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  1. I did try another outlet on the same bollard, but not another bollard as I'd struggle to reach the next nearest. It was 100% stable since switching back to electric yesterday evening so not sure if it's the changing load monitor to 10A or electric setting to 1kw (or both) that did it but presumably if there was a nibble in the EHU cable (I didn't have time to check in the end yet) then it would still trip even on lower power settings? I'll be back this afternoon & will give it a good run through on various settings again before we depart tomorrow.
  2. Thanks all for the comments. Just to clarify, everything has been 100% problem free here for the previous 8 nights & we've done nothing differently whatsoever in the last 24hrs. We've been on enough sites to know when we're simply on a low-power hookup. This all started at 7pm yesterday (good job I wasn't bothered about the footie! ) out of the blue. I'll mention again - it also tripped in the middle of the night when nothing but fridge & (occasional) hot water would have been active so nothing to do with our normal power usage. On returning this evening I knocked the Alde power back from gas to electric and down to 1kw and, having used hot water as normal this evening (i. e. exactly the same routing as the previous 8 evenings) we've not had any issues at all so I agree that that starts /kind of/ leaning towards overloading (we've had our load monitor installed for 3yrs and it has worked as expected so far - as mentioned I also dropped that from 15A to 10A this morning, so it could be that which has improved things). We've not had a drop of rain since arrival (much like most of the rest of the country) so that'll rule out water ingress but there has been the odd rat spotted about (we're alongside a farm) so the EHU cable is definitely worth checking which I shall do shortly (TV currently recording so SWMBO won't appreciate me pulling it to check it right now!) I did try swapping to another socket on the same bollard when it was at its worst yesterday evening but it still tripped, so based on comments here that does point it towards the van rather than the bollard, unless the pillar RCDs have all ages & just started hitting their tolerance levels? I used to keep a spare EHU cable in the wheel-well of my previous car but the Disco Sport doesn't have as much room so haven't done of late - will have to start throwing it in the boot again. It could also be the case that whatever spontaneously caused the problem in the first place has spontaneously resolved itself and dropping the Alde to 1kw is a red herring. ...
  3. It's the bollard tripping, but it's tripping with virtually nothing else running. Will be trying on 1kw later as I said, but something that has been working fine for 9 nights & suddenly failing very quickly sounds more like a fault to me.
  4. Indeed, we've been on similar sites too and have been known to take the same precautions, but that's definitely the extreme rather than the norm for us, but in any case it tripped further later without the use of ANY other appliances, other than a sky box & a 45w TV.
  5. We're up to our 9th night away this trip with no problems at all until yesterday evening when suddenly the power tripped whilst the OH was using the microwave. I flipped it back & it tripped a couple more times whilst she was hurriedly trying to finish doing the dinner & I assumed there must be a fault on the microwave causing the trip as we were only using the sky box/tv at the time. Later as she was washing up it tripped again so my thoughts immediately turned to heating tripping it (hot water side). As we went to bed I said I hoped it didn't trip again overnight otherwise I'd wake with no hot water (I'm working away from home this week so need an efficient start) plus I didn't want the fridge/freezer going off in the night. She woke in the middle of the night so I asked her to check power was on (microwave display lit) which it was, so went back to sleep though no idea what time that was. Woke to no hot water/mains power in the morning so pretty certain at this point that it's heating doing the tripping. I do have the power limiter thingy on the heating, was set at 15A. [Edit: I reduced this to 10A this morning] I'll add that all week I've happily been using an 800w microwave at the same time as a Nespresso Coffee machine (1. 3kw) at times with no issues whatsoever so if JUST the hot water is tripping power then clearly there's something at fault. I switched it to gas this morning before shooting off to work (was grateful that on gas the hot water was plenty sufficient within 10 mins!) so have done no further checking until I'm back this evening. This morning I did drop heating from the 3kw that it's been on all week down to 1kw to start with then test further (but then switched to gas anyway as didn't want to leave OH having to mess with power trips whilst I'm at work), but on the assumption that 1kw is going to trip it as well, what other checks/tests can/should I do before I need to get someone to look at it properly? Luckily we're only away another 2 nights so can live with the gas hot water if needs be but obviously something needs fixing so I'm just trying to ensure I look in the right places, or arrange to drop it in somewhere for a look. Thanks in advance!
  6. © Paul Kelly (www. paulkellyphoto. com)

  7. © Paul Kelly (www. paulkellyphoto. com)

  8. We ended up using Strathclyde (as mentioned above) on the way up and Englethwaite on the way back, both times it meant the longer stint was on the first day of travel which worked out perfectly, thanks for all the suggestions. ..
  9. Well I've managed to book Strathclyde on the way up, thinking the longer stint is better this side than Scottish side bearing in mind any bad weather is more likely up there than down here (to slow us down). Still having grief even trying to book 2 nights at Moffat (as a test) as it keeps failing on me so might give 'em a call tomorrow if I remember & see what's what.
  10. Thanks all. Moffat appears to be fully booked on the way up & trying to check availability on the way back seems to have crashed the booking page but at least I have a sensible area to consider so will sort something tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. We're heading to Loch Ness Shores C&CC site in a couple of weeks, starting from Coventry-ish (J2/3 M6 anyway) and were looking to stop at a site overnight around halfway to break up the journey (each way) but I'm aware that halfway on a map/route doesn't necessarily mean half-way real-world driving so am looking for area suggestions? Never been to Scotland before (long overdue!) so not sure what the roads are like closer to the site (other than the narrow approach roads) so is it reasonable to stick a pin in the map at the halfway mileage & pick a CL/CS site near by? I did initially conservative stoping over at the lakes somewhere but that's a good 40 min trip away from the M6 so not really worth while considering we'll just be stopping for a rest (for the dog as well as us) rather than to do much else. Suggestions/pointers appreciated. ..
  12. That's reminded me that our batteries have been in for around 2. 5yrs now - must swap them at some point as they must be getting a bit low by now. ..
  13. Certainly possible. I'll need to have a rummage underneath at the weekend (work means darkness during the week :-/)
  14. Sorry, I neglected to clarify in the OP that I tested with the rollers off the wheels (primarily to rule out battery power/capacity issues). So, to clarify, with the rollers disengaged, n/s roller turns just fine, o/s roller faintly clicks with each button press of the remote, but doesn't turn at all.
  15. The o/s roller on my PurpleLine EM4445 mover seems to have stopped working. N/s seems to work fine, if I listen to the o/s when pressing the button on the remote I can hear a clicking, but no movement of the roller. Any obvious things to check/test before I get in touch with the dealer to try to sort? I changed the batteries in the remote (but it turns n/s anyway) with no change. I have a 100w solar panel with no known 12v battery issues but in any case, after initially discovering the issue when hitching up from storage on Friday evening, it still didn't work this afternoon after being on EHU over the weekend so I doubt very much it's a battery/power issue at least. Any suggestions on where else to check? I've read a few discussions which referred to a pin that can break under strain - I don't tend to push the mover very hard at all but does this sound like a potential candidate?
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