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  1. Why are you being logical? The government has already made a mockery of the concept of "essential" in so many ways:- An opening ceremony for one of the emergency hospitals. Boris admitting to have been shaking peoples hands. Off licences and tobacconists being allowed to open. Exercise being an acceptable reason for going out. I could go on...
  2. Batteries will often survive 12 months without recharging as long as they are in good condition and there is no drain, but this cannot be relied upon.
  3. Not so, going out, in itself, presents no risk. What does present a risk is meeting, or getting close to people, and meeting people from other locations risks geographical spread. Going to distant beauty spots for exercise or recreation risks great geographical spread. Going out in the car risks accidents which would put unnecessary load and risk on the emergency services
  4. I thought of this, but if anyone in the house has symptoms I want to be able to fetch the van out of storage and put it on the drive as our own private isolation unit.
  5. "Standard stuff" is a hook up lead and step. Anything else is at the whim of the particular maker or dealer.
  6. In a static, yes, but the vent is necessary for ventilation and as a gas drop hole in a relatively confined space.
  7. So far as I know Rolls Royce has always been abbreviated to "Rolls" or "Roller" despite what it says on the badge. Likewise Land Rover is abbreviated to LR or "Landy" despite what it says on the badge and RR is commonly used to refer to Range Rover!
  8. Too much of the warm air is being blown into the bathroom. If it has a flap valve on the outlet close it a bit. If not block it with something, if that sorts the issue replace it with one with a valve.
  9. That part of Scotland has a strange definition of "near". I was once visiting my mother in Lochgilphead when the exhaust broke on my car. After some phoning round I found out that the nearest place to get it welded was Campbeltown!
  10. Because state instigated lying to the public is a bad thing even in wartime!
  11. Two main purposes:- 1. To test NHS staff (including those currently self isolating) to determine who should, or should not be treating patients. 2. To understand, in the wider population, just how many people have, or have had, the virus without showing any symptoms.
  12. Back feeding would work, but would, no doubt, breach some UK gas regulations. A Moroccan pigtail on your existing regulator would be the proper way.
  13. Yes, but only the testing figures can be considered to be fact, what they represent is a matter of opinion, and what should be done about them is speculation.
  14. What you describe a "skirt around the sides and front" is more usually called the mudwall.
  15. Applying some form of logic (always a dangerous tactic), the two metre separation is intended to prevent exhaled water droplets carrying to another person. Therefore, while cycling, the water droplets will be left way behind in your slipstream and the following distance should be correspondingly greater.
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