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  1. We had this problem when we bought our 1st caravan,the same make and model,the blue inlet pipe did curve a lot, sometimes not going to the bottom of the water container,I slid a spare piece of rigid pipe over the blue inlet pipe,cut a slant on the base of it,problem solved.
  2. has anyone experienced a leaking water pump,it seems to be coming from between the black front that connects to the pump body, I have no leak from the connecting water pipes,I have a dart 380/2 and not a gung ho, I can fix it guy,so any advice would be welcome. Thank you.
  3. nice one three star. just read your signature,how apt.
  4. My towcar MAX ball weight is 50kgs,my caravan MIN hitch weight is 50KGS,a fine line,I bought a nose weight gauge for £28,and to the best of my ability I will bloody use it,when I take it out of storage and when I leave a site. I know some person will say what if this or that is not level,what height is the hitch before you weigh it HAS to be this height,as long as I have done all I can, to the best I can, I am happy. I also like the snide looks I get when doing a weight check before leaving a site. I also inflate the towcar rear tires before towing,torque wrench £25, to check mi nuts,before going out on the road. Overkill,to some yes,famous saying,am I bothered,no.
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  6. SOLO FUEL MPG Click here to view the towcar review
  7. Thanks for the replies,I will now start look out for for the 80 profile on my online search for a tyre,only need a spare at the moment, its 2004!!!! but never been on and its in the well inside the van,the 2 that are on now are 20012 so ok for a bit yet. New to tin tops so looking at important things that need doing 1st.
  8. Can anyone please tell me the PROFILE ? of a caravan tyre, 165R13C, are there different profiles .
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    i have just bought my 1st caravan and in the docs is an instruction booklet for a trio sport awning,on the back page it looks like it is made in Denmark,if of any use to anyone I will post it on.
  10. Hi to you all at caravan talk,just bought an AVONDALE MAYFAIR 380/2 after saying goodbye to the folding camper,picked it up,filled it up,shot of for 10 days to a local site,loved it,been looking at your sub forum on AVONDALES and picking up some very good tips,advice etc,looking forward to working with the site and asking advice on our new caravan.
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