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  1. Stevan

    Towing Myths

    Agreed, there are many variables, weight ratio is only one of them, and probably not even the most important. Where's my hard hat?
  2. Cobwebs! Time to get it properly cleaned out by a professional.
  3. Do not use them as jacks, or for levelling, they are steadies only!
  4. For a first van buy cheap and cheerful with an expectation of changing in 12 months to what you really want rather than what you currently think you want. For your second van remember that your kids will grow alarmingly quickly. Some of us really like them, but there are very few full air awnings, most are porch awnings. We started with a big porch but it died of overexposure to sunlight, like most awnings made of lightweight fabric. We currently have a full Dorema Daytona Air and annex for long holidays and a Sunncamp porch for shorter breaks.
  5. Under the Consumer Rights Act there appears to be a case. Note that I said "there appears to be a case", NOT "will win"! Professional legal advice is strongly recommended. A discussion with the dealer followed by a stiff solicitor's letter might work, but the chances are slim. Any form of legal action is very stressful and does not guarantee success. Using the small claims courts would contain costs but may not cover the full amount. Using any higher court would incur costs, most likely large ones. Unless you are good at handling stress (and your health will stand it!) and enjoy a battle you should keep your expectations down, bite the bullet, write it off to experience and get on with life. Personally I would go as far as the solicitor's letter but probably no further.
  6. Caravan marker and tail lights might, or might not come on with the DRLs dependant on the car and wiring kit used. They should NOT come on with the brake lights.
  7. If you bought from a dealer, your first course of action has to be to take it up with the dealer. Keep a record of what is said, it may come in useful later.
  8. Much prefer in. The noise of rain dripping onto an out mudwall can be very irritating. An in mudwall can also be weighted down to prevent flapping in winds. Never even thought of reversing one. Modern, plastic, clip on ladder straps are much better than the old sewn in rubber ones which eventually perish.
  9. Yes. purchasing the assets and starting a new company under a similar, but different name is very different to buying the company as a going concern. In administration, either can happen, the latter being a form of liquidation. It seems that earlier Talk of a "buyer for the company" was inaccurate.
  10. Does the rest of the 12v kit work? Pump? 12v sockets?
  11. Are you looking for a porch or full awning?
  12. Purchasing a limited company, even in administration, as a going concern does not necessarily cancel existing obligations. As long as liquidation is avoided warranties should be OK.
  13. Had this happen on collection day of my brand new Sprite.The 12 core cable was displaced in the A frame and raising the jockey wheel cut through the insulation, blowing the fuse in the car. There is also normally a set of running light fuses in the caravan.
  14. Make sure that the service includes a damp test.
  15. There are three possibilities. 1. The battery is flat. Probably not being charged 2. The battery is dead. 3 The meter is not accurate. A process of elimination is called for. A multimeter is the tool for the job. Need not cost more than a tenner.
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