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  1. Always check the V.I.N. plate! The V5 documents are made up from details supplied by the original salesperson, mine is incorrect as are many others. Also agree with Steamdrivenandy find the real unladen weight of the 'van by taking it over a weighbridge, you may well be surprised at how heavy it really is, I was when I weighed ours.
  2. Aren't I glad that I dumped Calor. Here in West Yorkshire we have an alternative supplier to Calor, they are Energas. I changed to them a few years ago, I have a 3.9Kg and a 6Kg cylinder (both were deposit free at the time) and use around 2Kg on an average 3 week "adventure". I haven't had to exchange either for a while so do not know what the current price is but, as I have an account with them, the cost was roughly half the price of Calor (£10.80 for a 6Kg in 2019). No connection to the company other than as a happy customer.
  3. Flat_at


    Also don't forget about the reduced speed limits on some roads and the restrictions as to lanes on motorways whilst towing. (Sorry again)
  4. Flat_at


    The weights which the police will check are the weights stated on the plates, if found to be over the stated weights you will be driving without a licence and without insurance. Don't take the chance, as Flatcoat888 says "you either need a lighter van, lighter car or get your B+E license." Sorry, hope I didn't spoil your day.
  5. The A6139 is very steep and narrow in places with a give way line at the top. A better route, to my mind as a local(ish), would be to leave the M62 at J24 (Ainley Top) follow the A629 for about 3.5 miles, towards Halifax, then turn left (just past the hospital) onto the A646. This will take you all the way to Mytholmroyd, be aware that there have been some junction "improvements" in Mytholmroyd which are not shown on Google maps. You will be able to use this route in to get back to the M62 to continue you journey towards Beverley. Don't try to use the A6025 as a short cut to J25 at Brighouse,
  6. We had this problem in our previous 'van. You don't say what size pipework you have, ours was 12mm and we used something like this to repair ours (make sure you fit it the right way round, got the tee shirt ) https://www.vanconversionshop.co.uk/john-guest-speedfit-12mm-non-return-check-valve-579-p.asp?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9ejl7Iqh8AIVCqh3Ch1ijwI7EAQYFiABEgIQ6fD_BwE
  7. I was dragged up proper though.
  8. As do we all, I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours.
  9. You've never lived .When I was 16 I had a motorbike. I was stopped 6 times in a couple of days, I took all 6 "producer slips" at once into our local police station with all my documents. The desk sergeant wasn't a happy man, it took half an hour to fill in the paperwork.
  10. My old plate came off easily after I warmed the old one with Mrs 'at's hair dryer, I cleaned the area with meths and warmed the new plate, before removing the backing paper, and stuck it in the same place. It's been in position since 2013.
  11. I've been stopped once, well given the follow me lights in the rear window of a V.O.S.A . (or whatever they're called this week) car. Was taken to the weighbridge at Ainley Top near J24 M62. I was returning home after a 'van service so all was well within limits.
  12. Thank you very much Scarab and WispMan for the P.m., much appreciated. We haven't had any problems with Park Resorts yet and it's always nice to get some genuine feedback from someone who has actually visited. Many thanks again to you both.
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