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  1. We like the folding table we bought from Go Outdoors which includes fold out seats. Our children are at the right height to eat at it, sat on the fold out seats. Folding chairs tend to be designed for relaxing in and slope backwards a bit, so make it difficult for smaller children to be in the ideal position to eat at a freestanding table.
  2. I tow a 1470kg Bailey with a VW Caravelle. The Caravelle is the same base vehicle and engine as the California or Transporter. I have the 2.0 diesel 140BHP manual version. It tows my caravan very well.
  3. I would buy a prongless metre, I don't like the ones that poke little holes wherever you test. They are much more expensive though.
  4. I always get my fridge cold on mains first, and then the 12V towing supply just about manages to keep things cold when travelling. I realise this may not be possible if you keep your van in storage. When we travel on overnight channel ferries to France I pre-chill the fridge at home, and then just before leaving put in two 2 litre bottles of ice from the household freezer. This keeps the fridge perfectly cold overnight, with much of the ice still ice long into the following day. If you can't get your fridge cold on mains before travelling, perhaps you could use ice bottles to help get it cold to boost the 12V system. I know others use frozen milk and then use the milk when it defrosts. I know this is a different solution to your solar panel, but it is probably easier and cheaper.
  5. Electrical appliances cannot use a higher start-up voltage, caravan microwaves could possibly be designed to draw a lower current on start-up, but the Voltage will always be around 230V.
  6. I tried and failed to open these type of lights to replace bulbs in my 2007 Bailey. I believe they "weld" themselves closed with heat. I ended up buying 4 replacement LED versions from Bailey. You then take the surround from the Heki down, which wasn't too difficult, and that gives you access to the wires and plugs so you can unplug the old lights and plug in the replacements. The LED replacements work well and more reliably than my original ones.
  7. You don't have to buy wet batteries locally Tayna and the likes deliver, and you can shop online just as for anything else. You will probably get the best price by shopping online.
  8. Hi Paul, I meant to say that I expect the fridge LIGHT is powered by the caravan 12V supply
  9. Hi Paul, I expect that the light in the fridge is powered by the caravan 12V supply so it would work when you run the fridge on gas or mains. If that is correct are you sure you have mains power to the fridge? Have you tried to run the fridge on gas?
  10. If you don't want to use gas, what about using a 12v water heater, instead of an inverter etc. Should be more efficient. Something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/WATER-HEATER-BOILER-COFFEE-WARMER/dp/B00P2F4T5A/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_263_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=3VMG47KQAMDTCCEYTN31
  11. I have a Yellowstone Outdoor pack flat bbq. It's big enough for 4 people, and packs completely flat into a small flat case about the thickness of a paperback novel, so no storage problem.
  12. Hi, Don't wire Live and Neutral together, that's going to cause trouble! I think SteveMilner meant to suggest you wire Live and switched live together, to take the switch out for fault finding purposes.
  13. Nicholaston Farm is a great campsite. I live in Swansea, and it is one of the ones I would recommend to anyone wanting to camp on the Gower. Good clean facilties, great beach within walking distance, great views. The lane into the campsite is narrow, but it very short before you are there. I would recommend it.
  14. I am sure parking the caravan on your drive will be fine, but I would invest in a motor mover. If your road is like ours, and people park along it, it would mean being able to reverse the caravan onto our drive was impossible much of the time. With a motor mover it doesn't matter where anyone has parked, I can just drive in, stop in the road, unhitch and use the mover to easily and safely put it on the drive.
  15. Sounds like you have eliminated the battery as the cause of your fault. I once had a problem where the wires from the battery are connected into the rest of the caravan electrical system. On my van there is a plug socket arrangement, which is located under the seat where the battery box intrudes into the space. My wire with the plug socket is located in the small space below the battery box intrusion, and cannot easily be seen. Mine became disconnected once, probably when I hoovered under the seats. This had the same symptoms you describe, power at the battery, but no 12V power in anything in the van. Perhaps see if your van has a similar connector?
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