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  1. I fitted one to my last caravan as we used to go to a lot of CL's with no hook-up, connected to a 500w pure sine inverter so could use a tv, charge phones/iPad etc for the 3 kids etc and our friends who were tent camping. Fount it really useful and opened up places for us to visit without running out of power if sensible with it. Also kept the battery topped up all winter when the caravan was in storage. New caravan was purchased with the intention of being on a seasonal pitch, £100 a year for unlimited elec so no need for a solar panel. If I were to start going off grid again I would definitely have one. I guess it will depend on what your power needs will be as to whether you will find it worthwhile or not.
  2. Well done you, that was quite an experience for your first solo outing! We have our caravan on a seasonal pitch but when we did tow the old van I used a TomTom Camper/caravan sat nav . Even setting the caravan to 9 foot wide and 7 tonnes it still tried to send us down small roads on occasion, I'm led to believe that it doesn't know all road widths and that if it doesn't know the width it will send you down it. Always use a sat nav purely as a guide but back your route up with checking on a decent scale map, google maps is also a good tool to use to check your final approach especially when you know your going into the countryside where roads may be smaller. Welcome to caravanning, I hope you and the family enjoy it!
  3. Kampa make an ace air all season inflatable awning which is made from a more substantial material, not cheap and quite heavy but the erect time is quite quick, inflatable awnings take just as long to peg out as a poled awning though. From memory they only make it in one size though which is a 4 metre.
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee 5. 7l v8 hemi but a bit thirsty also
  5. A bicycle inner tube would probably do the trick, you would obviously need to cut out suitable sized squares of the rubber to use in your hinges.
  6. It really is very straight forward, there are guides on youtube i. e. this one There is also a front and rear pad that are quite easy to remove, take them all out one at a time and give a light sanding with the 80 grit sandpaper just enough to remove the glaze so they appear dull and clean with a squirt of brake cleaner and re-insert (remember to put the right amount of packing washers back for the side pads) , the side ones click back into place quite easily.
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    Unfortunately if they really want it they'll take it regardless of what measures you take, I hope the thieving scum get what they deserve
  8. When we had a kampa air awning we had the Kampa breeze pump, tell a lie we had 3 in the space of a year so I wouldn't buy another Kampa branded pump. Sevylor do a 2 stage pump that is much better regarded which I went for. Used this many times with the air awing and still use it for my inflatable kayak with no probs, would buy another tomorrow.
  9. Prime the bare ply with some watered down pva glue first using a roller and let dry. The adhesive vinyl should then stick.
  10. We've had the same dilemma over the past few weeks, some of the other seasonal pitches where we are have decking panels a metre wide and 2. 4m long so they can be broken down and stored, others have ply on top of treated wood beams. We looked at both but need 9m x 2. 4m for the awning and annexe so was very costly and lots of wood to store at the end of the season. In the end we went pondliner double thick as a groundsgeet then interlocking foam tiles on top to make the floor a bit nicer/warmer to walk on the topped with bolon as we already had this. Just finished doing it yesterday actually, not quite as good as the wood versions but much less costly and easier to dismantle and store. We bought 4 packs of 64 sq/ft foam tiles for £120 so not too costly overall.
  11. Closest cassoa sites are Dunton (Laindon) and Bicknacre. I stored at Bicknacre for a couple of years and had several problems there so I am not a fan. Friends of ours store at The Dome holiday park in Hullbridge which isn't cassoa approved but our friends haven't had any issues there. Main thing to check is that your insurance company are happy if the site isn't cassoa approved, our friends paid about £40 more for their insurance to store at The Dome but overall was significantly cheaper than a cassoa site. I think The Lawns in Hockley may do storage as well but don't have any details?
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    As mentioned previously you should retain your rights. One thing I was advised though the tester when I passed my motorcycle test was to keep a copy of the certificate and the licence as it isn't unheard of to get you new licence with a few bits missing. If you can prove you've had the entitlement previously you will be fine.
  13. Just make sure the battery terminals in the battery box cant touch each other and short out, ideally insulate them.
  14. The swivel part of the bracket lifts off of the wall plate so you don't travel with the tv mounted on the wall
  15. Same bracket in black from Amazon, mine was delivered yesterday and £9. 95 black tv bracket
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