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  1. hi we have coachman amara 2005 now hot water works on ehu no probs,we are just back from off grid rally and for some reason could not get hot water gas cowl was off plenty gas as fire and cooker were both used any help be great cheers chippy 4461
  2. hi all I have 165r14c tyres on our coachman amara,they need renewed now shopped about at local tyre dealers who tell me not standard size as these tyres are 15 years old been on sesonal pitch since new but am going to tour with it now,kwick fit tried to sell me 185 r14c tyres but not sure if they be to big any help
  3. hi all I need to change tyres on my coachman that we have now it says they are 165r14c on wall of tyres, when look on line comes up with 165 80 r 14c or some say 70 in middle so what does 80 or 70 stand for and what should I buy many thanks for your help by way I have coachman amara 4berth 2005
  4. hi all just bought bailey compass gte caravan the seller said its a 1993 how do I check this its nice caravan just interested to know if he right
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