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  1. The stabiliser handle definitely can’t be pushed down with the lock in place. This thread caught my attention when I saw ‘Super-heavy Milenco Hithlock’. I thought it might be a good upgrade on the Milenco lock I’ve got. When I clicked the link and saw the pictures I realised it is the one I’ve got! Hope it’s as good as its write up.
  2. Thanks, Clive. Useful to hear your experience with it.
  3. I use Wet & Forget on the patio and it’s amazingly good. Are you comfortable that it’s harmless to all caravan surfaces including acrylic roof lights, windows, walls etc?
  4. To be fair, our oven at home is electric, so maybe not a fair comparison. However, we’ve found the caravan oven takes an age to cook, say, a pre-prepared 6-portion lasagne in an oven dish. Perhaps I’m blaming the propane when it could be the oven.
  5. How do others manage with propane? Compared with mains gas at home, it’s feeble. As Mr Plodd said, you can certainly simmer with it. But for boiling on the hob - takes ages. Roasting in the oven? Same. Frying steaks? Forget it. Not hot enough, and the steaks are over-cooked long before they’re browned. We only use the cooker for what it can cope with, like boiling rice or vegetables, or frying bacon and eggs. We chose butane to fuel the Cadac for the above reasons. The griddle heats to 200c in 5 mins. Great for steaks. We’ll only ever use the barb
  6. …and when we were camping in South-West France several years ago in our first year caravanning, we packed up the night before ready to go early. At 7am, we crept round, finished off, hitched up and moved off slowly and silently. Unfortunately, I had inadvertently turned the alarm on, and after about 20 metres, the (very loud) siren went off. Sacre bleu!
  7. That’s useful - thanks.
  8. Well, I’ve had two illusions shattered this evening. 1. Wheels get flat spots if left static for a long time. Seems they don’t, from what I’ve read above. I’ve always put the van on axle stands for the winter, on dealer’s advice, enough to take weight off, but not completely off the ground. Am I wasting my time? 2. Wheel-nut torques should be checked before every trip. I’ve always done this. Only once has a nut actually moved (in 7 years). Am I wasting my time with this, too? Or even causing damage? But if you never checked, how would yo
  9. Update: Success! Just replaced the lock/light component and the light is now working. The cover came off exactly as described by Crannoghome, although the bottom clip needed a firmer pull than the top. Having screwed in the the new component, the cover clicked back in as Figbat described. Thank you both, and all others who responded.
  10. Many thanks for doing this, Mike. That helps a lot. I’m bringing the van home from storage next week, so I’ll have a go at it then.
  11. Many thanks. Good to have confirmation.
  12. Absolutely! For me, I’ll now be checking them every trip.
  13. I latched onto this thread because I’ve just had a problem with my 7-year-old out-of warranty Powr Touch Evo. So here’s my experience. Parking up on storage site after holiday, the offside mover crashed through the back of the cover and wouldn’t work. I rang customer service, which was when I first knew Powr Touch had been taken over by Truma. Over a few calls with 3 different agents, and sending photos of the mover, they diagnosed the problem, booked the engineer and ordered the parts. Cause: both securing bolts had fallen out of the actuator carriage, so th
  14. Thanks, figbat. I’ll give that a go.
  15. Well, that’s two of us waiting for enlightenment! I assumed it was the door-lock/light unit that was faulty. I kind of hope it is, as the replacement cost me £72....
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