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  1. Well done Robinsons, hope they can stick to their statement. I wonder how many other dealers will follow suit
  2. Campingaz in the refillable bottles (901, 904 and 907) is butane , some but not all of the small cartridges are a mixture. Wikipedia sometimes talks tosh
  3. Try here https://gasproducts.co.uk/caravan-marine/gas-regulators.html?dir=asc&order=price&limit=36&manufacturer=&p=1 an easy way to check the pipe size is to use a metric open ended spanner, a 10mm spanner will be a snug fit on 10mm pipe and will be looser on 8mm pipe.
  4. Flat_at

    Draining water

    Water heater is always emptied before travelling (nose weight issues) and the flush tank has around a litre in it "just in case".
  5. We were bought one of these as a present in the spring of 2017 https://www.towsure.com/leisurewize-portawash-twin-tub-washing-machine?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItaeMyOC24wIVibPtCh3iAgU1EAQYASABEgIAvfD_BwE We didn't have any real expectations of it, but took it with us anyway. It performed admirably well over 3 weeks on the caravan table in the awning, but was too high to be comfortable so I made a table with folding legs to bring the top of it up to waist height. Since then it has been away with us on every "adventure". The spinner, even though it is only 116 watts, can get a little water out of washing that has been done in our home automatic. If ours gives up the ghost it will be replaced with another.
  6. Flat_at

    Towbar electrics

    VW, have a look at a rear light bulb. My eldest had one which had a single filament bulb which worked as a tail light on a (as I understood it) reduced voltage and as a brake light on a higher voltage, all arranged by the onboard computer thingy. Any way the bulbs were difficult to source and when we found some were expensive.
  7. Shouldn't that be high melting point grease?
  8. I use one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008KY5ULW/ref=psdc_1938319031_t1_B00PGOU8UM for checking the battery voltage. The wires are short but easily extended, mine was checked for accuracy by a neighbour ( electrician with a calibrated meter) and reads the same as his. It did take 3 weeks to arrive but is well worth the price (93p with delivery included)
  9. Hi and Your towball will be fine with the Winterhoff hitch, just make sure that it is spotlessly clean and rust free or you will get some strange noises coming from it. Good luck with your "new" 'van, hope you enjoy it.
  10. Agree with Flying Grandad, buy a quality sheet and make it fit or get someone to do it for you. We bought our bedding and the cheapest sewing machine from Asda in a sale, did the alterations ourselves and it still cost less than buying the "proper" stuff from a caravan shop.
  11. Flat_at


    Over the past year or so we have been using up a a friends propane and butane cylinders and have noticed that butane leaves a sooty (no, not the bear) residue on the bottom of our pans whereas propane does not. I don't remember having the problem back in the '70s when we used different pressures for each gas, could it be something to do with the "compromise" pressure of 30 mb? When we have used up the butane we will be full time on propane.
  12. When camping off grid, so to speak, it is usual to run the fridge on gas. A 12 volt battery will not run the fridge for long before going flat.
  13. The OP mentioned changing from butane to Flo gas (grey and green) 5Kg which is propane. The links which I provided show the items which he needs to complete his plan. I understood what I meant and I'm not that bright
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