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  1. I remember when exactly the same was being said about North Sea gas! Our "area" has regular power cuts due to, we have been told, the electricity substation not being of large enough capacity to supply the "current demand" (see what I did there). If more people were to do away with gas boilers and cookers and charge electric cars at home then the demand would rise and we would have more power cuts. To get the necessary infrastructure in place countrywide would cost a vast amount of money.
  2. Car 2500ish, would have been 9000 at least. Sites 0, last year should have been at least 5 over around 9 weeks
  3. Update, my car insurance renewal has arrived. An increase of £34, I've had a look at the comparison site and the prices are about the same so will be staying, for now, with Direct Line. No connection with the company other than a happy customer.
  4. I would never use Kwik fit again. I was desperate for a puncture repair and took the wheel to our local depot. I was told they couldn't repair it while I waited and asked me to come back in a couple of hours. When I returned they told me they couldn't repair it, as it was too close to the edge, and gave me back the wheel. It was then I told them that it wasn't my wheel, mine had 5 bolt holes and this one only had 4. They had a look for it but thought the apprentice must have given it to another customer, they asked me to wait a few days to see if the other customer brought it back. After a wee
  5. It is the salesperson who puts the information onto the application for the V5, if that info is incorrect then the V5 will be wrong. Always check the weights on the plate on the vehicle.
  6. The revenue weight is "supposed" to be the maximum weight of the vehicle. On mine and lots of my friends V5's it is incorrect, showing the unladen weight (or whatever you want to call it), and reinforcing my belief that some car salesmen are a waste of space!
  7. In my personal experience, the 2nd and 3rd digits of the Avondale serial number gives the year of manufacture. My Wren had the number 481xxxx (1981). Are you intending to take it out on the road or is it to be a garden "ornament"?
  8. That was a tin bath in front of the fire and yes, it would have been a Friday unless my Dad was working a Saturday. We didn't get "indoor plumbing" until I was 11.
  9. Ahh the good old days, when I was 17 I bought a 1953 BSA C11G, 250cc O.H.V. single. It cost me a fiver and came as a frame and wheels and a collection of cardboard boxes. It was only after my Dad and I put it back together (only took a week) and he went for a test ride, that he found the clutch would not disengage due to having some spacers missing from it. He managed to make some out of an old bicycle frame. It took me almost a year to destroy that bike. Re chopping sticks, my Dad showed me how to use a small axe. One day he told me that it was "bath night" and asked if I wanted
  10. The same argument could be used against electricity generation using nuclear reactors, how do we dispose off / recycle the spent materials.
  11. 35 years ago we had a camping holiday at Skipsea. The pitch we were on is now on the beach, about 30 yards from the cliff.
  12. Where yours says 86 is where ours said 81. I managed to confirm that ours was indeed 1981 when I found the paperwork from the original purchase in the small cupboard under the fridge. May I suggest that you have a close look at the chassis, ours was taken off the road in 2013 and is now developing a nasty case of corrosion around the suspension.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, that is the kitchen area with the open door to the right. Still a bit dodgy though, in our previous 'van that would have been over the sink. To the OP, how old is your Wren? Our old one (1981) is still dry, in use as a tea shed on an allotment, although concerns have been raised recently about the integrity of the chassis.
  14. Pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and horse drawn vehicles have as much right to use roads as motor vehicles, but have none of the responsibility to provide funding to the Government for maintaining the road network. As an aside, do bicycles attract V.A.T.?
  15. We also use Energas, live in West Yorkshire, I have an account with them and got a 6Kg refill from them for £10.60p it was a couple of years ago though. I've been "helping" a friend to use up some gas bottles which we found whilst clearing out his late uncle's garage.
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