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  1. I am currently selling a caravan. I was contacted by email by a 'getleman' calling himself james john. He offered to buy my van sight unseen at full asking price and would pay using paypal. He said he was deaf and housebound, buying the van for his cousin, and only had Paypal available to him. he said he would use ann agent to collect the van on his behalf, He then transferred to my Paypal account the full asking plus a further £455 to cover the cost of me paying the collecting agent. My paypal account showed the transaction 98% complete pending receipt of Moneygram order. I then received an email fron james john saying the full payment had be made into my Paypal account and requested that I immediately pay the £455 to the agent who turned out to be a Mrs Fade in Lagos, Nigeria!!!!! My Paypal account continued to show 98% complete. I emailed james john to say I was not paying anyone until his transfer to my account was 100% complete. At this point I received an email from james john declaring I was in breach of Paypal rules and he was reporting me to both Paypal and the police. Next I received a very authentic looking email from Paypal saying I had been reported and they were starting Legal Proceedings against me for Breach of Contract. Close inspection revealed the email as fraudulent and I sent a copy to Paypal who are investigating. Today I have received a further email from james john saying unless I send the £455 to Nigeria my arrest is imminent, copy also sent by me to Paypal. Anyway clearly a scam so please don't get involved with this guy, he's clearly (removed) PS the Transaction to Paypal never became complete.
  2. Camping recently in Devon I paid for site WiFi Access which turned out pretty much useless. Guy in the caravan next to me had a 4 inch square MiFi gadget which enabled him to have WiFi access quickly and trouble free. He said he paid about £70 for it, and had to buy a 6 Gb download card for it around every three months at a cost of £17. This looked like a great deal to me and I'm wondering why everyone hasn't got one. I'm not a tech wiz, so am I missing something here?
  3. Now a year on from my original review and another camping season behind me. The Santa Fe is still performing brilliantly and I have nothing to report in the way of problems or difficulties. I have done several long journeys and the car is comfortable and easy to drive. I would recommend this car to anyone thinking of buying one. I have been looking at a locally for sale Santa Fe Mk2 that is automatic and 2. 2 litre which is very tempting.
  4. On my last trip I managed to snap off one of the small white clips that live under the flap on the side of my van where I connect the water/pump from the RollAlong to the van. It's water and electric. Rats, I thought, I'll have to buy and fit a new unit. But No, on checking I find the little clips are sold on their own, Great, so I bought a packet of two. Now alongside the items in the catalogue were reviews which said 'Great item, just the job, fitted in minutes, dead easy'. When these clips break off they snap off flush with the unit into which they push. Looking at the shaft on the new pins they are straight with no clever little clicky bits to retain them. But can I remove the broken bit still stuck in the van? No I cannot. Fitted in minutes it said, yeah right! HELP!!
  5. I guess if you are in thick fog and your fog light is on the near side and an overtaker thinks he is looking at a fog light on the off side it could all get a bit exciting.
  6. I have had my 2004 Lunar Clubman 470/2 for a couple of years now with no major problems. Just had a full service done that has turned up something that I had never noticed. It turns out that the rear light lenses are incorrect for the UK. The Fog light is on the near side of the caravan rather than the off side and the Reversing light is on the off side. The LH and RH lens clusters are not interchangeable and replacements are no longer available from Lunar. I believe there are caravan breakers around the country but have absolutely no idea where to find one. Does anyone have any useful advice. Please?
  7. I am a relative newcomer to caravaning and thought I would pass on a recent experience. I have just had a professional service and was advised that my tyres were seven years old and should be changed although their condition appeared to be excellent. The Serviceman showed me the date block on each tyre which declares the year of manufacture. I contacted a local tyre firm and ordered two new tyres to be fitted at my home by their mobile service. I had to wait a couple of days while they got the new tyres. The fitter arrived on the appointed day with the new tyres and proceeded to jack up the van and removed the first wheel. He got out one of the new tyres from his van and before he got properly started I asked to see the date code. It showed the tyre was manufactured Week 11 in 2013, This meant that three years of my usage was already gone! Both the 'new' tyres were the same so I declined to accept them as they only had three years useful life left in them, if we accept that caravan tyres 'expire' after six years. All ended well as several days later the replacement new tyres showed Week14 2016. Hope everyone checks age of new tyres before fitting them to your caravan.
  8. I have a 2004 Lunar Clubman 470/2 and the Lunar Handbook that came with the van quotes 54psi. I have always run with that. My tyres are marked 175 R13 C and must be replaced this year according to my service man. Quite annoying as they look immaculate with no visible wear. Service Man says 6 years max for tyre life on a caravan. He says longer invalidates van insurance. Changing them tomorrow.
  9. Mayblossom, just loving your avatar. The spaniel looks so like my Jack who was the best dog ever and was truly my soul mate. He was only seven when he became very ill and was diagnosed with a large stomach tumour and had to be put to sleep three years ago. Jack used to love camping, we had a tent then, but he never got to go in a caravan, Sure he would have loved that too. His favourite bit was sleeping hard up against me which he never got to do at home.
  10. I'm still a bit confused by choices on Black Circles Online. Having selected my tyre size I am offered a choice of only Winter Tyres or All Seasontyres. If I select Winter I am offered many choices of maker and price, if I select All Season I am offered only two tyres. No mention of Standard or Summer tyres.
  11. I am just about to buy tyres for my Santa Fe. Advice needed about winter tyres. I cannot afford to own different tyres for winter/summer weather and want to know if winter tyres are good for winter and summer use. Or do I just buy standard tyres. Further confused by offered options when ordering tyres online. Black Circles offer choice of Winter or All Season tyres. Far more tyres are listed under the Winter choice. Help.
  12. We were going to go to Longleat with grandkids in the Spring. Won't bother now.
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