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  1. Just bought a used Dorema Magnum 260 air awning and I too was amazed how awkward it is in its "potato sack " Watched some vids on you tube to get a heads up on best way to put it up/down before my next trip . Went on E bay and bought an Isabella awning bag with handles, rather like a large sports bag . It has a zip which goes all the way down to the bottom on each end and the rolled up awning can be rolled right into the bag and the zip closed round it . Both handles have a velcro grip to enclose them for easier carrying . Way easier than trying to lift the rolled up awning to put it in the open end of the "potato sack" held open by my wife 😏.
  2. Blimey!-- who would buy at that price from a car dealer when the "guarantee " is based on mileage!!!. If there is a"paid for" guarantee offered how would the underwriters feel about a van being a "lemon" and been sold off at auction ? Said before the time scale of guarantees caravan dealers offer on used vans is approaching a scandal, seems to me they "wash there hands " more times than a hospital doctor.
  3. I have the same basic van but its the Ultima (Robinsons special) . Bought second hand from Goodalls who got me a new plate from Lunar as mine is a "special" and at that time, five years ago, you had to get any new plate from the original makers --apparently ? Personally I would not trust any other than a factory plate if there was a chance of running up a big fine if taken in by the plod for a check weigh.
  4. Hello Lee - Had the same problem with my Ultima 524 - Turned out to be a failed connection to the tow bar electrics on the supply to the cars rear lights. Took me ages to find it
  5. Mr P I was thinking about you a lot on last saturday- from the away end at Deepdale we were assailed by a Campbells advertising banner across the whole of the back wall in the home end Wont dwell on the result but it kept me busy at 1/2 time when all around me wrists were being slashed
  6. The 3mth free 12mth paid for is a matter of judgement really. Can I ask - if you were buying a car just out of guarantee for say £10,000 would you be happy with the dealer offering you 3mths warranty ? At many dealers, inc Robinsons that is what is offered . However there are dealers ( check Caravan Trader website )that offer 12mths as standard on all vans. Cannot disagree about the service/ sales staff at Chesterfield they are welcoming and very busy in the service office/ service bay but they are firm about any queries . One of the things that gets my goat with them as well is motor movers . If they take a van in as a trade in and it has motor movers they openly say in the ad for the van is " if you require the movers on the van it will be £500 extra" !!!!! If you wanted to buy a used car with nice alloy the previous owner had put on and the dealer said if you want the alloys its an extra £500 or we can put standard steel wheels on, you would be up in arms, rightly, so why can I not be angry about the movers on a used van? Check the website - a 4 berth Bailey at £14600 3 mth warranty and movers ( if you want them they are left on the van for £500). Yes I have followed your trials and tribulations at length and wouldn`t wish that on anybody. Hope your headache tablets are back in the cupboard now ;-)
  7. Be careful what you wish for ! - I keep my Ultima 524 (ex Goodalls) a mile away from Robinsons Chesterfield . They would only accept it for service after I said that I had previously bought a Ultima 525 from them . But what really gets my goat is the guarantee offered by them, 3mths if the original manufacturers one has run out . They are not alone in this as I have been looking to update my van and when you check, lots of dealers will offer 12mth on all used vans . A "little bird" has told me that the 3mths is a way of getting you to buy at the beginning of the season (when the prices are often at the highest ) so you can try out the van in the usual caravan "season". We made a conscious decision to buy any vans in Nov/Dec and have spent a few nights in the Peak District proving the blown air heating works
  8. Just an update on this, finally took the cassette off the rooflight and had a look at the enormity of the job . The hardest part was getting it home from the van storage teetering on the top of my fishing tackle . How it went :- 1- Removed the four grid covers plus the two long covers on either end . 2- Took out the 4 phillips screws exposed under the grills. 3- Took out the 3 phillips screws from each side under the long covers. Be careful to get someone to support the frame as you take out the last screw or it could get costly as its very easily twistable and would break as the UV plastic? is very brittle where it has been exposed on the roof side . 4- When I got it home it was obvious that my original idea would need some mods (dont they always). The anchor posts for the cord which had sheared off at both sides of the cassette was under spring tension from the anchors at the other end . This put doubt in my mind as to how long such a small amount of Araldite needed to mend it in the original position would last. Plan B 1- Rummaged round in th "curtain hangers bag " (we all have one dont we? ) found two vertical blind hangers, these had a flange end which would allow more adhesive to be used they also had a slot for the blind which acted as a locator for the cord stopped off by the broken post 2- Glued them in position at ~ 45deg to the track in order to give a slightly easier angle as parts of the end track had broken off and had to be "smoothed off " where the cord might rub over time. The repair is very strong and as the final position is slightly forward of th original post postion it will have a bit less tension . I hope the attached photo of the repair will explain all the above ramblings and the total cost was £2. 00 for Araldite
  9. Not got as far as looking for breakers parts but what I thought was trying to take the cassette off and fixing the posts back onto the cassette with Araldite? Can anyone tell me if its a DIY job to get it off, cannot find a diagram of the roof light on the Remis web pages. Its the tilt/ slide version .
  10. Does anyone know where I can source a new cassette for a Remis rooflight on my 2007 Ultima 524. The control cord (which runs through the pleats of the blind) is anchored at both sides by a screw which screws into a hollow pedestal moulded into the cassette frame at each side behind the fly screen , both these have sheared off at the base and I have had to secure the cord in another position . Has anyone else had to deal with this ?
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