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  1. One of quite a few items which some consider to be unnecessary, but others see as essential. Other such items include:- Shower, curtains, woodgrain, oven, fridge, toilet, carpet, TV aerial, radio, to list but a few. Manufacturers know that few people will avoid a van because it has these, but many will avoid a van that omits the wrong ones! To make many of them optional would significantly reduce resale value and require a major re-design.
  2. FIAT Fullback would do it! (Mitsubishi L200 in disguise). FIAT Croma would be a bit borderline.
  3. Nor would most people need a superfast charge at home, because typically they have all night. However even this can be pushing it under some circumstances.
  4. It is always sensible to be careful when buying a used van. You appear to be doing all the right things, and nothing in your post rings alarm bells. There is always some element of risk when buying a van, even buying new could result in a jewel or a lemon,
  5. Domestic supplies are actually single phase, and a typical domestic supply simply cannot handle the wattage required for a fast charge. At its simplest, To charge a 75Kwh battery in one hour takes 75Kw, which is roughly 326A at 230v. A typical domestic supply is more like 60A, so you would need around 5hours, even using your supply to the max!
  6. It also needs to be competitively priced! Premium priced brands do not have a good track record.
  7. The 85% or 100% figures are only a very rough guide (except in the eyes of some insurance companies). An outfit does not become magically unstable at 101%, any more than it becomes invincible at 84%! I used to tow at around 120%, with no stability issues whatever, but have known people who have had serious stability problems below 85%. To me it is comical to see people doing all sorts of mathematical gymnastics with different definitions of kerbweight etc. to try and fit in with a guide that has absolutely no real evidence to support it.
  8. That's perfectly normal for a flooded battery, 14.4v immediately after receiving a top up to full, of which the surface charge dies away after a few hours down to around 13.8v, or even a little lower.
  9. It looks like an ordinary, probably cheap, car battery. Your charger will do just fine, but don't leave it on for more than 24 hours. Open the caps while charging and stop if it starts to gas freely. The battery will do fine as long as it holds a charge. A bigger capacity, proper leisure, battery will keep you going longer while off grid, if you want to spend the money..
  10. What makes you think that four wheel trailers are imune from snaking? They are also much more difficult (but not impossible) to reverse.
  11. Unfortunately, from your description it does not sound like a current, standard, UK butane fitting. I cannot tell whether the problem is your description, an unusual brand of fitting, or maybe a non-UK fitting, or perhaps the fitting has jammed and you are trying to replace only part. A current UK butane bottle(Blue) just has a male outlet on the top, onto which fits either a clip on regulator or a clip on connector with a High pressure hose to a bulkhead regulator. A UK propane bottle (red) has a female threaded connector, left hand thread, but would not normally be 7Kg!
  12. 112 is the nearest to an international emergency number and actually works in many countries where it has not been officially recognised. Although the UK (999) and USA (911) have their own emergency numbers, 112 also works and many countries and networks simply divert all common emergency numbers to their own number, so 911 works in the UK and 999 works in much of the USA! A surprising level of common sense!
  13. Hard to say without a photo or more complete description!
  14. A true cost comparison of fuel prices is very difficult. If you compare prices at the pump with those at the electric meter then electric is very cheap. However, fossil fuels for road use are very heavily taxed. In the long term I cannot imagine any government being willing to give up on this cash cow. Electricity from fossil fuels is only marginally more efficient than burning the fuel in a vehicle. Electricity from renewable sources sounds like free electricity but the infrastructure costs, both capital and ongoing, are huge, but often subsidised. I doubt the long term future of the subsidies.
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