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  1. If they dont supply a new number plate just have them swap the number plate from the old van onto the new one as they wont need it as you are not selling them the car.
  2. Thankyou and please dont give up yet i have followed the very interesting struggle from the start
  3. In your motorhome up-plate did you have to make changes the required you to get a new VIN plate? if not then i would suggest that you just paid for a new "decal" if so then i would suggest that it wasn't an up-plate rather aplication to change the weight limits If as you have stated on numourous occations the caravan has a vin plate with a maximum MTPLM (all regulations included) this cannot be up-plated without new type approval As this cannot be up-plated only down-plated it would be a reasonable suggestion that i posted
  4. They produce the caravan with BOTH plateS showing the maximum weight limit and then offer an “downgrade” to the lower weight(specific to divers/owners requirements) The manufacturer would then still be able to charge for replacement "decals"and a new CofC to satisfy police of B driving licience regs conformity and then the sale of a new "decal" and CofC if on resale wished to be changed back by 2nD/3rd/4th owner correct me if i am wrong but i dont remember reading anywhere about upgrading in the regulations only downplating
  5. Some people can let it go in one eye out of the other eye and some people are not forum savvy I would congratulate Old Sod on a job well done. I to am a DIY'er i have never trained as a gardener but i can plant flowers and cut grass i can wallpaper and paint and never went to college/night school to get a certificate i can weld/braize/solder and a multitude of differnt things But the one things i am trained to do and do every day to earn a living i was assessed as competant by someone who had read it all in a book and never done the job himself
  6. A tad expensive from that Ebay link. I suggest you get them from Bailey/Primaleisure https://www. primaleisure. com/product/1230215 they do just clip on just be careful when removing the old ones(gentle not brute force)
  7. I have used this place before to get a replacement sink for a swift challenger when i couldn't find one elsewhere. They do most makers /models and the Quality was a damn site better than the origonal. https://caravanpanels. com/sinks-36-c. asp Also they have a Re-moulding service so that they take a copy of yourpanel/sink and make you a new one https://caravanpanels. com/re-moulding-service-174-c. asp
  8. Sputnics suggestion for Prima leisure is ok but the door is a flush door 3 not a service door (also the image above is for the seal for a flush door 5) so be sure to have a good look before ordering
  9. Anybody got any updates re: wallmart, as i am making the trip to Dorset from Wigan and will probably need a stop about there.
  10. What about these https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1170065
  11. This could be an option if you dont get sorted by Lunar https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Nylon-Barbed-Straight-Reducer-Silicone-Hose-Connector-Fuel-Pipe-Joiner-Water-/330685325127 (click the down arrow on diameter,and then on fitting type
  12. Charnock Richard is about half way between Gailey and Kendal and i have never had any problems getting into a caravan parking spot which are just as you get onto the servce area. goggle earth shows it clearly.
  13. Burned out EHU cable? Have you tested it since you lost power? ie fuse or even a loose wire inside the plug (either end)
  14. wiganian

    First MOT

    Your case is different being that the car was MOT'ed 7 months before its third birthday not one month before as required to obtain a 13 month certificate
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