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  1. You will get condensation when there are big differences between inside and outside temperatures. Warm air will hold more moisture than the air that is cooler near the walls and windows. Therefore the air that is near these cold surfaces has to release some of the moisture as condensation. The only thing you can do is try to keep the caravan well ventilated. I disagree with Johnaldo when he says having the heating on will form moisture in the air - it will not. Electric heating does not produce moisture, and if using gas heating system the flue will vent all moisture outside the caravan not inside. Cooking on gas will create moisture, as burning gas will create water and CO2.
  2. At £600 or £700 I wouldn't involve insurance companies. It will cost you more than that through increased premiums etc. I would just take the hit and pay for it myself.
  3. In my opinions the double dinette is the best layout for a family - giving two areas for beds and dining, playing etc. however the manufacturers don't seem to be selling many of these at the moment. They are very flexible giving the option of making up beds and leaving them, or converting back to seats. Most models have fixed beds, which to my way of thinking is a waste of space in the daytime. Caravans with a fixed double mean that children's beds would be in the lounge area, meaning that if they go to bed before you, you can't as easily watch tv, do the washing up, etc without disturbing them.
  4. Hi Colin, Thanks for your reply, have only just seen it. Good to have a recommendation.
  5. Are you sure the water isn't coming from inside the fridge? I know our fridge defrosts to leave a pool of water in the bottom of the fridge that needs wiping out. Otherwise I have heard of the evaporation tank overfilling or sloshing out as you tow the caravan home. I believe some people have extended the drain pipe to allow it to drain through a hole in the floor to the outside instead of into the pot.
  6. Hi All, Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I had looked at camping le dauphin - it looks great. One review on trip advisor put me off, since it talked about a lot of loud music noise late at night from an adjacent campsite. I had thought about sating in France, but might consider hopping the border into Spain, so will look at the other recommendations. Anyone stayed at Camping les Criques de Porteils?
  7. Hi, Thinking about possible locations for a holiday in France next summer during the school holiday July/August time. I am wondering about somewhere near Argeles-sur-mer on the Mediterranean coast. I have been further East near Frejus / Hyeres a long time ago. I liked these areas, but they were very busy with traffic in the peak season. Anyone like holidaying near Argeles-sur-mer? We are a family with children 12 and 9, looking for a site with good pools and slides and also nice beaches within easy reach. Anyone recommend the region? Any particular campsite recommendations would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. I wonder what is to be gained from swapping to a smaller van. I doubt a smaller van will significantly change your fuel costs, unless you are also considering changing your tow car. Will you get any money back, by exchanging the current van for a smaller one? Realistically, I don't believe smaller vans are any easier to tow, or allow you to go to places a larger van would prevent you from visiting. If you have a mover fitted the fact that a smaller van is easier to hand manoeuver makes no difference as you never do it. I would stick with the van you have if you are happy with it, unless you have a good reason for changing it.
  9. I believe the fridge control systems usually work from the 12V supply, whether they are set to run on EHU or not.
  10. Hi Gavin, You need to buy a bottle top regulator suitable for the Flogas cylinder. You can then unscrew the jubilee clip shown in your photo and remove the tube from your current regulator and put the tube onto the new regulator and secure with the jubilee clip. I don't use Flogas gaslights, so I don't know which of these regulators would be suitable. https://www.flogas.co.uk/shop/category/regulators
  11. If you are wanting to buy a new tv to use iplayer, netflix etc., I would buy a smart tv instead. This will do everything the firestick does better. You will need good internet though to use either a smart tv or a firestick.
  12. Shouldn't really matter where the control knob is turned. I would choose somewhere in the middle.
  13. Hi Alan, First thing to do is to light your hob, to make sure the caravan gas is purged through that far. Check the gas valve to the fridge is open. I am not sure about your specific fridge model, but to light most fridges, you hold the control knob in whilst pressing the igniter, until the indicator shows the green zone. Hope this helps.
  14. If you plan to use your caravan all year round it is better to use red (propane) bottles, rather than blue (butane) bottles (at least Calor use those colours). Propane will work at lower temperatures than butane. In terms of what you have to do to change to use propane instead of butane, that depends on your caravan and the regulator you have. Most newer caravans have a bulkhead fitted regulator which is suitable for both propane and butane, but will probably require that you need a different pigtail (rubber pipe with connector) or an adaptor to use propane instead of butane. Hope that helps
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