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  1. Not a con! It is just necessary to read what is actually there and give some thought to what it really means. 99% of the population means just that, 99% of the area is something different altogether!
  2. As far as I was concerned we were in agreement from your first post in this thread. The likelihood of finding an ordinary car tyre with a high enough load index is pretty remote, the correct tyres will more likely be intended for light commercial vehicles with MAM a little over 2.5 tonnes.
  3. An overloaded tyre is much more likely to fail at speed than when stationary or driven slowly.
  4. Most car tyres have too low a load index for single axle caravan use.
  5. Most car tyres will be wrong and actually dangerous at speed on virtually any single axle van. The table provided above is a good starting point, but I suspect that you will soon be given access to a manual with full details.
  6. If the 12v stuff works on ehu without a battery connected you do have a charger unit, even if you can't find it!
  7. By the sound of it it is an LED light. They are not normally designed to be opened and repaired, the recommended fix is to replace the whole unit. That said, a great many things that are not designed to be repaired can be but it is unlikely to be easy. Unless you really fancy a DIY challenge (and I guess from the fact that you asked the question that is not your thing) a new unit will be the easy option.
  8. A fairly common problem with pumps, all the individual components check out OK on a meter and the pump works if given 12v from a test lead, but put it all together in the van and nothing! Usually the fault is a poor or corroded connection somewhere in the circuit which will pass enough current to fool a multimeter, but not enough to run the pump.
  9. UK caravans tend to have a battery charger, which will also power the 12V equipment, but not necessarily all at once, that's when the battery is needed. European vans often have a 12v Power Supply Unit which will happily run all the 12v equipment but is not necessarily adequately controlled to be used as a battery charger. If the battery is dead in a UK van the lights etc. will run off the charger but maybe some flickering. If the charger is not working everything else will work until the battery goes flat.
  10. I was assuming that the OP was intending to use a Sat dish designed for caravan use, perhaps one that folds down for transit. When you say 87% of the population that most likely represents towns only. In many countries 80-90% of the people live in only 10-20% of the country. I the UK, even 99% coverage for mobile phones leaves many dead areas, particularly in lovely rural places.
  11. In most vans the 12v equipment will run off either the battery or the charger unit, although in many, running it off just the charger will not do the charger any good and you get issues like the lights dimming when you run the pump. Woodentop has it spot on about the hidden fuse.
  12. Yes, the only matching needed are key to lock and insert to wheel.
  13. Stevan


    Although the skin is not electrically bonded to the roof I would not expect the screws to present much resistance to lightening. Having once been in an aluminium bodied van when we believe it was hit by lightening, without feeling a thing, I am quite confident that it is a close enough approximation to a faraday cage for the risk to be negligible. I am not at all sure about fibreglass bodied vans. I enormously enjoy sitting back and watching a good light show, but wonder if it is actually safe in a modern van.
  14. It sometimes helps, but I don't rely on it.
  15. Stevan


    Seriously though, is sitting in a fibreglass box as safe as an aluminium one? Logic says that it is safer in a metal box that conducts the charge to earth around you.
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