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  1. It's not a "proper" Norton, where's the oil puddle? Lovely job, well done that man! I suppose it'll be ok when you get it finished
  2. Hi and Jaydug and others beat me to it! I have been asked a few times, when stuck in traffic, if we could use our microwave to warm a baby's bottle. You wouldn't believe some of the reactions when we have to refuse
  3. Flat_at

    Van levelling

    I use one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Merssavo-Bullseye-leveller-Caravan-Scaffold/dp/B07C56SS5S/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2FJ1A6LFCWWQ&keywords=bullseye+spirit+level&qid=1558526824&s=gateway&sprefix=bullseye+spirit+level%2Caps%2C1421&sr=8-1 placed on the floor just inside the doorway. Saves turning a conventional level round.
  4. OOH Bedford CA in the right background. I used to have one, ex Royal Navy. The handbook said it was a 4 speed column change but I could only ever find 3
  5. If planning to change injectors and pump do some research into the costs involved. Cost of pump for a Vauxhall was £2000 +labour and that was back in 2011!
  6. I used to do all the work, except welding, on my cars until my first new one, a Nissan Micra in 1998. I remember many Saturday mornings going round the scrapyards looking for bits to bodge them together for another week or 2. I found a Lada in one scrappys which didn't look too bad, so took it for an M.O.T. it didn't fail on much so paid £20 for it and £45 to get it through the test. It lasted us almost the whole year. Any one remember Charlie Browns auto centres? I was in there getting some bits and couldn't resist asking the apprentice on the counter if they could get a radiator for a VW Beetle, he was looking through the parts books for 10 minutes before his supervisor, after he stopped giggling, told him they were air cooled.
  7. That's just like mine ( 'ow much , I'd best take care of it) I can confirm that when the left forward and right backwards buttons or vice versa, are pressed at the same time my 'van does a very dainty pirouette. It's only got one axle though.
  8. We named our previous 'van Jenny, it was an Avondale Wren. We haven't bothered naming our current one yet
  9. That's what we did when we picked ours up from the dealer. It was nose heavy though so ballast had to go towards the rear, we only had 50 Kg noseweight allowed on the car at the time.
  10. How do you know they were your old bearings? I have had parts "changed" in the past when "my" old ones shown to me were not "mine", I know this because MY marks were not on them. Sad to say there are some dodgy workshops out there.
  11. The cables in our street do not have the capacity to run the existing load, we have been told, that is why we have regular power cuts Where do they plug it it in? Ah, very "green" then.
  12. Is your caravan fitted with a bulkhead regulator? If not, you don't need a pigtail. If it does have a bulkhead reg. then you need to know which gas cylinders you have, as there are a few different types of connector available. Calor, for instance, have 2 different arrangements on both propane and butane. Hope you get sorted. Oh and
  13. A P.D.I. had not been carried out on our 'van before we picked it up. How do I know, I found 2 x £1 coins under one of the seats. Result
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