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  1. OK but we only have the 2 berth 532 (no longer made) but same size as the 534 or Missouri as Swift call it! This was taken in Morocco in 2010 when we had a KIA Sorento as tug now have the Discovery 4
  2. Hi Snooks I noticed that you went on a river cruise and we are doing the same - I have had surgery recently that stops me from doing anything heavy - so we have booked a 15day Budapest to the Black Sea cruise  with Riviera Travel departing 03 June as this is our first ever cruise we were wondering how it goes?  Any comments you may have are more than welcome.


    Thanks Ted & Karin Newman

  3. Which driver is he asking ? The one at the front or one of two at the rear
  4. The whole idea of leaving is so that we can legislate independently of the EU - or at least that is what we were told
  5. Yep three forward speeds - had one as a delivery vehicle when working in London after my RAF spell.
  6. It (the trailer) was stolen from outside our house some years ago so can not give or remember exactly what it did have
  7. Lutz the UK is not Germany we do not follow the vorschrift ist vorschrift doctrine and my RAF time was well before the EU (or EEC) and we shall soon be out of the EU again - even though I voted to remain
  8. I said it did not have a jockey wheel !! What it had was a drop down ''pad'' a bit like a steady. But it (the trailer) was stolen from outside our house some years ago so can not give or remember exactly what it did have
  9. Some trailers do not have a jockey wheel !! My general purpose one tonner didn't.
  10. this exceeded the 100% towing limit but it was 60 years ago when I towed these things -- and YES I do know it is an artic so the laws are different and besides it was RAF and the military are (were) not bound by silly civilian laws
  11. Not me Bob but the Airstream is now becoming quite popular since Swift took over the marketing in the UK -- but still very expensive
  12. The Discovery 5 is the replacement for the Discovery 4 and is certainly not a Freelander !!
  13. Ouch (as someone else said) we had the rails put on our Discovery 4 by the factory when we ordered it -- is it not the same for the 5? Could be another reason to hang on to our Disco 4 and see what the new Defender will be like,
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