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  1. Hi Martin, I will need to go up to theirs and check and let you know. When I was there, the switch didn't illuminate in any position, and still doesn't even with the battery fully charged, although all of the 12v equipment is working now the battery is full. When I tested at the battery leads there was no output, although I'm pretty sure I didn't test it in the mid position. Having just spoken to him, if he puts the switch to mid position or car, none of the 12v works even with mains on and the charge switch on and illuminated. He seems sure it lit up previously when it was switc
  2. Hi guys, looks like I've got completely mixed up with the switches. The top switch is car or van, and this is the one that won't illuminate. The bottom one is charger, which IS lit, but not charging. I just phoned my dad to clarify. Sorry about that 😕
  3. And yes, he's fully charged the battery and all the 12v kit now works
  4. Hi Martin, no the switch doesn't illuminate, although my dad thinks it did when they first got it. I've been told today that the switch is mains powered and it is before the charger, so if it isn't illuminating, it could be faulty or it isn't getting 230v
  5. Pfr, Thanks for the wiring diagram, really useful.
  6. Hi Paul & Stevan there is a fuse next to the battery compartment on the 12v lead, I've checked every fuse I can find and they're all good, apart from a pink fuse rated E in a bank of 3 under the seat near to the battery compartment, I replaced it with a 3a, but it made no difference. I will try to upload some photos. If I connect my megger to the battery leads on the van with the battery disconnected I get 0 volts, with the battery connected I was reading 3v, and I suspect everything worked until the battery level dropped and everything shut off. The seller obviously charged
  7. I did try to upload some pics of the unit and fuse locations etc, but the files were too large. Thanks again
  8. Hi Graham, Thanks for the reply. I'm ok on the 230v side as I'm a sparky, but have to admit I don't know much about the 12v side. I haven't gotten as far as checking anything on the output side of the charge unit as I was looking for the glaringly obvious first. All I checked was the battery leads to see if it was getting voltage, but I was showing 0 volts on my multimeter. It appears the same fault we had on our van, but that was an easy fix.
  9. Hi folks, I hope somebody can help me. My parents have just bought a 2000 Swift conquerer, which they were told by the seller was a 2004, (but that's another story) that aside there is a problem with it that I can't resolve. When they asked me to go and have a look (after they had bought it without testing anything) the lights and heater were working off the battery (so they tell me) but when I had a look, none of the 12v side appears to be working. The charger / consumer unit is an ESM 2000. All the 230v power seems fine, but when the switch is put over to van, nothing
  10. Hi guys, I'm a new member, and new to caravanning, so please be gentle ! I'm probably opening a can of worms here, but in for a penny, in for a pound. I've been offered a '99 Swift Challenger 520 SE, in what looks like superb condition. The guy wanted £2k for it with 2 awnings, and all the bits and bobs. He said it was completely dry etc etc and I arranged to go this weekend. He rang yesterday to say that he's found a bit of sponginess just below the window above the cooker, and just wanted to let me know as it's a fair distance away and he didn't want to waste my time. He s
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