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  1. Stevan

    Cordless Drill

    I use the cheapest own brand from any of the major retailers. It may only last half as long as a premium brand, but normally at only a quarter of the price. Just make sure the threads are well greased and you may need to loosen them off a bit first.
  2. If you want to be pedantic about it, 367 to be absolutely certain!
  3. There is one right next to the Welsh Highland Railway. I have never been there but have seen it from the train.
  4. Stevan

    Halogen to led problem

    You may well have hit the nail on the head! Someone, at some point, may well have screwed through the wire, breaking it. If you can find a bigger fitting, cut the wallboard back and you could well find a cut wire. A simple fix and the bigger fitting to cover the hole.
  5. Stevan

    Caravan price increases

    Oldest line in the salesman's book, "buy now before this fantastic offer ends"! Sometimes it's even true!
  6. Stevan

    Should I leave electric on?

    If one cell of the battery goes short circuit even the best chargers can overcharge. Since leaving it on 24/7 when not in use offers no benefit whatever, why take even a small risk?
  7. If it were simply part of the standard build of any caravan chassis the costs would drop even further.
  8. Over the years cars have acquired a whole host of safety features, many of which started off either as options or as features found only on certain high spec cars. Seatbelts, ABS, airbags, side impact protection bars, anti burst door catches etc. etc. Most of these went on to become either mandatory or simply the recognised way of meeting testing standards. In many cases these features sit in the car from production line to scrapyard without ever actually being used, airbags and crumple zones to name but two. If they are ever needed their use becomes apparent and strictly "single use", their effect is clear and has been demonstrated in crash tests. Others, such as ABS, ESP, etc. can be used many times over and it is impossible to say with any certainty, exactly what would have happened under any given circumstances without them. ATC and stabilisers fall into the latter category. Yes it works but it is impossible to do any more than guess at how many incidents it has either prevented or lessened.
  9. Stevan

    Should I leave electric on?

    There is some risk involve with leaving it on 24/7. Either the charger or battery could develop a fault resulting in the battery gassing freely and overheating. The same applies when on site, quite rare, but it does happen, Many people get away with it for years, a few get caught out. Entirely up to you whether to accept the risk!
  10. Stevan

    No EHU or 240v

    The 230V socket in the caravan can suffer from corrosion, particularly if exposed as it is on some older vans. It is worth checking before blaming the consumer unit.
  11. Stevan

    First Caravan

    Both the Santa Fe and Swift are popular choices so cannot actually be bad! The rest is down to personal preferences.
  12. Stevan

    Newbie to carvanning

    Welcome. The search facility on here will take you to a wealth of info on probably any caravanning subject, or post a direct question for a direct(ish) answer.
  13. Stevan

    13 pin plug problem

    Different countries have different standards, the 13 pin is standard across Europe for caravans. Single 7pin is still commonplace on trailers. Of the 13 one is spare so no surprise that your 12 pin works everything.
  14. Even when ATC activates it does not apply the brakes hard enough to cause the outfit to grind to a halt. Earlier this week mine engaged as I drove over a pothole at the exit from the storage compound. The drive is downhill so I was just coasting and even coasting it was nothing more than a gentle tug which did not actually stop the outfit!