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  1. Yes I find them so hard that is almost impossible to hammer your awning pegs in and just as bad to remove.
  2. I purchased a new BMW X3 in 2012, three years later when l brought a new caravan l then realised my fridge was not working. So returned the car to the original dealer and after a long talk with several staff members they agreed to re wire FOC.
  3. Looked on their website but cannot see a coachman 2015 VIP 575/4 listed
  4. If possible some pictures of the worktop extension would be very interesting
  5. Sounds very good any chance of some pictures.
  6. I was thinking of a 21. 5 screen size with HD Satellite receiver and Freeview receiver.
  7. I need to buy a new T/V for my caravan. How good is the Vision Plus T/V or should I pay the extra and buy the Avtex, your comments would be appreciated.
  8. I see Coachman are giving a Powrtouch mover with new caravans ordered from 26th Dec to 22 Feb. A little disappointing for customers that ordered new caravans earlier, I ordered a new Pastiche in October for delivery in March. I think this offer should apply to all new 2015 caravan orders.
  9. Yes we ordered a Coachman Pastiche 575 from Lee Davey Caravans at Harrietsham,they did have one on show we thought it was great had all the things we wanted but will have to wait until February or March to try it out .
  10. Hi Just posting to say Hi, Have been caravaning for about 10 years over that time have traveled around the UK and Europe. Thinking about buying a new 2015 caravan for next year with fixed bed or beds, just reading all the comments.
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