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  1. Go for it! But double check your figures regarding towing limits. We had the same thing when we bought ours, only 100 Kg upgrade though, due to planning for a mover to be fitted. Do as Easy T suggests and check the load rating of the tyres, ours were just able to cope, and we did have higher rated ones fitted when the old ones "came of age". Hope you enjoy for your 'van
  2. Flat_at

    Kuga Service

    I used to drive a wagon, Volvo, which had a similar system, oil filler under the "bonnet" and a dipstick under the cab (had to be tilted to gain access). I decided to check the dipstick one day when i was bored and found that it was too short to reach the oil. My transport manager decided not to have the electric system repaired but, instead, had a dipstick installed under the bonnet. One more thing for me to check every day
  3. I am capable of reversing our 'van onto a pitch, however where we keep it is off a narrow lane with no room to manouver. My back thinks it's 20 years older than me so a mover is essential to put the 'van back in its space.
  4. That could have been mainly chipboard, horrible stuff to burn. As with all man made "timber" products i.e. plywood, hardboard, o.s.b. and m.d.f. all have lots of various glues and other chemicals which can do the chimneys, flues and the environment all kinds of damage. The only wood to burn must be dry (old caravans are a waste of time), untreated (rot and fungal) and unpainted.
  5. I too have a wood burner and use only dry (less than 15%) wood. I have a couple of "tame" joiners who supply me with their mistakes and off-cuts. I also burn single use and broken pallets which are very easy to find, ask at your local builders merchant or ceramic tile outlet as they have to pay to have them taken away. Our savings also come from not using electric blankets and from using the stove to boil a kettle when needed for hot water bottles and brewing tea or coffee. It also came in handy when our gas supply was interrupted for a day as we did some cooking on it too. From the above link "Most people don't realise that a wood burning stove emits more particles per hour than a diesel truck. That's because a freshly cut log of wood contains about a pint of water, and much of the heat energy is used to dry the water out, which causes the wood to smoke and smoulder, releasing air pollutants. The key impact of the new strategy on existing stove owners will be on fuels like wet wood, and traditional house coal, which will likely be phased out." Note the words "a freshly cut log of wood contains about a pint of water, and much of the heat energy is used to dry the water out, which causes the wood to smoke and smoulder, releasing air pollutants." There is no point in trying to burn freshly cut logs, a large amount of creosote will be produced and therefore the risk of a chimney fire is vastly increased, also there will be almost no heat produced by the stove. I personally think that the government are upset that they can't tax any of the stuff that we get for free, including the air that we breathe.
  6. I make it SG4S000CMR9407500
  7. We're back home now and can honestly say that we all enjoyed our "holiday", so much that we are looking to book another stay if we get a spell of good weather in the forecast . for the contributions everyone.
  8. I don't have to, that one is hers and she moves it herself
  9. Update, a pic of our dog in holiday mode
  10. Not camping, we're caravanning We're not able to get away until June Not ALL day
  11. I'm a Yorkshireman and that would cost money
  12. On Thursday of last week we took advantage of the unseasonably pleasant weather and emptied and cleaned our caravan (kept at home). We hooked up the electric and cleaned and filled the water system to enable us to have hot water on tap. When we had finished we were sitting in the van, chatting over a cup of tea with the dog asleep on her "bed", we realised how comfortable we were in the 'van and decided to have a "holiday" at home. So far we have spent 4 nights, with another 3 planned, using our house as site facilities (toilet, shower and washing machine) spending the rest of the time in the 'van and reconnecting with our local area, visiting local attractions, which we haven't seen for quite a while. Needless to say a couple of our neighbours think we're being a bit daft, what do you think?
  13. Thanks for letting us know how you resolved the problem . Many posters ask for advice and don't come back to let us know how they got on.
  14. We were looking for a "new" car a while ago. Couldn't get the deal we wanted in the showroom, salesman said that was the best he could do so we walked away. Three hours later he rang us and told us that he had managed to get the price reduced by £1500. It does no harm to walk away, there are plenty of car and caravan dealers out there
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