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  1. Far more worrying than the wrong country would be the wrong side of the right mountain, or the wrong end of the right town!
  2. If the only way to prevent the mcb tripping is to disconnect he charger then the charger is faulty.
  3. In the microwave with a cushion shoved in to stop it moving.
  4. Whilst I see your point, we mainly use rally fields and I think we have had such a wide and clear gateway into a site maybe once or twice in about 4 or 5 years! I love your fix and the lateral thinking that led to it.
  5. mpg and performance are inextricably linked, if you get more power at full throttle, you need less throttle (and hence use less fuel) for the same power. As to a cleaner engine, is this proven and does this actually make any difference for an ordinary owner?
  6. Both have been tried before, motorised jockey wheel and the little trolley type and are still to be found on Ebay. Both suffer the same shortcoming, insufficient weight on the driven wheel(s). Fine on level tarmac/concrete, hopeless on anything loose or uneven. The trolley type ( Mr Shifta) are still in use by many caravan dealers, great for moving vans around a yard single handed, also used by some storage compounds to pack them in close together.
  7. I have always found it strange that as a more or less competent DIYer I am not trusted to do any DIY on the gas system in my van, but I am trusted with the horrendously unreliable metal to metal POL connector!
  8. Stevan


    It appears to just be a cosmetic cover for the screw. You will probably need to order it through a dealer so you may as well start there!
  9. Apart from the "cleans and protects" claim, which would have to be very substantial to be worth the money even over the whole life of the engine! And how many owners ever have a car for the whole life of the engine?
  10. If the post were moved as you suggest it would prevent pedestrian access between the post and the fence.
  11. Even the definitive MIRO is subject to manufacturing variances, the only truly reliable and accurate figure comes from a weighbridge!
  12. Energy per litre and fuel consumption are inextricably linked. At full throttle, the more chemical energy and oxygen that can be crammed into a cylinder the more power comes out. Under constant power conditions (cruising at constant speed!) the more energy per litre the less fuel is needed.
  13. Sorry, I meant "clear cut to the layman".
  14. It depends on the car. On mine there are two tell tale signs:- 1. If the regen is interrupted the engine cooling fan comes on at full speed when the ignition is turned off. 2. The on board computer shows a marked increase in fuel consumption; tickover consumption quadruples and overrun goes from 999.99mpg to about 240 mpg. People with the automatic version of my car also report "lumpy" gearchanges.
  15. +1 And then one more question. What would be the cost of a minimum repair (seal as best as can be, perhaps external use of waterproof tape followed by drying out without full structural work) and how many seasons could it then be expected to manage. Not forgetting potential health issues.
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