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  1. If you are wanting to buy a new tv to use iplayer, netflix etc., I would buy a smart tv instead. This will do everything the firestick does better. You will need good internet though to use either a smart tv or a firestick.
  2. Shouldn't really matter where the control knob is turned. I would choose somewhere in the middle.
  3. Hi Alan, First thing to do is to light your hob, to make sure the caravan gas is purged through that far. Check the gas valve to the fridge is open. I am not sure about your specific fridge model, but to light most fridges, you hold the control knob in whilst pressing the igniter, until the indicator shows the green zone. Hope this helps.
  4. If you plan to use your caravan all year round it is better to use red (propane) bottles, rather than blue (butane) bottles (at least Calor use those colours). Propane will work at lower temperatures than butane. In terms of what you have to do to change to use propane instead of butane, that depends on your caravan and the regulator you have. Most newer caravans have a bulkhead fitted regulator which is suitable for both propane and butane, but will probably require that you need a different pigtail (rubber pipe with connector) or an adaptor to use propane instead of butane. Hope that helps
  5. The number of amps on EHU will make no difference to what setting you need on the fridge. Either all your appliances will draw less than 6 Amps and everything is ok, or if they try to draw more the site bollard should trip. The voltage is the same, the current the fridge receives is the same. The knob controls a thermostat. No need to run turn it high for startup either, it will work at full power until it reaches the thermostat setting, turning it to a higher position just means it will go colder before the thermostat switches it off.
  6. I have used citronella candles before, and not found them to be wonderfully effective.
  7. Have you thought of removing fuses from the twelve volt system one at a time, to identify which one or more of the circuits is drawing the current? Are you sure the electric panel is showing a correct reading?
  8. Hi Stevan, I emailed Calor through their website and got the reply below. Dear .... Thank you for your email dated 30 May 2019 highlighting your concerns with the withdrawal of the Calor Lite cylinder. Please be assured Calor have not taken this decision lightly, our experience with the Calor Lite and its lack of longevity indicated the need for a cylinder to be better designed to withstand the rigours of transportation and refilling. Investigations were made in to various alternatives with the potential for another lighter cylinder, however the investment involved in redesigning the filling plants and processes to accommodate a new composite bottle would be significant and to recover the investment costs would require a premium on any such cylinder price. This is something we would not wish to impose on the caravanning community. Calor continue to regularly review our range, though I have been assured at this point we will not be replacing the Calor Lite with another composite cylinder. I appreciate this is not the response you would be hoping for, though I can confirm Calor do still provide the 6kg propane cylinder and the 3.9kg propane cylinders. The Calor Lite had a full weight of approx. 10.2kg, the 6kg propane has a full weight of approximately 16kgs and the 3.9kg propane has a full weight of approximately 10kgs. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Yours sincerely Helen Kavanagh Customer Standards Co-Ordinator Tachbrook Park Athena House, Athena Drive, Tachbrook Park, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 6RL Quality@calor.co.uk
  9. Hi Paul, Calor are not going to produce a new lite bottle. When the current lite bottles are not fit for purpose they will be withdrawn from service and not replaced. Calor seem to be turning their backs on the lite cylinder caravan market. When it becomes difficult to get replacement lites I am considering getting 5kg Flogas Gaslights instead. I will need an adaptor or a different pigtail. They are not sold as widely as Calor though.
  10. This does sound like a thermocouple not working. Can you measure the voltage output of the thermocouple when heated? I think it should be 25 to 35 millivolts. Is the thermocouple definitely positioned correctly to heat sufficiently to operate?
  11. Has the Avtex TV got a satelite decoder built in? If so I believe you would plug it into your sky dish at home, but not through the sky box and use the inbuilt decoder and record to the usb device plugged into the tv.
  12. I would load to 70kg, as a higher nose weight usually means a more stable tow.
  13. I am looking for something that will work outdoors. Ideally it would be battery or gas powered, but I could run a power lead to it. I would like to hear from anyone who has used something outdoors with some success!
  14. Hi, Has anyone any experience of using the Thermacell mosquito repelling devices? I am considering buying one for our trip to France in July/August. We have been to the site before, and there are a few mosquitoes. The devices are not too expensive, but the replacement cartridges are quite expensive, so I'd like to know if anyone has used them before, and how good they are.
  15. I have seen other people mention filters on the ends of the taps that get clogged. Maybe this could be your problem?
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