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  1. Hello Vicky, Thanks for your reply. I'll give Elddis a try. However if it is gonna cost hundreds I might put up with the gloom!
  2. I have a 2010 Super Cyclone. Is it possible to obtain clear windows for this model? We find the standard 'Privacy Glass' makes the front area too dark.
  3. There was an IB4 at Old Oaks Touring Park, Glastonbury last weekend. I had a look around and was very impressed. The owners love it and I can see why. They told me it was number 3 off the production line. They have had none of the problems which some Eterniti owners have reported. Also full of praise for the mobile fitter (ex Eterniti).
  4. Thanks for letting me know. I'll await developments.
  5. I was getting quite interested in buying one just as they went into liquidation. Is there any chance of a "rebirth"? They look so good and are, I believe, very practical.
  6. Where will the October meeting be held?
  7. I saw two heading North on the M5 on Tuesday 16th Sept. Was there a rally?
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