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  1. Inside the locker in front of the door, also perfect for charging E bike and cooking breakfast on a George Foreman.....
  2. New years eve is always very good in the clubhouse, not overly cheap,but we've found whatever function EKL put on, they do it very very well.
  3. we have pitch 24 booked for every BH next year, favourite pitch.
  4. Not having posted In here for a while, 19 months "in" with our cruiser (March 17) we have just had the first need to contact the dealer. Two cracks in the overbed skylight frame last weekend. very slow drip on to my side of the bed, other than that 100% trouble free.
  5. they are expensive, but take into account the increased residual on a VW, makes them more acceptable.
  6. We find the 204 DSG 4 motion kombi VW Transporter outstanding, great vehicles and great tow vehicles
  7. 6206greg


    We pay 50p per litre from a local haulage depot, seems most get in 1000l tanks for the lorries.
  8. we Tow a cruiser with a T6 204 4 motion Kombi. Tows very very well. If you do Facebook there is a "T4/T5/T6 tourers" plenty of people on there tow with Campers.
  9. Our 2017 cruiser hasn't needed so much as a phone call to the dealer since we picked it up last March, i should stop talking about how good its been, tempting Fate.
  10. Apologies havent contributed on here for a while. There must be quite a few on this thread just had there first service or looming imminently? how has everybody got on? Our cruiser will be a year old towards the end of March and still not a phone call in anger to the dealer, worktops are battered but thats not a dealer issue, so far so good, 1st service hopefully will reinforce that.
  11. That was our T5 140,it towed the Elegance with no problems. We had it mapped to around 175/420nm and although it wasn't a necessity it certainly made things better holding the higher gears, we got around 22-24 ish to the gallon, as stated earlier Pendle is considered the best option for the remap.
  12. Somebody onFB has been quoted £248 to have the cocktail cabinet door changed, not sure what to though.
  13. If you use Facebook, there is a T4/5/6 Tourers page, well over a thousand others towing with a Transporter, never heard a bad report yet.
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