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  1. No, that’s the way it should be. Pin 9 permanent live and pin 10 live when engine running. Brian
  2. If your caravan has the infamous Chinese F&S breakers, then these can trip prematurely. Brian
  3. To get a meaninful answer it would help if could quote your current vehicle weights and your caravan MTPLM. Also if the total plated max weights of your car and caravan are over 3500kg, then you need a B+E driving license. Brian
  4. Yes you are correct. It's the sum of actual max load plated weights. Brian
  5. BMW are notorious for not wiring up pin 10 which means you won't get the fridge supply or battery charging. Before you go any further check if you have 12v + between pins 10 & 11 with the engine running. Brian
  6. The fact that your previous caravan was ok and that you have verified that you have a permanent supply on pin 9 suggests that the fault is on your new caravan. I suggest that you take it back to your dealer and suggest that they plug it in on another vehicle and see what happens. Alternatively do you have somebody near you with a car correctly wired that you could try. Brian
  7. If the green light is not coming on, then there is no power getting to the heater. You therefore to check the power side rather than the heater itself. Brian
  8. Pin 13 is the return for pin 9 which supplies the ATC and battery charging. So these should not work unless pin 13 is wired. You seem to say that the ATC comes on with ignition so maybe there is some other wiring that is not correct Brian
  9. You can get a 13 pin plug with a facility for connecting two cables. However the two cables together are not very flexible. A better way is to explore where the existing cables terminate in the caravan and replace with a suitable length of 13 core cable using terminator blocks if necessary. Be aware that the cores in the 13 core cable are arranged in the same order as the terminations in the plug if you use the correct end. The wrong end of the cable is a mirror image which makes it difficult to connect to the plug. Brian
  10. EHIC may still be valid as there are already four countries outside the EU who use them. These are Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It all depends on what is agreed in the negotiations whether the UK can continue using them. Brian
  11. You can easily check the socket on a BMW just by a visual look. Lift up the flap and you should see 12 pins silver coloured and one pin that it just a black hole which is the one not used and not required. The showing of twelve silver pins is not a guarantee that it everything will work as there may be faults elsewhere but at least it is a start. BMW used to wire just 10 pins (and maybe still do!) so in this case you will see three black holes. Brian
  12. As from this week, any old time remaining on your old passport will not be added to your new passport. Previously any time up to nine months could be added. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2018/09/passport-applicants-hit-out-after-being-given-shorter-than-expec/ Brian
  13. I had the same problems on my previous caravan, a 2007 Bailey Bordeaux, which had F&S MCB's. If they are F&S then the only solution is to change them. I had difficulty in finding replacements that were the same physical size to fit in the box. Brian
  14. Not exactly. Battery charging is from pin 9 - permanent live. However there is a relay in the caravan sensed from pin 10 - fridge supply- which effectively switches the caravan battery into the circuit when the engine is running. Brian
  15. Quote.... Concessionary bus passes from outside London If you're from outside London and have a bus pass issued by another English council, you can use it, at any time, to travel free on buses displaying the red roundel. You should show your pass to the driver; at the moment they can't be read by the yellow card readers. If the bus you're on doesn't display the red roundel, check with the driver if you can use it; most will let you travel free between 09:30 and 23:00 on weekdays, and at any time on weekends and public holidays. English National Concessionary Passes
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