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  1. £260 . ..... Ouch I left the twig where it is and bought a standard directional (house style) aerial and a mast which fits to the gutters. £50 all in, just have to connect it to the external socket. Also bought a signal strength meter to help direct it perfectly. Having said that I find the sat dish has worked better so far.
  2. That's what I have now. It came from China and was programmed with all sorts of satellites except Astra so I had to prog that in. I removed all the others so in effect it now ONLY responds to Astra. I picked up the know how on here so a search would find it I'm sure. I also made a stand alone power supply using two 9v batteries which I connect to set up the dish before attaching the TV etc. I put pics on here. The Quality strength meter is the clincher as it identifies you have got the correct Sat. I have a compass to get me pointing in the general right direction OR just copy existing
  3. Perhaps as a final hoorah you can contact them to say it has arrived even more damaged and claim compensation
  4. Damage which was clearly caused whilst in their care?? perhaps, or at least because they didn't inform you on its arrival - you can assert that when asking them to return it. Can't help remembering Red Apple Digital's post extolling the virtues of this product. Wonder how they feel about your experience?
  5. I thought you said the warranty work had been done?
  6. And after six months it's the buyer who has to prove it ! Does CRA15 have any time limits built in - bearing in mind the fault occured over two years after supply etc? Another option might be the small claim court? against the supplier.
  7. Why not if you have the photographic evidence from the people they delivered it to? As for CRA2015 then as it's over 6 months old YOU have to provide proof that it was faulty when it was delivered to you. Could be difficult. However if you paid by credit card you may be able to get a full refund.
  8. I don't know, but you were the one who said "If it is under warranty" - You tell us!
  9. From the OP it states it was a couple of weeks out of warranty.
  10. Very disappointing. The initial cost alone put me off the Snipe although I came close to buying one! Instead I bought a new mini dish, tripod and SF500 finder which all came to £59. Glad I did now.
  11. I'm not too sure about the twin locker design as I like to put long items like the windbreak in there. I don't tend to leave gas cyclinders in the front anyway as they contribute too much nose weight, so I always take them out and put them over the axle. What I would like to see is a gas locker in that position, on the opposite side to heavy items such as cooker etc, rather than at the front. I think Bailey did this at one point (do they still?) I think it is a good design given the weight and is much more accessible. Coming up with new designs must be quite a difficult task for all ma
  12. Unfortunately you don't get that with the Avtex - nor do you get the full Freesat EPG which I also find disapointing. But the local BBC stations are all listed together so it isn't difficult to find. I think they start at about 700 ish. I've found the national weather to be good enough to tell me whether it's likely to rain or not but if I was desparate to see the local version I'd just select the local channel number for that. Until someone offers a small TV with full Freesat EPG I don't think I'd justify taking my HUMAX box (which isn't 12v) just to watch local progs/weather without se
  13. Depends how inportant the regional news is to you wherever you are. Personally I don't often watch the local news when away, and when I do I prefer to watch the home version so it's not an issue. The local news IS still there however, you just need to make a note of the channel number for wherever you are and tune to that for the news etc IF that's what you want.
  14. I have an Avtex TV which I tuned at one previous site. It doesn't use postcode as stated above but it finds and stores all the BBC1 regional versions a long way down the list. I think it automatically stores London at 101. However there is a way of 'moving' the stored channels on the Avtex and I moved our region from wherever it was to 101. I think I also moved some other channels around so I had BBC1 to Ch 5 then the HD versions. I don't have the instructions to hand but I'm sure you'll find it. Once done leave it and wherever you set up you have the same list of channels.
  15. I leave my recorder at home set to record things I want to watch. If I manage to see them whilst away in the van then I just delete them when I get back. Part of why I go away in the van is to sit outside it on a nice evening drinking my chosen beer or wine in the sun. TV progs can wait.
  16. Some reviews from users here https://www. amazon. co. uk/Selfsat-Flat-Quad-Satellite-Antenna/dp/B003Q5M1JE
  17. I've never had water collect on my van roof? and I was always told to store 'modern' caravans with flat roofs nose down to ensure water does drain.
  18. I've made good use of this since April 2016 and still using the original batteries. I just leave them in the box as they are essentially disconnected when not attached to a LNB. As for it only picking up the satellite programmed in - it does pick up the 'other' Astra satellites in terms of signal strength but only shows quality strength on the one you want.
  19. I know what you mean. I have similar combo but it was just a matter or trial and error before I found the best way to pack things. The balance does seem to be very fragile.
  20. There are two sockets in the battery box. One is the satellite connection which is just a straight link to the wall socket inside. The other is for a terrestrial aerial but this goes to the cupboard where the booster is - and will be hanging loose. If you are using this link you need to unplug the roof aerial from the booster and plug the loose cable in instead. I tend to use satellite as I find I get a better signal, but I also have a 'normal' terestrial aerial for those sites where I can't get a satellite signal and use the external link as described above. I only ever use the roof aer
  21. Mine came witha jack but it's still in it's bag in the garage never been opened. I still use my Alko Bottle Jack with the fitted jacking points. It's great for leveling the van as well I keep looking at those electric scissor jacks but probably don't 'need' one.
  22. I made one of those for my dish, however since getting the SF500 finder my old basic inclinometer fitted to the dish which is marked for where I live in Sheffield gets me close enough. I know that if I'm North of home I need to reduce the angle etc but the SF500 has always picked up a signal so it's been easy to adjust from there.
  23. The one I found is called UK Aerial Alignment which looks OK.
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