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  1. and good luck with the trial run.
  2. Where were you last September? I let one go for a tenner.
  3. This is correct. Don't ever be tempted to grease your towball, have you seen the price of new pads When we picked our current 'van up, the guy who did the handover cleaned the paint off our towball.
  4. I feel that the wording should include the phrase "worn correctly". I have been shopping today and saw a group of people, standing together chatting, with their masks in various places but not over their mouths/ noses. I cannot see the point.
  5. It can't do any harm to try, or you could feel the wall on the outside, behind a radiator, to see if it is warm to the touch.
  6. Me again. The damp readings are down to around 8% today so I've put the trim back in place. I didn't go with the electric cable in the trim groove idea, I felt that it was too "floppy" on the door frame due to the insulation not being fastened to the copper. Instead I used some 3mm diameter lead free solder, left over from another project, this has lifted the trim away from the bottom of the frame and doesn't look too out of place. I didn't take a file to the frame, I didn't want to risk another problem. Now just waiting for some rain to see what happens next. Thanks to all for your thoughts and suggestions.
  7. I went shopping this morning, followed one of these for about 2 miles on the way home. It sounded lovely and seemed to go pretty well too.
  8. When we were looking to replace our tug 3 years ago, we were looking at another diesel. The salesman asked what our car use involved and were advised to have a petrol due to generally short journeys.
  9. Hope you enjoy yourselves and have a great "adventure".
  10. Had to assist a wheelchair user around an excavation once, it took 4 strong men to lift it.
  11. Axle 1 is the front axle 1110 Kg must NOT be exceeded, Axle 2 is the rear axle 1110 Kg again must NOT be exceeded, the figure 2050Kg is the Gross Vehicle Weight, yes you guessed it, must NOT be exceeded, the figure 3200Kg is the gross train weight again the MAXIMUM that the car and 'van can weigh. Law enforcement can combine one weight with another and this can lead to multiple offences, eg, if stopped and weighed and the actual weights are found to be axle 1, 1110 Kg and axle 2, 1110 (both weights acceptable individually)= 2220 GVW exceeded and so overloaded. If you hitch the 'van to the car and take it to the weighbridge you will get an idea of what it all weighs and take it from there. Hope this made sense.
  12. Can you post a photo of your V.I.N. plate? All the information is on there, axle 1, axle 2, and GTW then there is your caravan mtplm, if you exceed any one of the weights then an offence is being committed. It does sound complicated but once you know how it is easy to work out. Although going to a weighbridge is a pain, it can save an awful lot of money in fines etc.
  13. Thanks WispMan. I don't "do" French though, not since my teacher tore up my exercise book and "suggested" I stick to English.
  14. Might be me being being thick, again, but what's a French bed?
  15. Hi again, yesterday I had a very close look at the bottom of my door and frame (specs on and magnifying glass) and found that the seal on the door was still dragging on the lip on the frame, so the door was raised a little further, another 2mm. I have decided not to take a file to the frame, it's worked so far so why doesn't it work now? I can only assume that the door had become lowered somehow. I have some electric cable with cores of 3mm (including insulation) and am thinking of putting some of that in the groove in the trim to lift it slightly from the bottom of the frame. The damp reading is still going down, now at 15%. As an aside when I removed the trim I had to take off the door catch striker, I noticed that the screws were very tight in the holes. Did Elddis order the wrong size holes, or the wrong size screws?
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