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  1. to the forum. We personally are not offended, wife's great uncle used to do the same job up in the Highlands.
  2. I am finding this fascinating reading (no, I don't get out much these days ). I've found "Mole" grips, fibre optics and a "Dremel" in there. Thanks for the link
  3. After having a problem with the plug on our caravan when we first got it, I bought one of the green socket things. Since then I have never had occasion to use it
  4. We got our present 'van when it was 2 years old. One of the reasons we picked it was that the oven and hob had not been used, all the racks, trays and other accessories were still wrapped in plastic and/or cardboard. Since then however the oven has had a hard life, baking cakes, buns and scones, roasting meat (in bags to reduce cleaning time, we are on holiday) jacket spuds and pies. We do use oven chips but only because Mrs 'at won't let me take the chip pan (). The hob also has to earn it's keep, we find cooking from scratch using fresh, local produce very therapeutic.
  5. They are 4mm, I got some of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/RUBBER-RUB-NUT-RUBNUT-DELIEVERY/dp/B01AQO4K1O/ref=sr_1_5?crid=LEMJVLP6HQ2V&dchild=1&keywords=m4+rubber+rivnuts&qid=1599937302&sprefix=rubber+rivnuts+m4%2Caps%2C233&sr=8-5 a couple of years ago, a lot less expensive than a caravan shop
  6. A tad awkward in a supermarket car park
  7. Hi all, after almost 50 years of motoring it finally happened. Been in touch with a windscreen replacement company and all will be sorted by the middle of next week (paid for by motor insurance company). However has anyone had experience of what happens at motor insurance renewal time, I have been told that my N.C.D. will not be affected but will the premium increase? Thanks for reading.
  8. Look at where the aerials on the 'vans and/or houses around you are pointing, point your aerial in the same direction and then retune.
  9. The red taps in your first photo are the gas taps and both are in the off position (don't ask how I know) Also have you removed the cover from the outside of the heater flue?
  10. Is there any one on site with the same system as yours? You could ask, nicely, if you could please try their pump on your 'van.
  11. Caravan and car makers buy in the tyres already fitted to the wheels, so there is no way of knowing when the tyres were first inflated.
  12. As close to the Scottish border as you can get. Chain bridge Berwick on Tweed, adult only, 15 'van site next to the Honey Farm. http://www.chainbridgecaravansite.co.uk/index.php
  13. for letting us know the outcome
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