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  1. Hi Hoping for some advise, my Alde control panel display has disappeared. The back light is on so power is getting to the panel but the digital display has gone. Checked fuses, all seem ok, so wondering is this just a faulty LCD and new panel needed?
  2. Morfa Lodge near Caernarfon Airport have seasonal pitches. On site bar and also has a small shop as well. There is also a swimming pool.
  3. this is an on board pump. whale advised me to check the screws on the base of the pump which had just about a a quarter of a turn left. This has helped with the problem however, we are actually away in france at the moment on a serviced pitch using the aquasource and after heavy usage i. e. multiple showers there is still a slight weep each day from the pump which is easily sorted but still should not happen. I would have returned the pump but as I was going away that would have left me without for the holiday! Why does the pump randomly work on its own occasionally in the middle of the
  4. I`ve got a leaking Whale pump which is only 12 months old. It seems to be leaking from the seal between the base and the top bit and only when connected to mains supply via the Whale aqua source. This is the second pump that has done this, the first was 5 years old before it started to leak. Don`t seem to have a problem with the aqua roll though, I was wondering if its got anything to do with the aqua source not reducing the pressure enough, this is about five years old, do they start to fail. I`m aware that the pumps can suffer frost damage but the system was drained before the winter. Th
  5. Yep, stopping in Calais. It will be two long days but we are used to it as we normally do Calais to Narbonne so this is a little less.
  6. Calais to Landes, figured Tours about half wayish.
  7. Can any one recommend a convenient stop over site off the A10 between Tours and Poitiers? Thanks
  8. I`ve got a 66 cm dish, i`ve been informed a bit useless south of Bordeaux/Lyon, seen a 1. 1 m dish, which I`ve been told will have a good chance of getting BBC and ITV, looks huge though. Going by what everyones said, maybe worth having a go with what I`ve got. .
  9. Any one used a satellite dish in SW France recently ? Just wondering if it`s worth taking mine with me.
  10. We are travelling to Narbonne fro Calais in August and looking for a stop over site which is handy, has any one got any recommendations? We will be stopping for two nights and have two teenagers to entertain.
  11. I have a 2011 Crusader Tempest which has excessive condensation on the middle front window. It`s been like that virtually since new and I contacted Elddis who told me it is normal and should clear however it has`nt cleared and has been getting worse. On a recent service a small crack was discovered at the bottom of the window which is obviously the cause and I`ve been told could be a manufacturing fault. Has any one else had issues? I`m going to have a go at Elddis about it even though it is out of warranty as it must have come out the factory like that
  12. Can`t go wrong with the Touareg, superb! As mentioned go with factory fit tow bar but don`t expect the fridge to work.
  13. I`ve done the A75 a couple of times before and stopped over in Issoire. I found the A75 clear one year but the next year it was rammed ! Paris is always a pain so I think Rouen the better option? I went through Rouen a few years ago and I remember that to be slow going but not as slow as Paris.
  14. I have towed to Narbonne from Calais in August a couple of times but never used the A26/A7 . I am trying to make the journey as stress free as possible and this route seems to be straight forward as is it`s all autoroute. A possible over night stop at Dijon. Has anyone any views on this route?
  15. We had bikes on the roof a couple of weeks ago and they wanted to charge us an extra £100 bot We took them off and put them in the van. Always check your measurements, lesson learnt. Never had any issues with bikes before but Brittany at Portsmouth seemed a bit prickly.
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