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  1. The seals arrived, and looked like they had the correct profile, but were slightly smaller in diameter. I tried them, but they don't work and allow the tap to leak. So I am back to the original seals, with silicone lubricant, which are working fine. I am just going to hope this does keep working in the long term.
  2. Well the company hasn't yet replied to my enquiry, so I decided to buy 3 sets, one for each of two taps and the shower, if it uses the same seals. When I have recieved and fitted them, I will update to say whether they are the right seals or not.
  3. The dimensions seem about right, and I have just noticed that in the small print it says that Caravan-components is a division of Carafax, so it stands a good chance of being exactly the right thing. I am just waiting for them to reply to my email, before I order.
  4. Hi WispMan, The original seals are not simple o'rings, I would like to find an exact replacement.
  5. Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply, I have replaced the cartridge, and the tap still leaks. I am sure my problem is the "o'ring" type seals. I have fixed the problem for now, by cleaning and lubricating the seals, but I think I should replace them to prevent the problem recurring soon. Finding the corret replacement seals is difficult. Yesterday, I spoke to Carafax, the tap manufacturer, but they only want to sell me a complete tap!
  6. Yes, I bought from a different supplier than you. I bought these: https://catalog.barnwell.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/248 They definitely didn't work. I have put the old ones back for now, with silicone lubricant, and they aren't leaking at the moment. Just think long term the seals will need to be changed. I have seen these, but can't tell if they are the right thing. I have emailed the supplier to see if they can help me check if they will fit the Carafax taps. https://www.caravan-components.co.uk/Washers-for-Single-Lever-Mixer-Tap-Pair
  7. Hi, I have just had the same problem. I fixed mine by removing the two seals that seal the rotating part of the tap and cleaning them and lubricating them with some silicone grease /lubricant. I think I will need to change the seals in the long term, but doing this stopped mine leaking completely.
  8. Hi, So I now have the same issue with a weeping tap in my Bailey Pageant Provence 2007. I managed to stop the tap leaking by dismantling the tap, cleaning the original seals and using some silicone grease. I meant this to be a temporary fix I did while away on holiday. It worked for the length of the holiday, but I believe the seals really need to be replaced. I bought quad ring seals, of the specification noted above, but when I have fitted them they allow the tap to weep again. When I compare with the original seals they have a different profile. I have attached a picture of the origina
  9. Hi Reggie, Thank you for this reply. It does look like the right part. It seems expensive, I am going to contact my local caravan repair centre to see how much they quote to fit a replacement.
  10. Hi Reggie, Thanks for your reply. When I look at your photo I agree it looks like I have lost the outer pane of plastic. Anyone know if you can buy the outer pane on its own and how you fit it?
  11. I have a Bailey Pageant Provence Series 6 2007 caravan. On a recent holiday I noticed that a part of the door has been lost. The part that has been lost is a piece of trim or seal that surrounds the window in the habitation door. I believe the door is a Hartal door. I have attached a photo of the door with the part missing. I would be grateful if anyone can help me identify which part or parts are missing, so that I can buy the correct replacement part, and also advise if this part is fitted with any sealant or adhesive. I have looked on the Prima Leisure webiste and there are a number of seal
  12. You will get condensation when there are big differences between inside and outside temperatures. Warm air will hold more moisture than the air that is cooler near the walls and windows. Therefore the air that is near these cold surfaces has to release some of the moisture as condensation. The only thing you can do is try to keep the caravan well ventilated. I disagree with Johnaldo when he says having the heating on will form moisture in the air - it will not. Electric heating does not produce moisture, and if using gas heating system the flue will vent all moisture outside the ca
  13. At £600 or £700 I wouldn't involve insurance companies. It will cost you more than that through increased premiums etc. I would just take the hit and pay for it myself.
  14. In my opinions the double dinette is the best layout for a family - giving two areas for beds and dining, playing etc. however the manufacturers don't seem to be selling many of these at the moment. They are very flexible giving the option of making up beds and leaving them, or converting back to seats. Most models have fixed beds, which to my way of thinking is a waste of space in the daytime. Caravans with a fixed double mean that children's beds would be in the lounge area, meaning that if they go to bed before you, you can't as easily watch tv, do the washing up, etc without d
  15. Hi Colin, Thanks for your reply, have only just seen it. Good to have a recommendation.
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