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  1. Are these the ones you use? https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/formil/formil-biological-liquid-tablets/p849
  2. If it helps, I have used this website in the past. They offer free next day delivery. https://www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk/product/110ah-platinum-motorhome-sd6110l-deep-cycle-leisure-batteries/?removed_item=1 The battery shown is just an example NOT a recommendation I have no connection with the company other than as a satisfied customer
  3. Get it serviced for your own peace of mind. If you sell to a newbie and "something goes wrong " then you may find yourself liable for the result, also could be an extra selling point.
  4. The wording on the top line says, I think, water level sensor and it has been said by the OP that it has "There are four long metal rods underneath that go down into the tank". I'm sure I have read somewhere on here that one of the manufacturers has used something like this in onboard tanks. Hope this jogs someones memory. Black grouse beat me to it, again.
  5. It was dark, well after lighting up time. I couldn't stay and watch what happened next as it was starting to rain and my dog doesn't do "wet" so we had to rush home.
  6. I am just back from walking my dog (don't start) during which I overheard a conversation between a police officer and a Nissan leaf driver. Apparently the policeman thought that it was not appropriate for the Leaf to be driving just on "sidelights", whilst the Leaf driver thought that he would not have enough battery power to get home if he turned on the headlamps. Personally I am not interested in having an electric vehicle until they can tow a caravan 300 miles, "fill up" and be ready to continue the journey 10 minutes later.
  7. Our "bathroom" door handle has a turn knob on the inside and a slot on the outside which can be turned with a 2p coin. Are you certain yours has a keyhole?
  8. I have been breathalysed twice. The first time in around 1985 on the way home from Blackpool with my wife, mother and 2 kids in the car, we had stopped at a pub for some "refreshments", as we left I noticed a police car pull out of a car park across the road from the pub. After about half a mile the blue lights came on so I stopped. I had the usual "good evening sir. Is this your car. Have you been drinking? Would you come and sit in my car please." He was extremely dissapointed when I blew a zero! However he did advise me to get my exhaust looked at because "it's a bit noisy". The second time was after a car drove into the side of my truck whilst I was waiting for traffic lights to change. No damage to the truck but the car's front bumper was a mess. I will not drink if I am going to be driving the following day and will not drive for 24 hours after a drink, not that I drink that much anyway.
  9. Flat_at


    M62 "rush hour" around J 25/26 you're doing well if you can get up to 30mph!
  10. Well, the deal with DL has been done! I gave my previous insurer 1 more chance, rang them and asked again if they would change my renewal date, again the answer was "no, sorry" so I asked for a quote starting today and was told £641 (last years renewal was £291) so, as said, DL has a new customer. Many to all who replied.
  11. You can take the lad out of Barnsley, but you can't take Barnsley out o't lad. No offence
  12. Been there, done that with 2 different materials. We wanted to use foam concrete, they wanted to use crushed stone. Highways standards are the MINIMUM.
  13. Some years ago I was involved in laying a gas main in a road under construction. The road base was in place and had been consolidated, we dug a trench, laid the pipe and backfilled to our specs. Some time later, when the road had been in use for a while, we had a complaint from the council that our trench was causing problems. After excavating some inspection pits, it was determined that the road was settling at a greater rate than our trench due to insufficient compaction during construction.
  14. Flat_at


    Wales is a beautiful country, we have been there many times over the years. The advantages are there is no currency to change, most of the "natives" speak English ( some with a heavy accent though) and, in my experience, are very friendly . I too would suggest the North for your first time, Rhyll is around 170 miles from Hull and has motorway and dual carriageway for most of the way. It's a long long time since we had a 13 month old so can't give any advice on facilities that one would need other than there are lots of very nice beaches all along the coast and lots of interesing places to visit, castles, railways, etc. Hope this helps.
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