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  1. Supplying dealer was his original route (via 1st service), it was the dealer who passed him on to Dometic
  2. Bob, did you get charged for the visit ?? A friend has a problem with his fridge in his U3 Cadiz and the temp controls and / or, simply going out when on gas. The engineer has advised him that although the warranty will deal with the materials, there is a £100 charge for visiting site!! (which he has subsequently dropped to £50 ). Steve
  3. Best choice is Neufchâtel en Bray - about 100 miles south of Calais and only a 10 min diversion from your main route down on the A28.
  4. You access the multi plug from inside the 'van via the near side front seat, to the left of the drawer chest. It's right at the very front so you will find it easier if you remove the 'secret chubby' and then reach down into the void to access the plug. Steve
  5. To save others 'searching' for the correct link for the boards, here it is. http://www. hgvdirect. co. uk/catalog/caravan-marker-board-kit-ece70-with-adhesive-tape-p-103851. html
  6. Same here - I thought FL had misinterpreted the OP
  7. That's a very presumptive statement Not withstanding the fact that the OP is male . ................
  8. If you are a Caravan Club member you'll find all manner of French holiday rallies posted in the monthly magazine. Mid Anglia centre are hopefully to run a 2 week rally in the Vosges - June / July 2016 but yet to be confirmed. Check it out here. http://www. midanglia. org. uk/rally-information/french-holiday-rally-133. html
  9. Decent chargers (CTek MSX10 as example) have a 12v supply mode. This would enable her to use the 240v EHU and have a continuously available 12v supply without the need of paying for batteries of any sort.
  10. Hidden behind - if you cut into the side panel, it opens into space in front of the wheel arch and there is a very easy route up to the master switch. I cut my panel hole using a multi-tool cutter - makes it very accurate and neat. Looks OEM PS. I'll take a piccy later and add to the post.
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