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  1. Have always found Super U to be good BUT like supermarkets every where some are big and some are huge.
  2. Took me about 5 years to discover that the red dot on the elevating pole should be at the back when travelling -- real logic there!
  3. You will probably find that the edging tape was applied by a machine in Italy where Swift get their internal furniture from ---- before I am corrected Substitute Germany, France or Eastern Europe for Italy.
  4. Is a Calorlite or Calor standard?
  5. We have the Garmin Camper 770 and it is fine - the odd routing occasionally but never when in Car Caravan mode. And it does have speed camera warning !
  6. Not so as long as it can be removed without tools! Airstreams have an aluminium cover for the bottles and as these can all be taken off they are not measured and this has been agreed by the correct authorities !
  7. One supply only where there is an electric flush -- however the water can not be touched by the loo!
  8. No !! All new properties with mains water have their cold taps connected to the mains -- no tanks any more !
  9. Wouldn't be without the one in our Airstream AND YES we do travel with water in it and have done for ten years now.
  10. Several years ago in France - new light cost a couple of quid!
  11. Great story and I agree the public can be wonderful -- I had an incident In France a few years back - nothing as serious as the above - when I had a puncture on the Sorento but was on a dodgy bit of ground so could not risk using the cars jack, a French guy stopped, weighed up the situation and said he would drive home and collect his trolley jack and some planks to spread the load on the soft ground, 20 minutes late he was back and then proceeded to jack up the car and change the wheel for me (guess he thought I was too old and infirm) he then refused to even take a ''drink'' and then wrote down the address of an ''honest'' tyre shop !!
  12. And another for Camp Eure
  13. They also have trailer assist and hitch assist - well worth the cost when buying new.
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