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  1. If metric really were better, the whole world would have switched totally! Even in Europe, tyre diameters are still measured in inches, even though the width is in mm, and similar anomalies crop up all over the place.
  2. 10 year damp warranties mean that damp caravans actually get repaired! Keeping damp repairs separate from servicing makes complete sense, one being quick in and out, the other being lengthy jobs with drying in the middle.
  3. With many cars, unless you monitor instantaneous fuel consumption the only clue to a regen taking place is cooling fan run on after switching off. Unless you do regular short runs, even this may be a rarity.
  4. Yes, this happens on many cars. On many cars the on board computer display also shows dramatically worse fuel consumption during the regen. On mine, the instant consumption figure at tick over increases from 0.1g/h to 0.3g/h.
  5. Not a big issue on a rally field or THS where the ground provides good drainage and the pitch will not be used again for some time. But a bit anti-social if you are going to be leaving a smelly, soggy patch for the next user of the pitch later that day!
  6. We were pulled into a spot check last spring, M40 IIRC. They checked various things including, licence, registration, tyres, mirrors, breakaway cable, lights etc. and that the caravan connection cable was not hanging too low, then gave me a security pen suggesting that I mark the radio and fridge with the Criss number. They had what appeared to be a mobile weighing rig, but did not use it on my outfit, possibly only bothering to weigh outfits that looked overloaded.
  7. Unless you have a case under the CRA (and for that, after 4years it would be up to you to prove that the fault had been inherent when you bought the van), the dealer is not really important unless, like Swift Group, the manufacturer chooses to work through the dealer.
  8. Don't hold your breath! A long slow charge usually only works on batteries that fail as a result of long storage unused, and refuse to accept a normal charge. Batteries that just "give up" in use seldom respond to this approach. Still worth trying, just don't invest much time, effort or expectation into it.
  9. How old is the van? If you have a fibreglass front panel they are likely to just be gel coat cracks and can fairly easily be treated. If it is an ABS panel it is more serious.
  10. True enough, dropping from 60 to 55 makes little difference, but very often, although the limit through the roadworks is (say) 50, it is impossible to maintain that speed from the approach to the end.
  11. That is a possibility, but only bleach based, or other specifically anti-mould products are likely kill the invisible spores. If spores remain, the mould is likely to return.
  12. It is surprising how much impact there is on average speed from even a short period of congestion, even the shortest of breaks or a short period of slow running through roadworks!
  13. You mean like the old 7pin caravan plugs!
  14. The rules are complex in the extreme, not to mention there being grey areas. In the example quoted by ericfield he did not mention a trailer, or mounted attachment, so it is unlikely that the journey was "solely agricultural" for over 5 miles, possible, but not likely.
  15. Many tractors exceed the mileage limit (1.5Km for agricultural vehicles) and should therefore, not use red diesel.
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