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  1. i think its boat dependant as well as some of the boats don't have a 3m Deck so you are either 2. 6m or 4m, therefore even if you put 3m in you will be charged the 4m price as above I looked at bumping up from 2. 6 to 3m for safety they wanted £60 e/w that was on the ST Malo out and the Poole back I have experience of my roof box getting rubbed on the roof of the boat when they put me on a mezzanine level in a Zafira ( and I had booked as an MPV and high
  2. Thanks all that was my conclusion anyway, just checking I wasn't being dull, did the Blanford route last year with a trailer tent and found it really tiring ( I did realise that I go north to M3 @ southhampton not pompy just couldn't edit )
  3. apologies if not in right section but don't know where best to place it What would be the boreds opinion on the best route Poole -S Wales (coming in on the late i. e. dark Cherbourg-Poole ferry with a 7. 25m caravan and not being an experienced towist) Cross country ( as I would do in car) shortest but can be narrow/twisty go west towards M5 then up to M4 ( route I've never been on but is second shortest and lots of Dual/motorway) or East to Portsmouth A34-M4 ( route I know very well from pompy up )
  4. Camping Bel in La tranche sur mer does take doubles ( dependant upon Jean Michels moods) but its tight to get on about 45 mins north of LR
  5. linked to this in a way is do caravan companies include Ariel heights in their specs as i've booked the st Malo 2. 6m with a elddis that's spec says 2. 58 if that doesn't include the Ariel could get expensive
  6. It can run a Ro-ro or turn but it's big enough to turn arctics in
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