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  1. Thank you now I know what they are called I’ll try and order one. I must say the dealer is very unhelpful. It’s going in for a service and I asked if they could replace it while it’s in. The receptionist said no it’s only booked in for a service they won’t have time! I said it’s a piece of plastic which just needs sticking on !
  2. Thanks for all the helpful replies. I presume the blighters got in through the vents in the front locker. Off to buy some traps and peanut butter today, plus removing everything today for the winter. Never had this problem before, can’t believe the damage done to the cover in just 7 days!
  3. Just been away for a week and the towing cover was in the front locker. Came to put it on today to come home and it’s full of holes where mice have chewed it
  4. I’ve caught the back end of the caravan on something and the plastic cap from the corner has been pulled off. What are they called as I was going to see if i could order one. thanks
  5. Our Elddis has a phantom tracker. We have a solar panel and the caravan is never hooked up. The battery held full charge all last winter.
  6. What is the problem with the loo? Ours has a thetford loo.
  7. It’s not expensive to get an extra number plate.
  8. I have the 2 litre diesel 190 psi automatic Tiguan. Tows very Ellwell with plenty of power.
  9. Very impressed with Phantom. Today on our way home we forgot to switch the alarm off. They rang us within 10 minutes.
  10. We have 2 motor movers on our twin axle. We can get it into a reasonably tight space. We have to use the motor mover as there isn’t enough room to back it in hitched up and there’s only a couple of feet space either side.
  11. If you have it on dash cam, mail it to the company and I’d also tell the police
  12. I’ve got an Elddis Avante 860, love it.
  13. We had a Cabrera, enjoy
  14. We have the Elddis Avante 860 with the central bathroom. What I like is, you can close off the toilet and washbasin completely so you aren’t walking past the toilet all the time. With with some layouts you can’t shut any of it off and you constantly have to walk through the bathroom. Previously we had the Bailey Cabrera and you had to walk through the bathroom to get to the bedroom and when the door was shut, the lounge felt small. The Layout we have now means we close the door to the toilet and basin so someone can use that and the other person can still get to the bedroom. Also the lounge area is huge so when you do close the door the living area still feels spacious. The door opening outwards into the kitchen put me off, bit of an oversight by the designers
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