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  1. Is it a Whale / Sureflo pump ? ours has a board under a bed with the filter and solenoid valves on it and the one that gives the trouble is a fairly large brass affair that acts as the diverter for the tanks ! Hope this helps
  2. We get this sort of problem with our Airstream and it is normally due to the main input solenoid valve getting gunged up - for us an easy job to remove and clean it. Did it two weeks back and now fills as supposed to.
  3. Great tow cars the heavy LRs -- Any one want a good D4 XS with all the towing assistance programs I am going to sell ours as due to a brain tumour I am not allowed to drive and the wife does not wish to tow! it is a MY2011 9 years old only 46000 miles but with a full extended warranty until Jan 2021 and Jaguar Land Rover have just fitted a new modified crankshaft engine at no cost to us MODS please feel free to move if in the wrong place Also a 2009 Airstream 532 up for sale
  4. Yep back in 2010 Did it with caravan http://www.tednewman.me.uk/Marocco1.htm
  5. I have been to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that is enough radiation exposed place for me.
  6. The only one in question is the LR detachable and even there it is doubtful if it is the tow bar or the human at fault ! I have a D4 and tow an almost two ton Airstream caravan and have been all over Europe with it in the last nine years all without problems BUT I follow Land Rover's guidelines and remove it when not in use and never ever leave the key in when mounted on the car.
  7. Don't want to Talk too soon but our wee pump has been working away very happily for ten years AND it is on (on a low setting) all winter
  8. Get it checked !! I had a similar noise on my 05 Sorento and it turned out to be a faulty wheel bearing which then seized!
  9. Yes a well known problem on V6 engine supplied by a LARGE motor manufacturer to Land Rover -- I have been assured that the crankshaft has been modified in later engines.
  10. Oh dear !! That has cheered me up as I have just experienced ''one of those weeks'' Driving down the A21 towards Hastings in our nine year old, owned from new Discovery 4, not towing so cruising at a steady 70 indicated mph when BANG the engine stopped but I had enough momentum to drift over to the side of the road (no hard shoulder) and the start of a slip road off and that was it engine dead! Phoned AA they immediately called the police to check it out as it was a bit of a hairy place to be stopped Both the AA and the police arrived at the same time - with blues going the Ken
  11. Our Land Rover Discovery 4 has the tow bar factory fitted so is not a modification - just an optional extra !
  12. Love this retort! Our caravan doesn't have any road tax and is far less trouble than a engine driven motorised caravan
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