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  1. For a van still under warranty, just report it when booking in for the service and let them worry!
  2. Not all that uncommon, for travelling circuses and fairgrounds. Typically a heavy tractor unit pulling a ride, followed by a caravan, then a compressor or generator.
  3. If I am right, no need to remove the jet, just poke around with an airline or a can of compressed air (intended for cleaning inside computers).
  4. More likely cobwebs in the airway to the jet. Easy fix for a competent mechanic.
  5. Stevan

    Towing capacity

    Torque figures, at the flywheel, where it is invariably measured, are actually irrelevant. Torque at the wheels does matter and every IC engined vehicle has a torque multiplier between the two.
  6. Often, typically under the sink is a row of four gas taps. Are they all turned off?
  7. If you want to be certain that you are not overloading, but still go close to the limit, there is no reliable alternative but to get your vehicle onto a weighbridge. Published figures are just not to be relied upon.
  8. The vast majority of 4x4 SUVs on the roads today have some form of automatic engagement of the drive to the rear wheels. In normal road use, either solo or towing, they are strictly 2 wheel drive with the extra drive only cutting in when slippage starts. If you have manual control of the diffs it is best to replicate this.
  9. That's great if it fits your circumstances. As for me, I need to also squeeze in an adult sized child, a third bike and luggage for 3.
  10. 4wd only provides any benefit under conditions of poor grip. Leave it off unless you are on, or going to be on, slippy stuff.
  11. Sadly no, the warranty on windows s time limited. Nor can you prove that the fault was inherent at time of purchase. They could always claim that at some indeterminate time there had been chemical contamination.
  12. The simple answer is that there is no simple answer! Every option has its benefits and drawbacks and these affect different people/outfits in different ways. Personally, of all the options I go for two bikes on the back of the caravan and the third (a full size folding ATB) in the car boot.
  13. Stevan

    help required

    Now there's the rub! Just how wide a "margin of safety" are you comfortable with? Before anyone says "the wider the better" or "it cannot be too wide", do we all want to tow 750Kg caravans at a max speed of 30mph with LR Defenders? Once you answer "No" to that one the door is open, and we all have to make our own decision, based on such information as is available.
  14. If you use a sat nav, double check on a map, there are some terrifying roads across the mountains!
  15. Stevan

    help required

    No matter how much we want it to be straightforward the reality just isn't! There are just so many variables. Even that is not easy to say because the answer depends on the actual weights on the day Many of us have also seen so called "ideal" matches on their sides, and/or spread across three lanes of motorway!
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