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  1. I have a Yellowstone Outdoor pack flat bbq. It's big enough for 4 people, and packs completely flat into a small flat case about the thickness of a paperback novel, so no storage problem.
  2. Hi, Don't wire Live and Neutral together, that's going to cause trouble! I think SteveMilner meant to suggest you wire Live and switched live together, to take the switch out for fault finding purposes.
  3. Nicholaston Farm is a great campsite. I live in Swansea, and it is one of the ones I would recommend to anyone wanting to camp on the Gower. Good clean facilties, great beach within walking distance, great views. The lane into the campsite is narrow, but it very short before you are there. I would recommend it.
  4. I am sure parking the caravan on your drive will be fine, but I would invest in a motor mover. If your road is like ours, and people park along it, it would mean being able to reverse the caravan onto our drive was impossible much of the time. With a motor mover it doesn't matter where anyone has parked, I can just drive in, stop in the road, unhitch and use the mover to easily and safely put it on the drive.
  5. Sounds like you have eliminated the battery as the cause of your fault. I once had a problem where the wires from the battery are connected into the rest of the caravan electrical system. On my van there is a plug socket arrangement, which is located under the seat where the battery box intrudes into the space. My wire with the plug socket is located in the small space below the battery box intrusion, and cannot easily be seen. Mine became disconnected once, probably when I hoovered under the seats. This had the same symptoms you describe, power at the battery, but no 12V power in anything in the van. Perhaps see if your van has a similar connector?
  6. I think a caravan is classed as a trailer, and you have not received the correct information from the DVLA. The car must be capable of towing a 2400kg trailer, so this is what the V5C should say.
  7. I personally think that if you are comfortable towing a caravan, it doesn't really matter how long it is. I don't think a longer caravan is any more difficult to tow than a shorter caravan. I would make sure you buy a layout you want, and don't worry about the length. Obviously you need a tow car which can tow it though.
  8. I used a hole saw with an arbor to do mine. I think it was 25mm, but not at home to check. I am sure the switch will be standard across all brands of mover. Just realised I had a pdf of the installation manual that I could look at. The drill bit size/hole size is 25mm.
  9. I wouldn't have expected cables to limit the current and slow charging down significantly either, but I have experienced it, and it certainly happens. From what the OP describes, I believe this is the most likely cause of his problem.
  10. Hi Dave, I have found that charging times can vary depending on the USB cable. I have some cables which must not allow as large a current to be drawn, and therefore give slower charging. Are you using the same USB lead in your caravan as you do at home?
  11. How do you know the power drops? Are you measuring it?
  12. Has anyone any experience on using this sort of thing on the caravan bathroom sink? Ours has yellowed in parts.
  13. I bought the cheapest one I could find from Towsure when they had a 25% off everything sale. I paid £400 for it about 5 years ago and fitted it myself. It was easy to fit, like big boys meccano. It was definitely worth buying a mover, so much easier to put van on drive, hitch van, manoeuvre onto and off pitches. I reverse when possible, but I often put the van in positions on pitches that would be impossible to reverse onto, particularly on French sites. I would buy the cheapest available again, it has worked well for me.
  14. Changing a thermocouple should not need to break in to the gas supply of an appliance, as long as you can get to the thermocouple without needing to disconnect the gas supply to remove the appliance. Therefore, blev may well be able to change their own thermocouple without needing a gas certified person, if they are a reasonably competent diyer.
  15. I have a caravan, and prior to owning that borrowed a motorhome a good number of times. The problem with the motorhome, was that it was not really big enough for a family of four to be away for a week or so, particularly if you get wet weather etc. or go away in the winter. A bigger motorhome would obviously solve this problem, but the motorhome we used, was just small enough to park in most car park spaces. So if you had a bigger motorhome for more space, it wouldn't be practical to visit many places, since you wouldn't be able to park it easily. This is fine, if you intend to just drive to a site and not move, but we like to visit interesting places which we drive to whilst away, at least some of the time. We now have a VW Caravelle as our tow vehicle, which provides plenty of space when out and about, and a bigger caravan and awning for siting and not moving. The choice between caravan and motorhome definitely comes down to how many people will go away in it, and how you are going to use it.
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