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  1. New van bought end of February (Bailey Cartagena) , 0 faults.
  2. Maybe go for a cheaper one to see if you like caravanning first? If you don't get on with it, you'll probably make quite a loss selling a 19K van.
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys, great to be here
  4. Hello folks, Been on this site lurking since 2014 and never posted! Anyway, we bought our first caravan over 14 years ago - an ABI Marauder which cost us £243 second hand. Came with all the kit, including an awning - in fact we're still using the aqua roll and waste-master. I'm sure many of you remember these vans with some fondness - looking back on it now it was damp, cold and pretty basic, but we loved it! We had this for a few years - towing initially with a BMW 520 2 litre petrol - sadly it was pretty poor for towing. So we then bought a Rover 420 diesel. This was much better but sometimes had trouble getting the power down resulting in some wheel spin when moving off. We enjoyed caravanning so much we then upgraded to a Bailey series 6 Bordeaux in 2008 - this cost us £8000 and was quite the step up! (I think it was 2 years old when we bought it). This was simply an excellent van. During this time I finally got fed up with two wheel drive for towing and switched to 4 wheel drive - all problems solved. We had the Bordeaux until 2014 when we bought a brand new Vigo. Whilst nothing wrong with it, we never really loved it like our Bordeaux. It worked, was nearly faultless (the front window seal needed fixing about a month after purchase, but other than that perfect) but it always felt like a compromise. So in November last year we traded it in for a 2019 Cartagena which was delivered last month. This one is back on a par with the series 6 - we absolutely love it - it's like Bailey finally found it's mojo again after the initial redesign and mis-steps of the earlier Unicorns. So we're happy now, just coming up on our second trip in the Cartagena next weekend, with another planned for Easter and really looking forward to it. Hopefully, that's a reasonable introduction - I'll see you on the forums! Cheers, Stu.
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