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  1. Mbateman

    Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    It’s Campbell’s, Andy the service advisor has been great, but they seem to have a high turn over of staff and it’s difficult to build up a good working relationship. I must say that they have just taken on a lady called Catherine who used to work at Reads and she seem’s very good and generally interested in customers concerns. It would also be really good if Bailey listened to the customer and dealers and address their poor customer service and slow warranty procedures.
  2. Mbateman

    Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    The dealer didn’t seem interested, I asked what happens next, how long till we get an answer from Bailey, they couldn’t answer any of my concerns.
  3. Mbateman

    Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    Dropped my 2016 Pursuit off at the dealers yesterday for them to carry out some measurements, including weighing. .. not feeling confident.
  4. Mbateman

    Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    What year is your van, do you know the month it was built? Mark
  5. Mbateman

    Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    Just got an email from my dealer to say our Axle has failure on our 2016 530/4 Pursuit, Measurements are 25mm on n/s and 20mm on o/s. Dealer has submitted a claim to Bailey. ..... What’s the chance of getting it repaired under warranty (Van was 2 year old in April) Mark
  6. Mbateman

    Unicorn 3 Roof Seal Leaks.

    I too have joined the leaky Bailey club, notice on Friday night, in the dealers Saturday morning for a temp repair pending a full warranty claim
  7. Mbateman

    Adrian Flux

    I use them for my Westfield (kit car) always good value and easy to deal with. I can't comment on claiming.
  8. Mbateman

    Unicorn Valencia Fixed Bed Mattress

    Any pictures of your support? Looking at doing the same in my pursuit Mark
  9. Mbateman

    1st Service Tomorrow

    Fingers crossed ours had it's 1st service last week thankfully no damp :-)
  10. Mbateman

    1st Service

    Please to report that our Pursuit has had it's 1st service and no damp was found. The only issue identified was the need to replace the front window again due to it folding in whilst towing and this has resulted in it leaving marks on the inside of the window. .. Overall very happy Mark
  11. Mbateman


    Another happy customer for Tourershine, Hopefully I'll be seeing Paul soon when he's due to reseal my front panel after some warranty work.
  12. Mbateman

    Bailey Complaints Email Address

    To be honest I not looking for a reply, I just hope they read my complaint and see the hassle I'm having from the dealer. It's also to show the dealer that we are not accepting their excuses for poor workmanship.
  13. Mbateman

    Bailey Complaints Email Address

    Thank you