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  1. Thanks for that Griff, I almost wet myself! Best laugh I've had for a while
  2. 1000 litres per minute that would give one hell of a shower, I don't think my wastemaster would cope (or my back)
  3. Flat_at

    Towbar electrics

    My son sourced them, I don't remember where from, sorry. What I do remember is the number of times that he complained about the price
  4. Copied from the Bullfinch website:- Service life - From the date the hose is first used we would recommend it is replaced after a further 5 years and that it is examined regularly for signs of cracks or wear or gas leakage and is replaced if it is not in good condition. Generally discolouration due to sunlight is not harmful as long as there are no signs of cracking. We were supplied with a new, unused pigtail, dated 2013, with our current 'van. I fitted it last year and when the 'van was serviced this year I was advised that it was coming to the end of it's "life". I told the engineer the story and he said "that's fine"
  5. I have always fitted my own and always check for leakage straight away
  6. I was looking to "do" the Avondale spare wheel thing to my 'van. I was going to use the spare wheel well from a scrap car boot, however on closer inspection I felt that the 'van floor would not have been strong enough to take the weight.
  7. for letting us know how you resolved the problem, it may help someone else in the future.
  8. I used to have the money but not the time, now I have the time but not as much money. However I don't care, I'm spending what I have on enjoying myself ( with Mrs_at of course)
  9. We built the Pennines to keep you lot out We had a holiday in Cumbria once. We arrived on a Saturday, the weather was beautiful so we paid for a week. On the Sunday the weather started to go downhill, Monday it RAINED and I mean RAINED! It didn't stop until Friday morning and by Saturday the sun had come out again, so we decided to pay for another week. On the Monday it was RAINING again and by Wednesday we were the only ones left on site. One of the tent campers had woken and found he was floating on his air mattress! Come Saturday the sun was shining again but we didn't fall for it and departed for the better weather in Wales.
  10. When I asked a car salesman if the car we were looking at could tow a caravan he said "of course it can!" He didn't ask how big or how heavy the 'van was. If we had been "newbies" to the game, we could have easily come unstuck.
  11. I would love to move down south, just to get away from all the people up here who are convinced that it is "god's own country"
  12. Just seen this on another forum https://washford.a.bigcontent.io/v1/static/Urgent Product Recall - Ring Extended Neck 50mm - A4
  13. Elddis xplore 302. Only a small 'van but had the upgrade to 1050kg M.T.P.L.M. and a Powrtouch Evolution fitted shortly after purchase (back problems). No bother, so far(touch wood), but its just coming to the end of warranty Previous 'van was an Avondale Wren, 760ish kg gross weight and no mover but manageable by Mrs_at and myself
  14. When we picked up our "new" 'van, we took it, while still empty, to a weighbridge and found it to be almost 40 kg heavier than the declared M.I.R.O.
  15. OOPS I forgot about the pressure difference. Ignore what I wrote
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