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  1. Our Land Rover Discovery 4 has the tow bar factory fitted so is not a modification - just an optional extra !
  2. Love this retort! Our caravan doesn't have any road tax and is far less trouble than a engine driven motorised caravan
  3. Our D4 MY11 has been all over Europe towing our Airstream as well as solo and in that time (now over nine years) it has had one new battery, one set of tyres and one ''glitch'' when a warning light came on (but no fault found) and has never let us down BUT as Griff says they like most modern cars have a lot to go wrong !
  4. We plant bulbs around our lodge (static)
  5. We have a Willerby lodge and we registered as an owner in their owners club where they will give you information. Other than that take a chair to a upholsterer and he/she should be able to tell you. And as a by the way ours is leather.
  6. Have you checked the hook up post ?
  7. I used WBAC - filled in their on-line form ''honestly'' and got an offer which they honoured when taking the car (KIA Sorento) to their depot and best bit was money in bank in a couple of days plus it was higher than the trade-in offered by the dealer for a brand new Discovery 4.
  8. Cheap compared to the Club site at Abbey Wood (London) - I left about 8 years ago when it reached £850.00 per annum!
  9. Not all park owners act the way Durbanite describes! Our park (Crowhurst by Battle) break everything down so that we know what it is we are paying for and they do their utmost to sort out problems and certainly would not ask us to move!
  10. We have had both and each has it's pros and cons BUT we have now been a caravan user for 15 years and love the convenience when on site and also the lack of costs when not in use = no road tax.
  11. Sorry should have said -- HAL Locate is a proactive GPS tracker system and a very good one at that, we have had our Airstream 10 years and always keep the HAL Locate system operational and YES we do want our van back if stolen.
  12. To any Caravanners with old HAL Locate units fitted be aware that many of these will no longe work properly due to a problem with the satellite embedded clock system see :- https://techxplore.com/news/2019-04-gps-year-cicada-problem.html -- HAL have an update for these older units but it does mean sending the ''box'' back to them as it can not be done ''over the air'' Hope this will help older units to stay protected
  13. Yes but the articulated bracket locks to the wall when folded in for travel so that the TV is rigid.
  14. Our Airstream has a good size door as all the furniture is fitted after the shell is built!
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