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  1. Aye, agreed- that’s the one I use. I also keep the spare charged-up in case the one on the van conks while I’m motor-moving it onto the drive from the 1 in 10 hill I live at the top of. Never happened yet, though.
  2. I use a couple of wine corks with insulating tape wrapped round to make a tight fit.
  3. Great question, and I’d love to know the answer. Our van’s in storage from November to April. The alarm draws on the battery, so I keep a spare (110Ah) topped up and swap them over 2 or 3 times in that period. The battery drops to about 12.2v between swaps. This works for me, but it’s a bit of a faff in midwinter getting under the caravan cover with the spanners. If a solar panel keeps the battery topped, up I’d consider that.
  4. Thanks for mentioning this, Babs. I've read the CMC piece about re-opening, and my reading is that it's still conditional on government go-ahead. Nevertheless, a bloke I met on my storage site yesterday said he'd already provisionally booked three trips to different CMC sites on the strength of the announcement.
  5. Thanks - that's interesting. We normally leave the fridge door ajar, and don't get any mould there, except in the freezer compartment, which is closed.
  6. Thanks, Stevan. I just use warm water with a bit of washing-up liquid in it. I wring the cloth, wash the mould off then then dry with another cloth. I'd consider using an anti-mould spray if I was sure it wouldn't damage the plastic.
  7. Each Spring when I bring the caravan out of storage, there's a dry blackish mould around the inside framework of the roof-lights. It's easy enough to shift with soapy water, although fiddly with all the nooks and crannies in the plastic frames. Any ideas on what might be causing it and how to prevent it? I do put a cover on the van, and leave all the internal lockers and doors open for maximum air circulation. There's never any damp or mould anywhere else. This time I'm minded to leave the roof-light blinds open instead of shutting them, in the hope that air c
  8. I mean to say....it’s only over the road from Beadnell C&CC site, but there’s nowt there. No ice cream, flip-flop shops, donkeys, deck chairs, bars, chippies - nuffin. Not even litter. And it goes on for two miles, so it’s a right slog along the perfect sand to Seahouses, and then you have to trudge all the way back, with nowt but the sound of waves and birds for entertainment. You only see a few people with (a) kids or (b) dogs, as there aren’t apparently any restrictions on either. To cap it all, there’s another even bigger beach just like it to the south, and
  9. Stopped there yesterday- was good. Thanks for the recommendation. Must say - it was the cleanest, tidiest non-foul-smelling HGV park I’ve ever been in.
  10. All useful info here, thank you. I don' t much like using lorry parks, but needs must. You can only drive so far with your legs crossed. I just wish the signposting for caravan parking at services generally was clearer. Even at some of the better ones, you might get a clear 'caravans' sign as you enter, then...nothing, so you have to guess which way to go and hope you don't end up somewhere you can't get out of. Some cater for caravans very well, though. Why can't they all?
  11. That's great - appreciate the picture. Many thanks.
  12. We're off to Beadnell Bay in Northumberland on Thursday. I'm looking for possible stops on the way. I've checked out services on A1M. Durham, Washington and Scotch Corner don't seem to have any caravan parking as far as I can see (on Google Streetview). Other than Wetherby, which I know is very good, does anyone have any knowledge of suitable places for a break further north? Thanks.
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