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  1. As above, been many times.
  2. 2nd service on our 2016 Pursuit 550/4 no issues and no damp. Very happy. .
  3. I can assure you its still ok on my CMC storage sites, it was recently upgraded with new panels and hose reel etc. You do need to book a slot to use the facilities, in the past couple of weeks I have cleaned my van and also seen a service taking place. The wardens are so stricken on every little thing there, so I can only assume it's not band. I've only been using the storage facility since August at which time I was informed of the rules for using washing/maintenance area
  4. not all CMC storage pounds have band cleaning and maintenance, unless this has happened in the past 5 days
  5. It will need to be delivered registered by the previous owner first
  6. As stated above you will need the hybrid LNB, I have Sky q working in my caravan with a standard dish and hybrid lnb
  7. Yes I have my main q box working in the caravan right now, all my recording are available and I am able to view all channels
  8. Yes it does work, hybrid LNB set up using the old hd box then change to q box and wideband slots on LNB
  9. Fields end water, 2 lakes one match fishing the other is mostly carp. Dogs welcome with good walks for them
  10. Hi all, has anyone used the sky hybrid LNB to receive Sky q in the caravan? As far as I can tell you should be able to locate the satellite using a meeter then connect sky q box using the different wideband and lowband connections on the hybrid LNB
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