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  1. If you order it as an option from the factory the caravan comes with the modified surround.
  2. It hasn't, it's just not on the layout pics, in real life they are well and truely bulged up.
  3. It's definitely an inline bed and the Commodore, Cruiser and Barracuda have the bulge.
  4. They are length ways and also at the end with a mid toilet and shower The Barracuda hasn't got a transverse bed it's an end bed as the Caravel used to have.
  5. You should have a plate next to the door with the CRiS number on it. It doesn't matter if it's been registered or not they come out of the factory with numbers on the windows and plate.
  6. It includes Buccaneer as it's a part of the Explorer Group and they've bought the whole group
  7. Big news from Elddis this afternoon. ..http://www. practicalmotorhome. com/news/43528-elddis-sold-to-hymer
  8. Just seen this online, it looks a bad one. Hopefully no one is injured and it's not as bad as it looks. http://www. dsfire. gov. uk/news/newsdesk/IncidentDetail. cfm?IncidentID=38340&siteCategoryId=3&T1ID=26&T2ID=35 _______________________________________________ Admin Edit: FYI the following has been posted on the Highbridge website:- Please note due to a fire on our for sale Caravan display, the new & used Caravan display area is currently closed. Please note our Motorhome display, Accessories Shop, Awning Showroom, Workshop and Parts are open as normal (Workshop/Parts closed Sunday) We thank you all for your kind words and patience while we are dealing with the aftermath of the fire.
  9. We were there last week. The shop is indeed fitted out and stocks the normal bread, milk etc plus a few caravan spares and consumables. The cafe next to the shop is meant to be really good but only open weekends off season so didn't get to try it. The toilet block next door has an amazing, brand new gents section with a new ladies being built (the wife said the existing ladies was nice anyway and she's picky) All in all a fab site, they even deliver papers to your door every morning.
  10. Look like they've made a mistake on the website. Two bunks at the rear, side dinette that makes up into a double bed and two front seats that also make a double or two singles equals six. I think the payload now includes a battery as its fitted as standard at the factory.
  11. Apparently the Ally performed better in a golf ball drop test than the grp.
  12. The Galera is the same layout as the new Avante that has been in Practical Caravan and is completely different to the Tempest, they have two bunks at the back, a huge washroom which is similar size to an end washroom turned sideways. large side dinette/bunks and parallel seats at the front. The sides are silver aluminium and look stunning, much shinier than the current grp. Front and back panels have been redesigned so hopefully no cracking. The whole Buccaneer range for 2017 is gorgeous as is the rest of the Elddis range.
  13. The Commodore is four not six berth. The six berth is called a Galera.
  14. The Fleetwood Sonata range was based on an Adria.
  15. I'll do it again with no filter. Will I need a new filter or will rinsing out the new, now chlorine filled one do?
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