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  1. Here at Clumber Park, among the birch trees and limes under Nottinghamshire’s blue skies and May sunshine, I was refilling the Aquaroll for the nth time today when I got fed up of the leak from the top of the filler tube and had a closer look. With a pair of long-nosed pliers, I pulled out the object on the right from the funnel on the left. I’ve no idea when, where or how it got there. But... - if anyone else has found one in their filler tube, I’d love to know. - I’m not the only one who fills the Aquaroll. - The other party denies all knowledge. - if you think it’s yours, let me know and I’ll post it back.
  2. Sounds good. Are the canisters interchangeable with other brands?
  3. Thanmks. I'll also have a look a that. How many barbies would a 500g cartridge last?
  4. We used to have one several years ago when we camped with our kids. Can't remember the cost then, but Go Outdoors are quoting £35 for a refill plus £40 if you need a container. A family-run company in in Chorley are giving £25 for the refill plus £10 if you need the bottle to put it in. Off to Chorley tomorrow! Thanks for your reply.
  5. Thanks for this. Europe is where we're headed later this year, so that is a factor. Interesting that you find butane better than propane. Being relatively new to caravanning (just 5 years) we find the propane-powered cooker and oven terribly slow. Does butane burn hotter?
  6. Thanks for replies. I think I'll probably go for the Calor Gaz 907, as I've got space for it in the boot. Thank you, all.
  7. I've recently bought a Cadac Carry Chef 2, and I'd welcome advice on gas bottles and regulators, please. I've ruled out using the built-in connector at the front of the caravan after reading comments on the forum about that being too close to the both the van and the awning for comfort. So I'm thinking of a separate gas cylinder and regulator. I'd prefer something I can take safely in the car, as I'm very tight for additional weight in the van, even though I could fit another 6kg cylinder in the gas cupboard. Can anyone recommend a smaller, refillable, cylinder? Butane or propane? And is there a regulator that can take two cylinders, so one can be turned on when the other's run out? Is there any danger or legal problem in carrying a gas cylinder in the car, especially on a ferry? Any advice and recommendations would be much appreciated, Thanks.
  8. Nope, it ain't. It was Lancashire when I was born, as was I. Agree with the comments, though. Great site, even if you don't use the clubhouse and swimming pool. Worth the money, IMO.
  9. My current site here in Derbyshire is £593 p. a. More than my previous, nearby site, which was £456. Neither is a CASSOA site. When I moved, I discussed security at the new site with the insurance co. The site is part of a trading estate which provides 24 hour on-site security presence, 2-hourly patrols and CCTV. Because this was not provided by the storage site itself, they said it wouldn't count towards any discount. So I asked them to ignore all that and revise the quote. Computer said. ...exactly the same. I'd be tempted to go to a CASSOA site if there was one nearby. But I wonder whether that would really affect the premium.
  10. Welcome - from another ex-tenter. .
  11. I've used the Floe device every year since my water pump got frost-damaged. It hasn't happened since. I would recommend it - though obviously there are cheaper ways that seem just as effective, from the posts above. Whale have a very useful video on how to use it. I use a 5-litre plastic container to catch the water blown out of each tap so I don't get splattered. It usually collects about 1. 5 to 2 litres in total. As an extra precaution, on dealer's advice, I disconnect the hoses from the pump and run it dry for a minute. There's usually another teaspoon or two even after the Floe procedure.
  12. Thanks for this. Back home now, so will have a look next time we have the van out.
  13. The kitchen tap in our Unicorn 2 Cadiz is dripping from below the lever. See photo below. It’s a Francis Pegler Adorn tap. Looked on their website, but found no diagrams to help dismantle it. I’d be very grateful for any advice on how to fix it, please. Cheers.
  14. This fell off yesterday after I'd washed the van. Could anyone recommend a suitable glue to fix it back on with? ie - won't damage the plastic I'm fixing it to - will be possible to remove if ever needed without damage to van - last but not least, will actually stick the decal and keep it there! The original glue is still quite tacky, but not enough to stick properly. Thanks
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