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  1. Read somewhere that the next generation Transit Custom and VW Transporter will be a joint venture, to be built in a Ford plant in Turkey.
  2. Well, it's all arrived.Seems a good bit of kit. Very heavy though. Couldn't resist a quick play with it. Undid a couple of wheel bolts on the car I've bought as a bangernomics project in seconds. The impact socket set I bought from Halfords seems pretty good too. Just a pity I've not got a case or bag to keep it all together.
  3. They listed them a few weeks ago, but according to daughters current boyfriend who is an assistant manager there, they never materialised. Might pick one up myself if they've got any.
  4. Like I said, I've ordered a Dewalt one now, but agreed about Machine Mart stuff, sometimes it seems too good to be true and often is! Did spend quite a bit there last year though, on tools. At one point they were about the only place open.
  5. The beauty of an impact wrench over a breaker bar, even those 12v ones like Jaydugs, is that the energy is going exactly where it's needed. If you use a set up as in Jaydugs first picture, most of your strength is trying to wind the wheel round and move the car along.An impact wrench can be used safely for wheel and hub nuts with the car jacked up.Might even prevent pulled muscles! Did consider a mains one as suggested by Macafee, a while back, when I replaced the 15 quid 12v one with a 30quid 12v one which has been very disappointing. Anyway the Dewalt has 950 nm and a peak of 1650nm. Last hu
  6. Just been thinking, I've got lots of power tools but hardly any cordless. Just an Aldi drill, a recently bought Erbauer hammer drill and the JCB one the neighbour gave me last week. Did have another Aldi one I used for caravan steadies, but that disappeared last time we used the van in November. Need to buy some impact sockets. Got odd ones I've bought for one off jobs but would like some in a set. The Halfords ones that would have come in a bundle with the Ryobi driver look good to me. 22 pieces going up from 10 to 32mm, 50 quid with a lifetime guarantee in a tool tray.
  7. Anyway, done some more man maths and ordered aDewalt bare body, a 5ah battery and charger, plus an extra 2ah battery, total around 260.Eldest son has ordered it on his Amazon Prime and is putting some of the money in as an early fathers day/birthday present. I've told him to make sure he gets it when I go to meet my maker! He'll be using it soon enough on his current partners car anyway, I'm sure. Man maths reveals the Dewalt with 2 and 5 ah batteries is about 100 pounds more than the Ryobi with just one 2ah.Thanks for all the helpful advice and looking forward to having a play with it ASAP.
  8. I I wondered about the 1/2inch version. Would prefer cordless though. The Ryobi didn't come out too badly in the magazine test. Marked down for being bare unit with no case. But Halfords have one with a carry bag, which I prefer for 30 quid less than the one on test. The 2ah battery is no problem as it makes the unit smaller and lighter and as Jaydug says, I can charge it up at home. Realistically, it's not going to get used a great deal, and not on very large vehicles. If I was a professional technician, top quality tools woud be a given, though.
  9. A serious question. Are these heroic volunteers covered by any insurance for injury or death caused in their line of duty? If the poor fellow will need round the clock care provided commercially for the rest of his days, the sums involved are mind boggling. Let alone adaptations to home, vehicle, specialised equipment etc.
  10. My actual experiences with it started with a fwd Fiat. I needed to ondo the 36mm driveshaft nut which should be tightened extremely tightly, not to stop them coming undone, but due to the preload required by the angular contact bearings employed.I could not for the life of me undo it. At one point I was using a six foot long length of tubing with wife sat in the car with the engine running and her foot on the brake. In desperation more than anything else, I tried the £1512v whizzy thing and very very slowly it undid it. After that I used it every time I had a hub nut to undo. It worked just a
  11. I've undone many hub nuts with a 12v whizzing thing that cost about 15 quid from Makro, a long while ago. It finally gave up the ghost last year. I replaced it with something that seemed similar from Machine Mart, but its nothing like as good. The Dewalt claims a breaking torque of 1650nm.Hopefully that would crack a hub nut on a reasonable sized car.
  12. The 1/2inch Dewalt does look good. 950 nm.150 for the bare unit, 40 for a small battery, but a whopping 90 for the charger. This from Screwfix. Bit cross, needed a cordless drill the other week. They had a Dewalt on offer with two batteries, charger, case etc. Didn't actually have any, though. Bought a Erbauer one instead, which is fine, but if I'd waited, the batteries etc. would have probably been OK for the wrench. Never mind. To add further insult to injury, the chap over the road gave me a JCB drill in a case with two batteries and charger, so I needn't have bought one at all.
  13. Decided to treat myself to one. Can't see me using it for anything other than jobs on our collection of motley motors including the one used for towing, hence posting here. Any recommendations, Dewalt looks good, but by the time battery and charger have been added, well over 200 quids. Machine mart list a Clarke one with two batteries and case for about 150,but haven't got any. Have got it with two bigger batteries, but again over 200.Current favourite is a Ryobi with one battery and case for 160 or with a big set of sockets for again just over 200.Decisions, decisions. Don't need a long batte
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