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  1. They haven't got caravans right yet! Would you trust a ventilator built by one of them? A nice idea but what if the green card is displayed and there is an incident, a fall perhaps, and the card colour can't be changed
  2. I paid in full (terms and conditions) for our "adventure" and stand to get no refunds unless the booked sites decide or are compelled to close. But to look on the brightside it was a tax refund, easy come easy go.
  3. Still no mention of caravan sites and "will be reviewed in three weeks"
  4. Hello MUPPET here, just a few words of clarification. I am not "away" at the moment, I have no intention of "going away" until mid May, in fact my 'van has no wheels at the moment. If the advice does not change from "should not travel" and the caravan sites remain open for business then .... I/we are taking all the precautions regarding social distancing, handwashing and doing our shopping at a sensible time, although it is a bit difficult. Regarding the Darwin award my Dad died at 47, his Dad died at 60 I have outlived both of them and am prepared to meet my maker at a time of his choosing.
  5. Thank you. https://news.gov.scot/news/travel-warning only says "should not" however it is 2 days old. Mr Plodd I fully respect the fact that you gave a full reply to my question and accept your reasons and I thank you for replying. To everyone else whom I have upset
  6. When we are TOLD not to travel and all caravan/campsites are forced to close, just like pubs and restaurants, and I stand to get some of my money back I will agree to stay at home! Until then.... I have just been on Park resorts and Haven websites and they are both still accepting bookings for "our" dates!
  7. PDI is a joke. I know my used 'van, bought in 2013, did not have it done as I found 2x £1 coins under the seats
  8. Why would one put toilet rolls into a freezer? Hemorrhoids or a good curry perhaps.
  9. The deadline for cancelling the booking I have with one of the sites has already passed, if I cancel now I will get NOTHING back from them! Which one is the fed up emoji?
  10. I have seen motor homes leave a car park, where I KNOW they have overnighted, and at the exit open the waste tank valve and then drive off leaving a stream of liquid flowing along the road behind them. Of course I know that there are lots of motorhomers on here who would never do this because they know that it is not legal, however ..........
  11. Flat_at

    Mothers day

    Feeling for you Bo
  12. From what I have seen in the past, anywhere they want to!
  13. If the Government don't want us to travel then why don't they order the caravan sites to close? They have done it with the pubs and restaurants so why not? I will say again If the sites which I am visiting in May and June are not closed then we will be travelling! No need for a tin hat
  14. How was your trip to Singapore and was it Vietnam?
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