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  1. Can't comment on the wheel lock (I've an Alko one) but I find the 580/5 to be a great van, mines a 2015 one.
  2. Not enough time to type correctly, I managed to just about work that part out. Sorry, but that's just laziness in my opinion.
  3. I do like my torches and have several cheap led ones that if the kids lose or break them it doesnt matter. I also have some nicer ones, and whilst they can roast the sheep almost on the far side of the field where I live they also have less powerful modes to make them more caravan site friendly too. I was out earlier this evening in the garden using one of these http://www. klaruslight. com/index. php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=128&id=143
  4. Tablet, bikes, silicone lubricant spray (such useful stuff).
  5. Not good for those that use it only for sat nav when dash mounted and don't message or chat on it though.
  6. I'm very interested in the VIP 650 twin axle, looking forward to seeing that at the NEC in October. I'm looking to buy a new caravan for 2018 and probably will stick with Coachman.
  7. I recommend a low gear, always helps me when going down the steep ones.
  8. As someone who lives in Suffolk I can see why you want to come here, there are some lovely parts. The villages and area around Framlingham are particulary nice and not that far from Kessingland, worth checking out. Framlingham itself is nice and has a castle. I've stayed at White House beach quite a few times as it's only a 40 mile drive for me.
  9. Only ever run my caravan fridge on electricity.
  10. I like them and if I could afford to buy and tow one I would consider one.
  11. A full house would have been if an Alko wheel lock was perfectly aligned too!
  12. Im sure there must be people in the area or caught up in this too?
  13. There's a few things I miss when away in the caravan. When I say miss I don't mean in a conscious longing way but sure there are things I love about my house and which caravanning doesn't offer. That might not be the purist caravanner response but there you go. That said, caravanning offers so many things I do like and enjoy that these outweigh any negatives or things that could be missed. It's all relative.
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