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  1. …I should have added: (c) as mentioned by Tunnelvision, in my case as well, the tube would have to go uphill to fit in the little clip in the vent housing.
  2. I’ve just had a look and this is what I found. The tube is neither in the plastic container nor in what appears to be a hole provided underneath it. I decided to put the tube in the container as: (a) I couldn’t see where the hole actually led to. The wooden surface in the picture is actually a foot above the caravan floor. (b) The black, flattened metal pipe to the left of the container actually passes right through it. It’s hot (the fridge is on) so it must be there to aid evaporation. I’ll see how that goes while we’re away over the next week. The clip on the outside vent moved easily with a bit of WD40. Thanks for your post, Mr. Plodd - it came at just the right time , while the van was on the drive.
  3. Thanks, both. Had a look at the video. Mine has just one clip, which is indeed stiff. As it’s getting a bit dark now, I’ll have a go in the morning.
  4. Very interesting! A few times, we’ve seen water on the floor near the fridge when arriving on site, and wondered where it came from. The two pictures from Mr. Plodd and Jim, I assume, are from the outside of the caravan with the ventilation grill removed. How do I remove it so I can have a look?
  5. Thanks for posting this link. I ordered that model from Amazon on Monday, it came on Wednesday, and it’s now fitted in the van ahead of our next trip on Sunday. It’s exactly the same as the old one except for the Tower badge instead of Daewoo - and the door’s straight and the hinges don’t rattle!
  6. Had a look at that - definitely worth considering. We camped at nearby Rhosneigr when the children were young - the Valley airfield jets were indeed loud, but fascinating to them. I grew up with a back-window view down the runway at Manchester Airport, so used to it!
  7. Sad news for tourers about this wonderful site. There’ll be no more tourers or tents accepted here after this year. It’s a large, beachside site with many statics, and 100+ seasonal caravans, many of them virtually permanent fixtures. Alongside them, they have always kept 20 or so fully-serviced pitches for tourers, and expansive grassy areas for tenters, who get fabulous views over the Irish Sea. It seems that the owners are attracted by the guaranteed income of £2.8k p.a income per seasonal pitch and less hassle and cost of bookings and reception. Can’t fault the business logic, but a shame nonetheless and sad for the many families, like ourselves, who visit year after year and have so many memories there. C’est la vie!
  8. Good point. Maybe ours was an odd bad one. Having said that, for all the annoyance of rattling hinges and dropping door, it did the job for 7 years. As you say, one advantage is that it will fit the space.
  9. We have exactly the same model in our Bailey Unicorn II Cadiz. Yesterday it gave up trying to cook 5 baking potatoes, emitted a loud, grinding noise, and gave off an awful smell of burning plastic. It was too hot to touch outside and inside. She said it’s no good any more. (Not her exact words.) I said let’s try it again tomorrow. I tried it again today and got the same sound and smell after 2 seconds, then turned it off. We agreed she was right. So now we’re looking for a replacement of exactly the same, or slightly smaller, dimensions. Thanks for the posts here, which are helpful. But I’d rather not have another of this model. The hinges always rattled and the door didn’t hang straight. Any more suggestions would be good!
  10. Er, disregarding my earlier post on a different topic, is this the longest between a post and a reply?
  11. Very glad to hear all are well. This was one of those stories you can’t resist reading. I didn’t notice it was from 2014 until I reached the end of the first page. It’s great that you replied. Is this also the longest gap on CT between a post and a reply?
  12. Thanks, Glen. Just had a look myself. What a small world! That garage will be the cue to turn left for the campsite and the Boat Inn. Best wishes.
  13. Appreciated- that’s what I thought. The M56 way appears slightly shorter, though, and we go that way often to Anglesey, Llangollen, Chirk etc. Must check out the bacon butty stop!
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