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  1. No, Bailey website states: AL-KO Secure portable wheel lock (two for twin axle models) Although I did think the same thing initially. I think having one is no better than having none as I suspect a thief could just let the tyre down and use the unprotected wheel to pull the van away. Regardless of what security you have it seems that if someone wants it they'll take it. Have a look at Mr W's review on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Purpleline-Nemesis-Ultra-Security-Caravan/dp/B008V9MHQM/ref=sr_1_2?crid=DDGVQ14F767V&keywords=nemisis+wheel+clamp&qid=1563440307&a
  2. The Firestick needs some sort of gateway to access the internet, this can be in the form of on site Wi-Fi, a Mi-Fi device or using your phone as a mobile hotspot. Whichever method you choose the Firestick will need connect to this gateway so that it can access the internet. For streaming you'll need at least a 3-4Mbps connection and most site Wi-Fi wouldn't allow this, I've also seen mobile data providers capping the speed when it's used excessively. If you choose to provide an internet connection yourself through a Mi-FI or Phone Hotpot you'll really need a 4G connection to get a
  3. Thanks for confirming yours is the same. With a little more thought that isolator could have been put on the outside too. Oh well I'll live with it, not a major problem.
  4. We picked up our lovely new Bailey Unicorn S4 Cartegena at the weekend and so far we're really pleased with it. There are some build quality issues like doors bowing, cupboards misaligned but I can sort most of these problems. We did have a few small issues with one of the lights not working and the toilet cassette flap missing but these were all sorted before we left. The biggest problem we have now is not only are we missing the Alko wheel lock (it's a twin axle so 2 should have been supplied) but the receiver on the hub is also missing! How on earth can this have been forgotten
  5. Hi all, We've just picked up our brand new Bailey Unicorn caravan. As part of the deal we got the dealer to fit a second hand AWD powrtouch motor mover. My question is regarding the isolation switch location. On our previous caravan this was fitted in the battery box and prevented you from using the motor mover when the caravan was plugged into the mains. On our new van the isolator is located under the bed and is accessible through the side locker. Now only is it quite a way in it also means you can easily have the mains plugged in at the same time. The mains input is now situated
  6. Wow how time flies. I did complete the project and it worked just fine. We sold the van last year and I left the tracker installed and explained how it worked to the new owner. I have no idea if they used it or not. The system did work well, the only problem was everytime the storage owner moved the caravan around I would get an alert. I haven't fitted one to the new caravan as it's now stored in locked undercover storage.
  7. Kodi is just a piece of media playing software which can run on Android, Windows, Apple and Linux. Kodi itself is not illegal and really neither are the addons. The addons however do allow you to easily search for pirated material and watch it on your device. You cannot get Kodi on a smart TV unless someone releases a build for your TV (unlikely), the easiest way to get it is using an Amazon Firestick. The Firestick runs the Android operating system so Kodi works just fine on it, also the Firestick allows third party apps to be installed on it really easily. You don't have to jump tho
  8. As usual this is going right off topic and as always seems to be the case on this forum it has started turning in to an argument about towing safety. I'll unsubscribe from this topic now as I don't think anything constructive will now be mentioned about the Peugeot 3008 SUV.
  9. What's quite interesting is the original copy of the manual states much lower limits for the 2. 0L BlueHDi Manual: Kerb Weight: 1500 kgs Braked trailer: 1650 kgs The revised version upped it to: Kerb Weight: 1500 kgs Braked trailer: 2000 kgs I'll be towing a 1500 kgs van so it should be a pretty good match. The car also has some clever electronics to keep everything in check when towing and the caravan also has ATC so I have all the latest whizz bang gadgets to help me tow safely I know what you mean though, you could go buy this car and look at the manual and see it ca
  10. For £100+vat I don't expect it to be anything too fancy.
  11. I had a 307SW for many years and loved it, I only changed to the 4007 because of getting the caravan. I'm not sure why you don't like the electric parking brake, combined with hill assist it makes pulling away on a hill a breeze. If you put the parking brake on when stopped on a hill you just accelerate away and the parking brake comes off automatically making it almost impossible to roll back. I had a 508SW for a short time and this had both hill assist and electric parking brake and the hill assist worked even with a caravan on the back and pulling out from a steep incline. W
  12. I totally agree with you about the previous 3008, I think I looked at it for towing but the max towing limit was too low. I did consider holding out for the new 5008 SUV but looking at it now I think I made the right choice, yes 7 seats is nice to have but I can probably count on one hand the times we've used these in our 4007.
  13. Thanks Les. I'm hoping the clutch will last, it should be fine as we have no holidays booked until July so won't be using the van until then and I'll use the wifes car for now. Clutch only slips when you floor it in a high gear but I'm sure the seal is leaking because I've just had a low oil warning come up. I topped it up with the dribble I had in the garage and that's got rid of the warning
  14. Our caravan came with an on board water tank which I thought was a good idea. I sterilised it and fitted a water filter to the pipe and submerged it in the tank and planned to use it for drinking water only. On our second trip out I was lying in bed at night and had the worst headache I have ever had in my life, it was paralysing and luckily the wife was quickly on head with some paracetamol and after 15 minutes I was fine. I put this down to drinking water from the internal tank and to this day I have never done it again. What we do now is fill the aqua roll and the on board t
  15. It certainly is a head turner. I never set out to buy a new car but as the 3008 SUV was only released in December/January the used car market is non existent. This will only be the 2nd new car I have ever owned, the last one was a 2004 Peugeot 307 which we only kept for a year because it was so basic. I have had Peugeot's for the last 20 years and have no complaints.
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