots, early access to club sites with the unchipped
  11. A couple of years ago, we were on a C&CC Temporary Holiday Site and an old boy on his own had a Parachute Regiment flag flying above his tent. I made the mistake of saying hello and that my son had been in the Para band and was regaled with lengthy tales of his exploits. I confess to avoiding him for the rest of the holiday, but he seemed to be able to find plenty of other ears to bend.
  12. There seem to be people living there pretty well permanently. Our friends son lived there in a tourer for a while when he was between ladies. In fact he met his eventual wife there when she was working behind the bar. According to the chap I did the job for, you can stop there all the time, but you can't live there. While I was there a couple pulled onto on of the touring pitches and set up a Dandy folding camper.
  13. Was doing a job in a static on Proctors the other week. It was certainly getting on a bit, but very well maintained and equipped. Apparently the site owner doesn't allow statics below a certain age. Looks a strange set up, but fancy trying it for a weekend with our tourer,it's only just up the road for us, but wife isn't keen so perhaps not. Also there's a site nearby at Swithland Woods where there's some really old stuff. They have to be painted dark green to blend in, though they eventually go that colour anyway.
  14. There's a fellow quite near us who's had the outside of his house decked out for Christmas, lights, inflatable santa etc. since the beginning of October. He's been on the local radio and says people need something to cheer them up. His cleaning business has pretty well gone down the pan so I can sort of see his thinking. Regarding the caravan lights, it's not something I'd bother with myself,I like to keep things simple, but each to their own. If we were all the same, it'd be a boring old world.
  15. This all seems very strange. You say it'll end up in a small claims court, but what will they claim for? What would make them happy to just go away and leave you alone?
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