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  1. I know that one of mine, I carry 2, is out of date. I continue to carry it because in the past I have "set off" out of date extinguishers and found that even 8 year expired DP extinguishers have a lot of power left in them. I would not rely on it as a sole extinguisher! By the same token how would you know if the extinguisher bought last week would work in an emergency?
  2. I've started to use this knot to get ours small enough to get it back into the bag
  3. Many, many years ago i was taking instruction for the H.G.V. class 1 driving test. At the time I only had a full motorbike licence, I was a little perturbed when my instructor directed me onto a motorway. I asked if it was legal for me to be on there and was told "yes, because you have passed a test on a class of vehicle which is allowed on a motorway"
  4. 4 out of our last 5 cars have been silver because they don't show the muck, unless it's really bad. Had a red one after our 1st silver one and had to wash it fortnightly. Current car gets washed about 3 times a year, one of those is done by the dealer after its annual service. Once had a white car, it seemed to need washing every other day, would never have one again!
  5. We're not all like that, honest I prefer the awning battles
  6. Some pedestrians ask for all they get! Bringing our 'van home from service today, I was waiting for some traffic lights to change when a young man, looking at his phone, decided to cross the road behind our car. He appeared to not notice the 'van was attached and fell over the A frame. I helped him up from the ground and made sure that he was Ok before I left. My tongue is going to have tooth marks in it for days.
  7. Got ours back from service this afternoon, all is well, WHOO HOO highest damp reading is 14%. Cost was £190 all in. Posts in some other topics to follow shortly.
  8. You are legal in regard to your licence but you could be in breach of the individual axle weights. I, too, feel that more information is required.
  9. Well done geffers and for coming back with the solution.
  10. It is 10 years young and it does say Elddis all over it so I am assuming that Elddis did build it . The handbook makes no mention of the SE pack, so I can only think that is where my payload went.
  11. That could be expensive too. Got the T shirt
  12. I've been following this thread and have just had a revelation. When we picked up our present 'van in 2013, 2011 Xplore 302, we took it to a weighbridge and found that it was over the M.I.R.O. figure in the handbook, by around 40 Kg. I just realised that the extra weight is probably because it had the Elddis SE pack fitted (alloy wheels, spare wheel and carrier and a door flyscreen). Only had it 8 years, I am a bit slow sometimes.
  13. Just one of the reasons we didn't renew our membership after the first year.
  14. Having read the topics about the problems some members are having with payload, or lack of it, and the difficulties encountered because of it. I have spent a little time trying to find an answer to the problem of finding a weighbridge. https://www.hgvalliance.com/Helpful-Guides/public-weighbridge-finder/uk scroll down the page to find an interactive map, seems to be the best of what I have found at the moment. I have no idea if it is up to date or accurate , but the ones it shows in my area do exist. The map also shows low bridges and truckstops, the layers of which can be removed by clicking on the icon at the top left of the map ( make's the map a little easier to read) Hope this of use to someone. I have no connection to the company or organisation running it.
  15. From 1997 until I retired (early) in 2012 I regularly had to remind my bosses at work about the B licence limits. The number of times I saw an employee who, having just passed the driving test, was expected to drive a fully loaded 3.5 tonne Transit towing a mini digger on a 2 tonne trailer was mind boggling. They seemed to have no knowledge of the B licence restrictions.
  16. My apologies for offending anyone by finding the post funny, but I found it well written and I could see humour in it. How many of us watch new arrivals to a site with the expectation (hope) that their attempts at setting up go awry? I, too, am old and don't mind if someone laughs when things go wrong. Mrs 'at usually does.
  17. I cleaned ours out a couple of weeks ago, it definitely made a difference to the flow.
  18. Well done micktheshed, I've been laughing for over 5 minutes.
  19. Our previous 'van was a 1981 Avondale Wren bought in 2010 and now "retired" to an allotment as a tea shed and still dry! The chassis however is rotten, although there is Talk from a joiner who intends to replace said chassis with a timber frame. There is no intention of putting it back on the road (before anyone starts).
  20. Looks like it sold, don't know how much for though https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284367920578?hash=item4235a61dc2:g:YMMAAOSwOYNg40rN Perhaps a loophole is:- It's the gas which is being sold, the container is needed to hold the gas and is not being sold. The seller does not own the container therefore the container owner is still Calor.
  21. Old smart phone, Oh I liked that. We have been looking for a replacement for our old 17" T.V. for a while now and found a stockist of Mitchell & Brown in Filey, we bought a 20" model. No I hadn't heard of them either, only used it for a week from the 'van aerial but it seems like good quality and came with a 7 year warranty, mains only though. Website https://www.mitchellandbrown.co.uk/
  22. Have you tried it with a "bottle top" regulator? The standard ones are 37mb, a little higher than 30mb. Could make a difference.
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